1 November 2019
From the Principal

Mr Justin Beckett


Term 4 has taken off like a rocket with a burst of energy and exciting opportunities for students of all ages.

Hundreds of students (and quite a few parents) used pedal-power to get themselves to school last Friday for Ride to School Day. You could almost smell the rubber burning as little legs powered bikes of all shapes and sizes. Most of us managed to dodge a drop of rain and were rewarded for our efforts with bacon and egg rolls for breakfast.

Saturday was Relay for Life. Neither the rain nor relentless howling gale could dampen the enthusiasm of our Trinity cohort who dug in for the full 24 hours, walking countless laps of the oval to raise money for people who suffer from or have battled with cancer. The Trinity spirit was indomitable in serving such a noble and personal cause.

We enjoyed a magnificent Performing Arts Evening for students from Years 2-12 on Wednesday night. This an event never to be missed in the future. Each year our student performers – singers, actors, musicians, dancers – get better and better. It was a thoroughly enjoyable showcase of our student and staff talent.

Term 4 is also a time when we advertise for and recruit new teachers for the following year. The teacher selection process may well be the most important thing we do all year. A truly great teacher will change the life of a child forever.

There are many important qualities we look for in a teacher, but I would suggest that the most important trait is emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence is the capacity to be aware of, control, and express one’s emotions, and to handle interpersonal relationships with warmth, connection and empathy.

Those last three words really matter: warmth, connection and empathy.

The chief role of education is to humanise; to pass on our humanity and cultural knowledge and skills from one generation to the next. We catch our humanity from the people around us. A good school should enable us to become more fully human; to live lives of meaning and purpose.

And if the goal of education is to humanise, then the key pedagogy is relationship. The quality of connection between the student and teacher is arguably the most distinguishing feature of effective education. An expertise in subject matter is necessary, but not enough. Student engagement is the aim of the game, and the gateway to engagement is through relationship.

Trinity is fortunate. Every time we advertise for a new position, we attract high quality applicants from our local region and from capital cities all over Australia. We are fast becoming the school of choice for quality educators and support staff.

So, as we consider our staffing opportunities for 2020, we will be selecting from the finest. And we will be appointing people who bring out the best in young people at every opportunity; people of warmth, connection and empathy.


From the Chaplain

Rev’d Bryn

Chaplaincy has been described as a ministry of ‘presence’. It is mostly about being there when you are needed and offering companionship. Mostly it is uneventful but as they say, ‘When it’s on, it’s on!’ This is because child and adolescent life is a little more animated, energised and less inhibited than adult life. There is the usual experience of gain and loss, joy and sorrow, clinging and distancing but just a bit supercharged.

I guess this is because, for kids, it is all new. Adults tend to respond to these ups and downs with a well-worn mental narrative, a story that we tell ourselves based on past experience. Sometimes these stories can be quite toxic, for example:


I’m sure most of us can fill in the blanks. Young people are still learning to write the story and that’s why it is so important to help them articulate it positively. My job as Chaplain and all of our jobs as parents and caregivers is to provide a vocabulary, a way of framing life for our young people that is honest, affirming, hopeful and kind.

It is incredibly liberating as adults, to discover that we go much deeper than our compulsive thoughts and that we are much more than the stories we have come to believe of ourselves. Beneath the noise and clutter is the one who can ‘watch’ all of this distractedness and harmful self-talk.

The Christian faith describes that vantage point, that ‘one’ as the ‘soul’ which is a regenerative place of encounter between the human and the Divine. The soul is the place from which we can begin to narrate a new story that opens up to life and possibility.

Our best chance of helping young people to ‘write a better story’ is to risk it for ourselves – to step behind the noise and weather of our hectic lives and watch our lives from a quieter place. It is amazing what we will find!

From the Head of Junior School

Mr Steven Armstrong

Careful in the use of word
K-2 Swimming
Ride to School Day
Kindergarten 2019 Orientation mornings
Year 3 Camp
Year 5 Camp

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Careful in the use of word

Words can evoke many different emotions. They have within them the power to inspire, to tear down and to express true love. Over the last few weeks the importance of the use of word has been evident in the broader community. In written form the perception of the reader is difficult to ascertain. The written word can be taken out of context as intonation and facial cues are missing and the reader can create a scenario that was not expected by the writer. With the rise and rise of social media, it is important to reflect on the written word: that quick e-mail, the snap-chat, the throw-away line on facebook and the seemingly endless means of sending a message. As part of learning and growing students (and adults) are continually confronted by this and the growing need to know now, to tell now and send now. This form of pressure can be used as a positive. I always suggest that if things are meant in jest, then it is best to do this face to face. Things said in jest are more easily interpreted and usually much funnier. It is incumbent on our community to continually raise awareness of this and to educate ourselves as parents and our children to the importance of being careful in the use of word. To use this powerful tool as a positive.

K-2 Swimming

All students from K-2 have now taken part in the swimming program. There has been some wonderful feedback from students and staff about the involvement and general improvement. This is an essential skill in our community given the length of summer. We are all looking forward to the Carnival on Thursday 14 November.

Ride to School Day

Another very successful morning with 345 students, parents and staff involved (plus some future students). Big thanks to Mrs Katsoolis for her organisation and to the Relay for Life team that provided the sustenance at the end.

Kindergarten 2019 Orientation mornings

The process of involving students in Kindergarten 2020 over a number of Wednesday mornings is a welcome initiative. This will mean all should feel safe, secure and welcome as they begin their journey at Trinity in 2020.

Year 3 Camp

This was a great success. The resilience of the students and their willingness to have a go and support their peers meant this was a very positive experience for all involved. The feedback from staff and specialist staff reflected the outcomes.

Year 5 Camp

The final part of the Junior School camping program involves Year 5 in Week 5. This is a wonderful opportunity for fun but also for students to experience some different aspects of life along the river.

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From the Dean of Teaching and Learning

Mrs Adele Guy

Year 11 Parent Teacher Night
Students Subject electives in Years 9-11 2020
Stationery and Textbooks for 2020
Year 9-10 Exams
Excursions after the Year 9-10 Examinations
HSC Examinations and Year 6 Transition
Year 7 Step Up Day

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Year 11 Parent Teacher Night

Thank you to all parents who were able to meet with their children’s teachers on Tuesday of this week. It is encouraging to be a part of a community where parents show such strong interest. If you were unable to attend or could not see a teacher on the evening, please email me on so that I can facilitate other arrangements for parents to have feedback from teachers.

Students Subject electives in Years 9-11 2020

Parents will receive an email next week confirming their children’s subject choices for Year 9, 10 or 11 for 2020. I ask that parents please reply if they or their child have any concerns about their subject choices, so that we can build accurate class lists for next year.

Stationery and Textbooks for 2020

Parents will receive emails in the next week about the textbooks and stationery requirements for each subject in 2020. The email will indicate how to order, arrangements regarding payment and delivery time-frames. Please ensure that the students make close reference to their subject choices, so that stationery and textbook orders are accurate.

Year 9-10 Exams

Year 9 and 10 students will be sitting their Yearly Examinations next week in the Senior Centre North building. Students have been sent their Exam Timetable on email and Ms Armstrong and I have talked with them about how they should approach the week, study and exam preparation.  An email has also been sent so that students can check requirements. Students will be required to stay at school and study independently in the Exam Centre during the day, when they do not have scheduled exams.

Excursions after the Year 9-10 Examinations

Year 9 will be engaging in the pinnacle of their Rite Journey experience, as they face the challenge of climbing Mt Kosciusko in Week 5. Year 10 PASS students will be undertaking a three-day expedition. Staff and students are preparing for these adventures with great anticipation. Students will have opportunity to learn some of the most important lessons in life by engaging in these activities: focus, effort, teamwork, persistence, overcoming challenges and resilience.

HSC Examinations and Year 6 Transition

Our exiting Year 12 students have now completed the first two weeks of HSC examinations.  Depending on the subjects they are studying, some students have completed exams whilst others may still have a number of exams to go. The Year 6 Pod Building will remain the Examination Centre for another two weeks, after which time Year 6 will return to their classrooms. Year 6 has had an interesting transition experience as they have had classrooms upstairs in the Senior Centre South. It has helped them begin to feel at home! It has also been good for our Heads of House and teachers as they have had opportunity to interact with Year 6.

Year 7 Step Up Day

Preparations are now underway for our Year 6 Step Up Day, to be held on Wednesday 20 November. In the evening on that day, parents of our Year 7 2020 will be invited to join us from 6-8 pm at our Sundowner event  to hear more about the Year 7 experience and how we can work together to nurture wellbeing and learning for every child.

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From the Head of Academic Administration

Ms Kym Armstrong

Year 11:  HSC Assessment Information
Year 11 HSC Information Evening for Students and Parents:  Tuesday 19 November, 2019
Semester 2 Exams
Year 9 and 10 Examinations:  Frequently Asked Questions

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Year 11:  HSC Assessment Information

Assessment schedules have been distributed to students, together with the important policy document ‘Year 12 Assessment Information for Students, 2020.’  This document outlines the policies and procedures regarding the completion and submission of assessment tasks for HSC courses.  It is important that students are fully cognisant of this material and adhere to the processes outlined.  Students have also received an advice that outlines the due dates of all assessment tasks for all courses.  This will help them to plan their time so as to maximise their ability to perform effectively in all tasks.

In addition to the above documents, students have also received the NSW Education Standards Authority NESA) publication, 2020 Higher School Certificate:  Rules and Procedures.  This document is an important one that clearly outlines students’ rights and responsibilities in terms of the HSC.  Students have been asked to read this and are very welcome to come to see me with any questions that they might have.

I wish them all of the best as they embark upon this latest stage of their educational journey.

Year 11 HSC Information Evening for Students and Parents:  Tuesday 19 November, 2019

I will be hosting an information session for all Year 11 students and their parents from 6pm on Tuesday 19 November in the Senior School building.  We will be focusing on the ways that students’ assessment marks and exam performances combine to produce HSC marks and on the sorts of processes that students and parents can implement at home in order to maximise HSC success.  We look forward to seeing as many students and parents as possible.

Semester 2 Exams

For students in Years 7 – 8, assessment tasks will take place in class; there will be no formal exam period.

Students in Years 9 – 10 will undertake Semester 2 exams during Week 4 of this term.  Examination timetables have been distributed to students and are available on the College website.

Students often have questions about how the examinations will operate.  Whilst not exhaustive, the list of frequently asked questions, below, should cover most areas:

Year 9 and 10 Examinations:  Frequently Asked Questions

When are the exams?

Week 4 – Monday 4 November to Wednesday 6 November

Where are the exams?  Where will students be sitting?

  • The exams are in the North Building.
  • Year 10 students will be entering the exam hall from the south entrance; Year 9 students will be entering the exam hall from the north entrance.
  • Exam desks will have place cards with students’ names detailed. Students will be able to leave materials on this desk.

Do students need to be at school even if they do not have an exam?

  • Students are required to be at school and in the examination hall for the duration of the examination period in the same way that they are required to be at school on any regular school day.

What material do students need to bring to the examination hall?

  • Pens, pencils, highlighters, erasers, sharpeners etc, will be needed. Please bring these in a plastic sleeve or clear pencil case.
  • A bottle of water will be important.
  • Study materials will be needed as there is plenty of private study time built into the timetable.

Can students use computers to study when in the examination hall?

  • When there are no exams on and everyone is engaged in private study, students can use their computers.
  • If there is an exam on, but some students are engaged in private study, they will need to study from written materials and will not be able to use computers.

What do students do if they are unable to get to the exam because of illness or misadventure?

  • Parents or caregiver should contact Ms Armstrong, either by phone or by email.
  • When students return to school, they should see Ms Armstrong in order to re-schedule the exam. Where at all possible, this will be done in the examination timetable.

Who can help me with questions that I might have about the exams?

  • House mentors, Heads of House or classroom teachers can help with questions about the exams.
  • Students’ teachers will be able to help with tips on study techniques; they are a part of your students’ teams!

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From the Careers office

Mr Mark Dicketts

Please find below the link to the Weekly Career News.

Careers newsletter

Topics include:

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  • Info session, Endeavour College of Natural Health
  • The Melbourne Extracurricular Summit
  • Medical interview training (Year 12 students)
  • Discovering careers in rail
  • Open Day, Academy of Interactive Entertainment
  • Open Day, Holmesglen Institute
  • Residential Indigenous Science Experience Program
  • Dates for your diary
  • Defence Force career events
  • Macleay College – reduction in annual fees
  • What careers are there in cybersecurity?
  • A day in the life of an ethical hacker
  • IT and Health: a list of exciting HealthTech careers
  • How can you use your IT skills in a health career?
  • The definitive guide to future proofing your career
  • Australian university ratings and rankings
  • The 50 best Australian workplaces
  • Looking for casual employment?
  • Preparing for exams and study skills
  • Studying neuroscience
  • Resource engineering at Monash University
  • Free online study skills subjects through Charles Sturt University
  • Join The University of Melbourne ‘Future Law’ blog
  • Join the Deakin University Architecture and Built Environment blog
  • Careers in marketing, public relations and events management
  • Careers in engineering
  • Nanotechnology – the science of small
  • What are employers looking for?

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Supporting your child’s numeracy development at home

Lauren Naldrett, Mathematics Coordinator K-6

Parent Information Session with Mathematics Education Consultant Anita Chin

The Junior School teaching staff is looking forward to working with Mathematics Education Consultant Anita Chin in Term 4. A leading expert in Australian primary mathematics education, Anita works with primary schools across Australia to transform teachers into confident, inspired mathematics educators.

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She has trained and inspired thousands of primary mathematics teachers in both Australia and in the USA, and tutored at the University of Sydney where she was nominated for a Teaching Excellence Award.

Anita’s Master’s research focused on the use of concrete materials to support student understanding. In 2011, Anita acted as a contributing consultant to the NSW Mathematics K-10 Syllabus for the Australian Curriculum.

We are delighted to announce that Anita will run a Parent Workshop in the Senior Centre at Trinity Anglican College on Wednesday 6 November. This will be for parents of Junior School students only. In this workshop, Anita will demonstrate key mathematical language and concepts, and show parents practical, fun ways to support their children’s mathematical understanding at home.

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From Performing Arts

Michelle Revelant

It has been a super busy start to the term in the Performing Arts. In Week 1, we had a visit from the Army Band. The professional musicians ran workshops with our instrumental ensembles and vocalists, before entertaining a delighted audience with a high energy concert.

This week saw the culmination of a year’s hard work in our Performing Arts Evening Concert. All co-curricular ensembles performed along with the Year 10 elective class. It was great for our Junior ensembles to see their future pathway in the Performing Arts, with comments like ‘That was amazing. How did they do that?’

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Many thanks to all staff who contributed to the smooth running of the evening. The level of performances are a credit to their talent and dedication.

Our students are busy preparing for a number of upcoming events such as:

  • The Peripatetic showcase on 13 November
  • The Musical Theatre showcase on 22 November at the Jazz Basement
  • Trinity Carols on the 26 November
  • Final assemblies and Speech Days.

We hope you can join us at any of the events above. They all promise to be entertaining evenings filled with joy.

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From the Library

Melena Wallace from Year 6 recently won a competition from the Write Around the Murray festival. She is pictured here, surrounded by some of the books she has kindly donated to the College Library.

Thank you and congratulations Melena!

Summertime – snakes are out

A timely reminder, as the weather warms ups rapidly, “snake season” is here.

All College families are encouraged to discuss with their children safe behaviours for at home, school, and everywhere. Please remember, never approach a snake. Young children especially must be supervised around gardens and playgrounds at all times. Snakes are especially active at this time of year as it is breeding season.


Trinity OOSH Open Day
Before School Care
Trinity After School Care 2020
Important OOSH Dates

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Trinity OOSH Open Day

Come along and take a tour of Trinity OOSH on Wednesdays in November as part of the Step-Up and Orientation Days. OOSH will be open from 9am to 6pm for families and children to visit and experience what OOSH is all about. OOSH will also be attending the Kinder 2020 parent information night on Wednesday 20 November to discuss enrolment options and answer any questions.

Before School Care

A number of families have enquired about a before school care program at Trinity OOSH. An online survey is now available for families to complete to gauge the level of interests in such a program. You can access the survey here . The survey will close on Sunday 10 November. Please encourage all primary school families you know to complete the survey, it needs to be supported by the school community to make it a reality.

Trinity After School Care 2020

What are your children doing after school in 2020? Do they need a safe and fun place to go?  Enrol them at AlburyCity Trinity OOSH

At Trinity OOSH we provide a fun filled program designed to engage and challenge your children. We encourage the children to be themselves and explore their passions, whilst introducing them to new experiences and social situations.

We are now taking enrolments for new kinder families for the 2020 school year. All enrolments can be competed via our website “Enrolment 2020”. With such a large kinder intake for 2020, places are set to fill quick.

For more information about or program or availability, please drop in and see us in the year three pod or give us a call on 6043 8540.

Important OOSH Dates

Monday 25 November – Summer Vacation Care Bookings Open

Wednesday 11 December – Last Day of Term Four

Thursday 12 December – Trinity OOSH Vacation Care Starts

Friday 13 December – AlburyCity OOSH Services Closed for Annual Professional Development Day

Monday 16 – 20 December – Trinity OOSH vacation Care Program

Monday 23 December 2019 – Monday 6 January 2020 – AlburyCity OOSH Services Closed

Tuesday 7 January 2020 – First Day of Summer Vacation Care Program

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Junior School Sport

Mr Kade Stevens, Head of Junior School Sport

Today marks the end of our K-2 Learn to Swim Program. Thanks very much to the staff at Gould Swim Academy Albury for passing on their expertise to our K-2 students.

To complement the lessons, we will be holding our Infants Swimming Carnival on Thursday 14 November at the Albury Swimming Centre. A parent letter has been emailed out to all K-2 families. A more detailed program will be sent out closer to the event.

Community Announcements


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