08 September 2017

From the Principal

Did you make it to a Parent-Teacher interview?

If so, I hope you discovered how well the classroom teacher knows your child. Certainly, for Zoe and me, it was clear that the teachers know our children as learners. The teachers were able to provide meticulous feedback about how our children learn – feedback about their learning processes, cognitive strengths, work ethic and social wellbeing. Hopefully you were also impressed by the level of care and belief that the teacher shows for your child.

At Trinity, we are committed to providing a quality teacher in every classroom.

In 2011, the Australian Quality Teaching Awards identified a list of qualities that expert teachers exhibit. From this study, the Top 5 desirable teacher capacities were found to be:

  1. A high level of knowledge, imagination, passion and belief in their field of teaching
  2. An overriding commitment to, and high aspirations for, their students’ learning
  3. A rich repertoire of skills, methods and approaches on which they can draw to provide the right ‘mix’ for the specific needs of the student cohort
  4. A detailed understanding of the context in which they are working; of the needs of the cohort; and of the specific expectations of the community
  5. A capacity to respond appropriately to students, individually and collectively, through their teaching practice

I am profoundly grateful for the quality of teachers we have at Trinity. They are passionate about helping students to optimise their learning. They are committed to reflecting upon and improving their practice. And they are supremely devoted to the students they teach.

Next time you are at a Parent-Teacher interview, be sure to thank the teacher – we never want to take them for granted.

Justin Beckett


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2017 Art Exhibition and Acquisitive Art Award

Go online for tickets to the hottest social event on our calendar.
A beautiful artwork by our Feature Artist Catherine Stewart is First Prize in our Trinity Anglican College Art Exhibition Raffle. Catherine’s work is highly sought after and we feel very lucky to be able to offer this piece as the premier prize in our raffle. To be in the running to win the artwork or one of our other raffle prizes, purchase your tickets online. Buy them at the same time as purchasing your entry tickets to Friday night’s Kell Moore Evening of Art, our gala opening night.
Food by Ebden and Olive and wine by Pfeiffers is included in your entry ticket.

  • Raffle First Prize: Artwork by Catherine Stewart, “Bottlebrush” Mixed media on canvas, valued at $670
  • Second Prize: Skincare Hamper from byCeleste valued at $200.
  • Third Prize: Norwex Environmental Cleaning Products valued at $160
  • Fourth Prize: 30min trial flight with optional aerobatics courtesy of Riverina Aviation College valued at $140.

Tickets $5

From the Director of Studies

Ms Kym Armstrong
Year 12 Students: Important Work Remaining
Year 12 Performance Examinations – Music
Year 11 students: End of Preliminary Course Examinations
Year 11 Students: the Transition to Year 12 and Alterations to Patterns of Study
Year 11 and 12 Study Hall:  Tuesday and Thursday afternoons
Parents of Year 4 students:  AAS Testing

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Year 12 Students: Important Work Remaining
Our Year 12 students are identifying areas for improvement and honing their study practices and examination technique. There are a number of resources that they can use in order to ensure that they are ready to demonstrate what they know and can do in the HSC Examination. Dialogue with their teachers is very important at this crucial time; a number of students have been making appointments with their teachers in order to clearly focus on ways to improve.

Year 12 students have access to their final HSC Exam Timetable via the NSW Education Standards Authority website.

Year 12 Performance Examinations – Music
NSW Education Standards Authority markers will be at the school on Monday in order to assess the Music performances of our Year 12 Music students. We wish our students well as they prepare for this.

Year 11 students: End of Preliminary Course Examinations
Congratulations to Year 11 students who have completed their examinations this week. We look forward to seeing how all of their hard work has translated into results.

Year 11 Students: the Transition to Year 12 and Alterations to Patterns of Study
As Year 11 students near the end of the Preliminary HSC Course, thoughts turn to the HSC pattern of study and questions about which subject might be dropped become a little more concrete and a little less speculative.

Apart from changes to Mathematics courses, subject changes will not take effect until the beginning of Term 4 at the commencement of the HSC course, but students will be asking questions and conversations might start at home around this topic.

At Trinity, we are very much of the belief that it takes a whole village to raise a young person. So, when students change subjects, there is a process where they speak to all of the teachers involved. The process is a self-directed one; furnished with a form, students engage in dialogue with, and obtain the signatures of, key people who can provide specialised advice. These people include:

  • A parent/caregiver
  • Subject teachers
  • Pastoral Care Tutor or Head of House
  • Careers Advisor
  • Director of Studies

The change of subject form functions here as a mechanism to facilitate dialogue; the people who provide signatures will discuss the possible implications of the change with the student. The form also functions as a tool to assist the student notify all interested parties about the change.

This process of consultation will begin after the conclusion of the Year 11 examinations.

Year 11 & 12 Study Hall: Tuesday and Thursday Afternoons
The College is offering students in Years 11 and 12 the opportunity to work in a study hall environment two afternoons a week. These study sessions have proved popular during Semester 1.

In Term 3, these sessions will take place from 3.15 to 4.30pm Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, downstairs in the south building of the Senior School.

Students will be able to access study and writing tips and will receive study assistance from the supervising teachers as well as from the number of other teachers who drop in.

Parents of Year 4 Students: AAS Testing
On 18 September, Year 4 students will undertake diagnostic testing that targets skills of reading, writing, general and non-verbal reasoning, spelling and Mathematics. This will assist us to track the development of these students as they progress through the College.
Please contact me if you have any queries about these matters.

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From the  College Chaplain

Rev Bryn Jones
At its core, Christianity is about community. The Church exists because no one individual possesses the whole truth about God or Life. Knowledge of God and of ourselves actually arises in the shared space between us. As I leave my comfort-zone to meet you and you depart yours to meet me, something new emerges and there is potential for genuine conversation and new discovery. During this conversation, there is always a chance that I will learn to see something from another perspective: that I may be changed.

Christian community was counter-cultural in its early days (the Roman Empire) because of its radical inclusiveness, modelled on the life of Christ. Just as Jesus welcomed outcasts and misfits, so too, all found a home in the Church: from aristocrats to slaves and everyone in between. This was anathema to Greco-Roman society, which was highly stratified and class-conscious and as a result, the Church soon fell prey to violent persecution.

This kind of inclusiveness is just as challenging to society today but sadly, in many ways the Church has stepped back from its original calling. Brother Antony, one of the early desert monks said:

“Our life and death is with our neighbour. If we win our brother or sister, we win God. If we cause our brother or sister to stumble, we have sinned against Christ.”

In many ways, the boundaries of what we call ‘Church’ have shifted to include communities like our school. Trinity Anglican College brings together all sorts of people who might not otherwise meet and converse. As the Wodonga and Thurgoona campuses, join and enrich one another next year, I hope we will choose to be open to real conversation and I am confident that we will be surprised and delighted by the new things that arise in the holy spaces between us.

May the peace of Christ be with you!

From the Director of Sport and Co-curricular

Mr Nash Clark

Touch Footy – Co-Curricular

Victorian Schools Netball Championships

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Touch Footy – Co-Curricular
Touch Football presents children with the opportunity to develop an array of skills which will be highly beneficial later in life, doing so in an environment that encourages physical activity and healthy lifestyle choices. Teamwork, communication, leadership, cooperation and social interaction are among the pivotal skills which are developed through playing Touch Football, as well as the inherent physical benefits. Touch Football is a great sport for families to enjoy. Playing with family is a rarity in sport but Touch Football provides the opportunity for everyone in the family to be involved and even play together in weekly competitions. Mums and Dads can play with their sons and daughters, even grandparents and grandchildren have the opportunity to play together.

Mr Hillary is calling for expressions of interest from students in grades 7-11, both female and male. He would also like to know if there is desire from any parents to potentially play in a team with their child. There are a number of options that we would like to explore, which will be dependent on from whom the interest is shown. Please email Mr Hillary if you are interested or would like further details.

The competition is run on a Monday night from 6-8pm for the men’s competition and Tuesday night 6-8 pm at Jelbart Park. The competition’s full details are not yet released, however, estimated starting dates will be at the beginning of Term 4, with a break over Christmas holidays, starting again in late January and the season finishing at the beginning of March. There would need to be a commitment for the entire season from all players.

Jarrod Hillary

Victorian Schools Netball Championships
28 Trinity girls ranging from Year 6 to Year 10 enjoyed a beautiful day in the sun, competing at the Victorian Netball Championships.

The Year 6 team were very competitive throughout the day, only loosing two games out of eight. The combination of girls from both campuses worked well together as they encouraged each other throughout the whole way!

The Year 7/8 team improved as the day progressed. They had a fulfilling day receiving one win, two draws and two losses. They look forward to coming back next year to have another shot.

The Year 9/10 team played to a high standard, only missing out on making it on to the next level by percentage! They won five out of their six games and can’t wait to join the Senior competition next year for an even bigger challenge!

A big thank you to Sarah Chase, Shaylah House and Caroline Lowe for taking time out to umpire for the girls. Thank you to Jodie House for coaching the 9/10 girls as well as Ms Scott and Mrs McInnes for helping organise the day and coach! It was so good to have the support of so many passionate grandparents and parents supporting our College teams! Well done to all of the girls!

Ms Caroline Lowe

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From the Junior School

Mr Steven Armstrong
Book Week
Book Club
Tournament of Minds
K-2 Swimming Program
Bike Safety

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As we head toward the end of another busy Term, it is a good time to take stock. One of the great joys about working with children is the fact that every day brings change and new challenges. The individual needs of every learner can change at various times and it is a part of our charter to focus on all aspects of learning. Resilience is a very important skill. The ability to bounce back. We often marvel at the success of individuals but should always be aware that it is often their persistence; their willingness to bounce back from failures that has ensured their success. I have been fortunate enough to listen to many speakers over the past 20 years who have spoken about their success and how this only occurred because of their persistence. This is probably why we tend, as teachers and parents, to recognise and reward effort and celebrate success. As Albert Einstein stated “A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.” We encourage students to try something new, to challenge the known and step into the unknown with patience and fortitude, as this will ensure greater understanding, deeper knowledge and a more fulfilling life.

Book Week
It was wonderful to celebrate Book Week with the staff and students and it was delightful to witness the involvement of the students in the parade on the Friday.

Book Club
This is a fabulous service for the students, parents and staff at the College. It is a large undertaking and I thank Mr Childs for all his work. The outcome is very favourable for the College and allows us to purchase new resources for Literacy.

Tournament of Minds
Tournament of Minds is a co-curricular, problem-solving programme offered to students at Trinity Anglican College. The seven students selected for the Junior Tournament of Minds Team are required to solve demanding, open-ended challenges from one four disciplines: Science and Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, Social Sciences and Language Literature. The students have five weeks to work on the solution to a Long Term Challenge in their chosen discipline and present their solution to a panel of Judges on Tournament Day. They are also required to respond to a Spontaneous Challenge on the day of the Tournament. The students compete against other teams from schools in the Riverina Region.

This year, the Junior Tournament of Minds Team consisted of students from both Year 6 and Year 4; Kaitlyn Burt, Ella Spokes, Maya Gatford, Lily Ferguson, Zahlia Kelly, Tayissa Schollick and Emillia Mitchell. The team chose to work on a solution to the Mathematics Engineering Challenge and dedicated nearly all of their available lunchtimes to develop their solution. This challenge required the girls to work collaboratively to design and build a working device using predominantly recycled materials. They were required to prove the devices effectiveness by demonstrating it to the judges, developing and presenting an explanation of the appropriate mathematics and justifying their reasoning through a dramatic performance.

The team attended the Regional Tournament Day on Sunday 27 August 2017. Despite some pre performance nerves, the students presented their practised performance beautifully and further demonstrated their higher level thinking skills when addressing the judges probing questions after the presentation. Although I was not permitted to view the team’s response to the Spontaneous Challenge, I’m sure they presented well as I am extremely proud to say that the Trinity Tournament of Minds Team were awarded first place for their work on Tournament Day.

The team will participate in the NSW State Final at The University of Sydney on 10 September 2017. At this level, students will be required to develop and present their solution to a Long Term Challenge in only 3 hours. I believe the girls have proven they are up to the challenge and I am certain they will enjoy the experience regardless of the outcome. I congratulate the team on their efforts and achievement so far!

Lauren Naldrett
Junior Tournament of Minds Coordinator

K-2 Swimming Program
The details of the timetable for this important program were sent to parents this week.

Bike Safety
An important reminder to all students and their parents that when riding to school or home that they must wear a helmet and be aware of the Magpies.

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From the Senior School

Mr Malcolm Thomas

Arrangements for the last day of Year 12
Holiday Study Sessions for Y12 students
Year 12 Graduation
Student Leaders 2017-18/strong>

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Arrangements for the last day of Year 12
The year has flown by for our Year 12 students and we are into single figures for the number of days Year 12 have left in school (excluding HSC examinations). The last day of Year 12 is a special day at the College and one that I always look forward. Parents and families of Year 12 students are invited to attend two events that will be held to celebrate Year 12 completing their final year at Trinity. Both events will take place on Thursday 21 September.

  • 9.30am, Year 12 Final Chapel Service at St Matthews Church, Albury.
  • 2pm, Year 12 Final Assembly in the MPH.

There will be afternoon tea for Year 12 students, their families and teachers at the conclusion of the assembly.

Holiday Study Sessions for Y12 students
With the HSC fast approaching, a number of staff have organised holiday study sessions for Year 12 students. These intensive sessions will be good preparation for our students as they ready themselves for the HSC Examinations starting on Monday 16 October. The dates for holiday sessions appear on the calendar that can be accessed from the College website.

Year 12 Graduation
All families should have received their invite to the Year 12 Graduation on Saturday 18 November. Please check with your son or daughter if this is not the case. The deadline for the purchase of tickets is Friday 13 October. Due to the number of students in Year 12, tickets are limited. However, a few extra tickets are available for purchase on a first come basis.

Student Leaders 2017-18
It has been very encouraging to see so many Year 11 students apply for leadership positions at the College commencing in Term 4. The process of selecting our leaders includes written applications, staff and student surveys and discussion between Mr Beckett, Mr O’Neill, the Heads of House and myself. Much discussion goes into the selection of our leaders; the choices have become more difficult over the years due to the quality of students applying. Unfortunately, some students will not be successful in their application. Mr Beckett will announce all leadership positions at the final assembly for the term on Friday 22 September. Students will receive an email on the evening prior, notifying them of the success or otherwise of their application. Our Leadership Induction Service will take place on Monday 9 October. I would like to thanks all students who have taken the time to apply and whilst some will be disappointed, there will be opportunities throughout the year where they can show leadership.

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From the Wodonga Campus

Mr Chris O’Loan
Book Week Parade
Narrative/Poem Writing Competition
Deputy Principal’s Awards
Friday Lunch Arrangements-Baranduda Store
Fathers’ Day Stall
Netball Success
Wodonga Athletics
Infants’ Swim Program

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One Trinity is at the forefront of our thoughts while we prepare for the move to the Thurgoona Campus. Indeed a great move forward for our students. Change brings with it some challenges. Socrates once wrote “The secret of change is to focus your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new”. Let us remember and celebrate what has been such a positive influence on our Wodonga Campus families. In doing so we can take these great memories with us and use them to build an even brighter future.

After the emotions of the past ten days, can I pay tribute to the students, parents and friends for their support during this time. Thanks for all the rods of support, the flowers, cakes, cards and chocolates. Special thanks to our extraordinary band of teaching staff for their dedication and commitment in ensuring that our students continue to feel safe and secure as we move to the next phase.

Book Week Parade
What wonderful costumes were on display at the Book Character Parade. Our parents do an absolutely fantastic job creating whimsical and wonderful creations, and no wonder the students are so enthusiastic about the day.

Narrative/Poem Writing Competition
Thank you and congratulations to everyone who took part in the Narrative/Poem Writing competition. With so many excellent entries, it was difficult to select prize winners but the following students were successful: Isabella Stoffels, Molly Pirkola, Lauren Brawn, Abby Proctor, Jess McGregor.

Deputy Principal’s Awards
Congratulations to the following students on receiving a DP Award.

DP Awards    
Josh Nelder Emily Franolic (2nd) Lillian Gower
Xara Sedgwick Imogen McCluskey Jessica McGregor (2nd)
Bronagh Slee
Assembly Awards    
Imogen McCluskey Beau Gray Sam Reid
Keira-Lee Leonard Leo Geerling Coco Farley
Julius Hadley    

Friday Lunch Arrangements-Baranduda Store
Our trial last week was a success and parents have now been advised that we will continue to offer lunches on a Friday only from the Baranduda Store. The only exception to this will be the Campus Hot Lunch Day – the next one being Friday 15 September.
Don’t forget that orders must be written on a paper bag, with correct money and child’s year group, and be at the office by 3.00pm on the previous day (Thursday). Orders will be collected by Baranduda Store and brought back to school Friday in time for lunch. The menu is as follows:

Salad Tub $5.60
Chicken and salad tub $6.60
Ham and salad tub $6.60

Ham & Salad $5.50
Chicken & Salad $5.50
Ham, Cheese & Lettuce $5.00
Ham & Tomato $4.80
Ham, Chicken or Tuna $4.30
Salad $4.30
Chicken & Lettuce s    $4.80
Cheese $3.20
Vegemite $2.80

  • Any sandwich available in a wrap for extra $1.00
  • Bread Roll (instead of sandwich) extra $1.00
  • Plain Bread Roll – buttered $1.00
  • Gluten free rolls available $2.00

Chicken/sweet chilli wrap $5.50
Toasted cheese sandwich $3.70
Toasted ham cheese sandwich $5.00
Apple/Orange/Banana $1.00
Corn cobette   $1.40
Carrot Stick/s $1.00
Yoghurt-Yoplait low fat $2.30

Fathers’ Day Stall
No words are adequate to thank our magnificent band of helpers who work tirelessly to ensure the success of the Fathers’ Day Stall (and events like it each year). The variety of gifts made available is testament to the behind the scenes work that goes on for months prior to the event. The Fathers’ Day Stall is always highly anticipated by the students. Congratulations to our raffle winners – Lara Beniamine, Eamonn Boyle and Jess McGregor.

Netball Success
Congratulations to Charlie Gray for her performance in the Years 5 and 6 Trinity team who recently competed in the Victorian Netball Championships at Wangaratta. The team performed well and managed a very creditable third, and I know that Charlie valued the experience and the chance to play with her fellow Trinity classmates.

Wodonga Athletics
Congratulations to the following students who will represent the College at the Wodonga Athletics Carnival at Alexander Park on Friday 8 September. I know they will participate with pride and determination. Congratulations to:

  • Charlie McFarland
  • Leo Geerling
  • Ryan Edwards
  • Fallon Locke
  • Emily Steele
  • Isabella Klein
  • Ignatios Kamberos
  • Mark Baker
  • Kyan Ross
  • Charlie Gray
  • Lucy Elderfield
  • Lucy Pirkola
  • Vinuthi Siriwardana
  • Sienna Plested
  • Hogan Locke
  • Riley Edwards
  • Tom Ramsdell
  • Emily Franolic
  • Georgia Stefaniak
  • Jana Geerling
  • Tiahn Myles
  • Paris Morgan

Infants’ Swim Program
A reminder to parents that the Infants’ (P-2) Swim program will take place daily between Friday 20 and Friday 27 September.

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From the Library

Ms Megan Sutton

Book Week
Premiers Reading Challenge

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Book week
Trinity came alive with so many different book characters parading around the Hall for our annual Book Week parade. Thank you to all the parents, students and staff for the efforts put into the costumes. To see the smiles and the excitement on student’s faces was certainly what we noticed throughout the day. Congratulations to our winners on the five competitions and well done to all the students who came along to enjoy the activities at lunch time in the library each day. The library was buzzing and students certainly made it a memorable week. It was wonderful to see the support from family members who came along to join in the fun for the morning with us. Here are some of the many photos taken on the day. Can you name the characters they were dressed up as?

Premiers Reading Challenge
This reading challenge is now closed. In Term 4, certificates will be handed out to those students who participated. Thank you for the support from parents and teachers who assisted students in this challenge. Well done to all those students who read over 25 books. We had 256 students who completed this challenge. It was pleasing to see students in our high school who also participated this year.


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From around the College

Uniform Shop
Cambodia Well
Old uniform items for Rotary
Year 10 shaving for funds
House Academic Championships

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A special message from Trinity’s visiting guinea pigs

“If any family has spare newspapers at home that you don’t require, please bring them in to the Science Labs. We love to keep up to date with the news and current affairs and enjoying reading the Border Mail and Age most days; but our insatiable thirst for reading matter means that we require 4-6 newspapers every day! Once ‘read’, these newspapers are then sent to the compost bin. Thank you”

  • Yr 12 Chemistry – Yr 12 have been testing food for carbohydrates
  • Yr 8 Science – have been doing experiments on expansion and contraction, heating bio metallic rods (copper, iron, brass & glass).
  • Yr 6 Science – Mrs Beckett’s class looked at refraction, engaging in a bit of spear fishing to discover the true depth and apparent depth of objects in water.

From the Uniform Shop – Cathy Katsoolis

Reminder – Change of Season Uniform

A reminder that all students need to be in their formal summer uniform at the commencement of Term 4.
The uniform shop will close for the school holidays at 5pm on Thursday 21 September.

Holiday Trading Hours
9am – 4pm Thursday 5 October
9am – 4pm Friday 6 October

The uniform shop will return to normal hours on Monday 9 October.
Throughout the school term our opening hours are:

Monday 8.30am – 4.30pm
Wednesday:  8.30-4.30 pm
Thursday: 12.00pm- 5.00 pm

Direct contact for the uniform shop
Phone: 02 60493440

Cambodia Well – Kate Millan


The students who worked in Cambodia in the July school holidays have a really big favour to ask of the whole Trinity community…

There is always someone worse off than us! Each time I find myself complaining about something that just hasn’t gone the way I planned, I remind myself that it is really not a problem at all in the scheme of things!!

The students who worked in Cambodia in the July school holidays have a favour to ask of the whole Trinity community…
We took over $US850 and, in consultation with the local community leader, committed this money to a new village well. They are lucky enough to have a well already, however, it is almost inaccessible in the wet season, it is many kilometres from the hub of the village, and of course, in the dry season, it empties very quickly…

In order to pay for the new well and its completion, the students need to raise another $US600…that way, they will have fulfilled their promise…
SO, the students are running a cake stall on Wednesday of the final week of this term and they were hoping for some donations from the Trinity community as well. If you are in a position to help and would like to assist in this project, could you please leave a donation at the front office in an envelope marked “CAMBODIA WELL” please? We are hoping to have the money sent over by the end of the term so the project can be well underway!!( I couldn’t help myself!)

Old uniform items for Rotary

Obsolete uniform items are being collected at the Uniform Shop to donate to Rotary for their Donations in Kind (DIK) program, which collects, stores, packs and ships overseas goods and products that are of no further use in Australia but are valuable items in developing countries.
Shipments overseas consist primarily of medical equipment and consumables, educational equipment and resources and IT equipment. Clothing is perhaps the main item in demand and clothing for school kids is an important part of that demand. Rotary can always use whatever they receive.

If you have items of the old uniform which are taking up cupboard space, now is the time to dig them out and deliver them to the Uniform Shop.

Year 10 shaving for funds

Over several weeks, Year 10 students Will Edgar and Jack Buckley had been raising money for Mercy International. During the holiday break, these boys will be travelling to Thailand to volunteer in a number of orphanages as part of the Mercy International Program. As part of their fundraising effort, these boys raised money to shave their heads. This was carried out on Thursday 31 August at lunch time. It was a fantastic event which was attended by many staff and students in the senior school. Will and Jack raised over $900 towards their cause. We congratulate them on their efforts so far and wish them all the best on the trip to Thailand next holidays. Well done, boys!

House Academic Championships

The annual Senior School House Academic Championships took place in Week 5 of this term and it was a tremendous event. Taking place over five lunchtimes, students braved the tough range of questions that came from every department in the Senior School. The variety of questions ranged from balancing Scientific equations, Mathematical probability questions, general knowledge and a few hairy bonus questions such as ‘name the 6 official languages of the UN’. Representatives of each Year group and House gave an impassioned go and each team put their discerning heads together. The final day of the Academic Championships was the rigorous Super Team event and the House scores were tightly knit. Congratulations to all students who entered the House Academic Championships and to Hoffman House for taking the win for 2017.

Miriam Sultan
Head of Hoffman House

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Staff News

  • This week we farewelled Ms Angela Lum, our School Counsellor. During her time at Trinity, Angela has provided counsel to a multitude of students, supporting them through crises large and small. She introduced Positive Psychology to Trinity, created the Staff Wellbeing Committee and played an instrumental role in developing the Year 7-10 RAVE curriculum. Angela also introduced the Love Bites program in Year 9, where Trinity has been a national leader. Angela has accepted a position with Albury-Wodonga Health and we congratulate her on her new role. We are grateful for her commitment to, and investment in, our Trinity community.
  • Mrs Karlee Nolan, kindergarten teacher for KKN, will commence maternity leave from Monday 11 September. We are excited for Karlee and her family and wish them all the very best for the arrival of the newest family member.
  • We welcome Mrs Megan Sutton to the Infants’ Centre. Megan,  you may know as Trinity’s Teacher Librarian, will take over KKN for the remainder of the school year.
  • Last month Tanya Carroll, 1W teacher at Wodonga campus, announced her resignation from the end of the school year. After twelve years’ service at Trinity, Tanya has made a decision to move interstate. We are indebted to Tanya for the professionalism and love of teaching she has brought to the College, in particular her passion for literacy, love of outdoors and developing the creative side of her students.  Since starting at Trinity in 2006, Tanya has taught students in Years 6, 4 and 2 at the Albury campus and more recently Years 2, 5 and 1 at Wodonga.

Community Announcements