10 August 2018

From the Principal

Mr Justin Beckett

Feedback is one of the most powerful influences on learning and achievement. Feedback is about closing the gap between where students are and where they are aiming to be. (Sadler, 1989). Learning happens faster when we get feedback. Imagine trying to learn the guitar if you can’t hear the notes you’re playing. Research consistently rates feedback as one of the strongest interventions at a teacher’s disposal.

Our Trinity staffmembers are engaged in a rich dialogue about how to give effective feedback to students. We have had several professional learning sessions this year about formative assessment and feedback to optimise student learning.

According to John Hattie and Helen Timperley (2007), effective feedback must answer three major questions for the student:

  1. Where am I going? (What are the goals?)
  2. How am I going? (What progress is being made toward the goal?)
  3. Where to next? (What activities need to be undertaken to make better progress?)

It is sometimes helpful to define these as Feed Up, Feed Back and Feed Forward.

Effective feedback answers three questions
Where am I going? (goals) Feed Up
How am I going? Feed Back
Where to next? Feed Forward
  1. Feed Up: Clarify the Goal

The first element of an effective feedback system involves establishing a clear purpose. When students understand the ultimate goal, they are more likely to focus on the learning tasks at hand.

  1. Feed Back: Response to Student Work

The second element of an effective feedback system is about identifying the gap/s between the student’s current understanding/achievement and the desired goal. The best feedback provides students with information about their progress toward the goal and suggests actions they can take to come closer to the expected standard (Brookhart, 2008).

  1. Feed Forward: Modify Instruction

 The third element of the feedback system is formative in that it indicates what needs to be taught next. This means that the teacher is responsive to the students’ immediate progress and pivots the teaching program according to what skill the students need next.

We endeavour to provide student feedback that is frequent and personalised. We offer and encourage feedback in a variety of forms: verbal, written, feedback during learning, feedback after learning, informal feedback, formal feedback, peer feedback and self-feedback. Teachers have a central role to play in providing feedback, but so do our students. There is an exciting development in the Senior School where students are, in some classes, writing self-feedback on SEQTA about their performance in an assessment task. Similarly, I saw Year 5 students posting self-feedback about a piece of work today using the Seesaw app.

Ultimately we want our students to become self-reflective about their own learning. We want them to asses how well the task was performed but, more than that, we want them to assess their processes as a learner. How effective was their process? How successfully did they manage themselves in completing the task?

Perhaps you have a Year 9 child who is completing their Personal Best project this week. The quality of the finished product has some importance, but the quality of the process has far more importance. How well did they manage their time? How well did they draw on the available resources? How well did they harness their motivation and energy? What have they learned about themselves through trying to complete a self-managed project of their own choice? In answering these questions, the student self-feedback will likely have more value than the feedback from a teacher or parent.

Learning is a dynamic partnership between student and teacher. Feedback works best when it is targeted and frequent, always with the goal in mind. We expect our teachers to provide quality feedback – but we also expect our students to become adept at receiving and applying quality feedback.


From the Deputy Principal

Mr Peter O’Neill

Below is an outline of the parent/teacher interview schedule for semester 2 for the Junior School and Years 7-10.

Junior School:
(Held in the Senior Centre, South Building), with the booking code bxdrx

  • Monday 3 September – 3.30pm – 6.30pm
  • Tuesday 4 September – 3.30pm – 5.30pm

Senior School Years 7 – 10
Held in the Senior Centre, South Building), with the booking code 2b3k8

  • Thursday 30 August – 3.30pm – 7pm
  • Tuesday 11 September – 3.30pm – 7pm

The link for all events can be found on the College website, under School Interviews.

From the College Chaplain

Revd Bryn

In the last school holidays, my partner and I enjoyed a seven-day walking tour in Japan – a generous gift to celebrate my 50th. We hiked a mountainous section of the Nakasendo Way, an ancient trade route between Kyoto and Tokyo. The scenery was breathtaking and the hospitality we received in traditional Japanese Ryokans (B&B’s) was attentive and generous. The food would require another article!

The best part of the experience though, was the community we enjoyed with our fellow walkers. The ease with which 12 strangers were able to connect and thoroughly enjoy one another’s company gave me pause for thought.

In contemporary Australia, our sociologists and psychologists are warning us of a loneliness epidemic. People are finding it harder and harder to form meaningful relationships due to the pressures and expectations of work and life. My short holiday made me consider the ways in which I participate in these isolating forces in society and got me thinking about ways in which I might challenge them.

Jesus taught that there is a deeper bond even than family – our human connection as children of one God. When he spoke about the Kingdom of God, it was his way of trying to name that reality. He repeatedly reminded us that “the Kingdom of God is near”, meaning that it is possible to awaken to a different way of being human, where there is genuine fellowship and differences can be reconciled.

We wake up to this reality by risking connection with the stranger – pressing outside of our comfort zones to initiate something new. It is actually not so scary once you start and you soon find, as we did on the Nakasendo Way, that you actually have a lot in common with strangers.

From the Director of Studies

Ms Kym Armstrong

NAPLAN – school readiness test 2018
Year 8 Students:  Directors of Their Own Learning
Year 12 Trial HSC Exams
Year 12 HSC Major Works and Performance Examinations
Year 11 students:  End of Preliminary Course Examinations
Year 11 students:  the Transition to Year 12 and Alterations to Patterns of Study
Years 9, 10, 11 and 12 Study Hall
Parents of Year 4 and Year 6 Students:  AAS Testing

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NAPLAN – School readiness test 2018
The Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority has been undertaking a range of research activities to prepare for the delivery of NAPLAN online.  For many schools, this has taken the form of school readiness tests.

Across Week 5 of this term, Trinity Anglican College will be running school readiness tests for students in Years 3, 5, 7 and 9.

If students were supported by adjustments for the 2018 tests in May, they will receive the same adjustments for this set of readiness tests.  Similarly, if students were withdrawn from testing by parents, they will not engage in this set of tests.

The test will ensure schools are ready to undertake NAPLAN Online next year. It also allows students and teachers to familiarise themselves with the online system and experience the test delivery method. The test is not an assessment, so it will not be marked and results will not be distributed.

Teachers will be talking to students about the timing and conditions of the test over the next little while.  If you have questions or concerns, please direct these to the Head of the Junior School, for students in Years 3 and 5, or to the Director of Studies, Ms Kym Armstrong, for students in Years 7 and 9.

Year 8 Students:  Directors of Their Own Learning
It was wonderful to see so many parents and students at the Year 9 2019 Subject Information Evening this week.  The Year 8 students are certainly excited by the choices on offer; this is an exciting time for them as they begin to take greater responsibility for their learning and make decisions about the elective subjects that will engage them over the next couple of years.

Year 12 Trial HSC Exams
The focus of our Year 12 students is firmly on the Trial Examination, which commenced this week and concludes next Wednesday 15 August.

For all students, these exams figure as significant assessment items that will assist in determining the assessment component of their final HSC mark.  The students are approaching their exams with seriousness and commitment.  We are all looking forward to seeing the fruits of their hard labour! Year 12 students have access to their final HSC Exam Timetable via the NSW Education Standards Authority website.

Year 12 HSC Major Works and Performance Examinations
Students undertaking English Extension 2, Drama, Visual Art, Design and Technology, Music and Languages also are focused on the submission of their major works and process diaries, and the completion of oral language examinations.  Students should be maintaining a ready dialogue with their teachers in order to ensure that their major works are progressing steadily toward completion and that they are in compliance with all project specifications.

Year 11 students:  End of Preliminary Course Examinations
Students in Year 11 are preparing for the very important end of course exams in their Preliminary HSC Course.   These exams take place across Week 8 and begin on Monday 10 September.  The students are approaching their assessments with seriousness and I encourage them to plague their teachers for advice and feedback; this is advice that their teachers will be very happy to impart!  Students should be engaged in producing well-structured and carefully researched summary material to assist them in their endeavours.  The submission of draft material to their teachers for comment will also yield benefits for them.  We wish them very well in their study and look forward to seeing the fruits of their labours as they tackle this important set of challenges.

Year 11 Students:  the Transition to Year 12 and Alterations to Patterns of Study
As Year 11 students near the end of the Preliminary HSC Course, thoughts turn to the HSC pattern of study and questions about which subject might be dropped become a little more concrete and a little less speculative.

Apart from changes to Mathematics courses, subject changes will not take effect until the beginning of Term 4 at the commencement of the HSC course, but students will be asking questions and conversations might start at home around this topic.

At Trinity, we are very much of the belief that it takes a whole village to raise a young person.  So, when students change subjects, there is a process where they speak to all of the teachers involved.  The process is a self-directed one; furnished with a form, students engage in dialogue with, and obtain the signatures of, key people who can provide specialised advice.  These people include:

  • A parent/caregiver
  • Subject teachers
  • Pastoral Care Tutor or Head of House
  • Careers Advisor
  • Director of Studies

The change of subject form functions here as a mechanism to facilitate dialogue; the people who provide signatures will discuss the possible implications of the change with the student.  The form also functions as a tool to assist the student notify all interested parties about the change. This process of consultation will begin after the conclusion of the Year 11 examinations.

Years 9, 10, 11 and 12 Study Hall
The College is offering students in Years 9, 10, 11 and 12 the opportunity to work in a study hall.  These sessions will take place downstairs in the south building of the Senior School on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons from 3.30-4.30. During these sessions, students will be able to access study and writing tips or work individually in a quiet environment.

Years 7, 8 and 9 Study Skills
Students in Years 7, 8 and 9 will be able to access study sessions that assist them to develop independent study skills and habits.  These sessions will be held weekly after school on Wednesday from 3.30 to 4.30pm.   Interested students are encouraged to speak with Ms Miriam Sultan, who will be convening these sessions.

Parents of Year 4 and Year 6 Students:  AAS Testing
During Week 10 of this term, Year 4 students will undertake diagnostic testing that targets skills of reading, writing, general and non-verbal reasoning, spelling and Mathematics. Year 6 will undertake similar testing during Week 9.

Classroom teachers will advise students of the precise day that their class will sit the tests. This AAS Testing will assist us to track the development of these students as they progress through the College.

Please contact me if you have any queries about these matters.

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From the College Counsellor

Dr Anthony Perrone

Hello TAC Community! Hopefully by now many of you are becoming more acquainted with my role as the College Counsellor. As always I am here if and when needed so feel free to contact me directly if I can assist in anyway. My contact details are: Phone – 6049 3444  Email –

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Respect at Trinity

Our Respect At Trinity initiative is well underway. Currently our Year 11 students, who will soon be Year 12 leaders, have taken over the reins and are driving the program. On August 10 they will be in the junior school and on August 17 in the senior school talking to their respective houses about Mr John Coutis who will be a guest speaker on 20 August. The visit is ensuring the message of respect for all is highlighted. Here is a link to John’s website:

Our on-line disrespectful behaviour reporting, with students having the option of providing their names or reporting anonymously, has been well received and is in full use, which is making a difference College-wide. If your child is experiencing disrespectful behaviour by another student, then please encourage them to submit a report. The more information the better, especially names.

Border Mail column

Each Friday in The Border Mail I have a column entitled Ask The Counsellor in the opinion section. Although these are my views and do not necessarily represent the views of Trinity Anglican College, you may find some of the topics I write about relevant to you, your family or someone you know. You also have the opportunity to submit questions directly via the Border Mail. They will pass those questions on to me for possible answering and inclusion in a weekly feature.

Year 12 students

If you have a child who is in Year 12, please be mindful that they are under a fair amount of pressure as they continue on their pathway of life and HSC is squarely on that pathway. Sources such as and state in response to the question: What are the harmful effects of studying too much? as presented in as follows:

“Studying is generally considered a good thing, but studying too much can lead to health problems, stress and social alienation, according to Healthline. Academia International notes that too much studying can actually have the opposite of the intended effect, causing students to become distracted, forget important facts or make silly mistakes. The site also notes that exhaustion and burn-out are common.

Therefore, like all things, moderation is the key. Be vigilant that your child is not burning the candle at both ends. Remind and support them in looking after their health and wellbeing. s the term progresses, I will be increasing my focus on our Year 12s to continue to support them. Please contact me or have your child come by my office if they or you feel burn out is creeping in.

Until the next time, I leave you with:

One day at a time – this is enough. Live in the present and make it so beautiful that it will be worth remembering.’ Ida Scott Taylor.

Take Care!

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This month on SchoolTV – Body Image

Kids today are more obsessed with their body image than those in past generations. This is partially influenced by the media and their social connectivity. Encouraging kids to have a healthy body image in childhood, can lay the foundations for good physical and mental health later in life.

A recent study highlighted that body image is one of the top three concerns for Australian youth. Over half of girls in high schools have tried to lose weight. One-third of teenage boys wanted to be thinner and another third wanted to be larger. Children need to understand that their body shape and size is not a reflection of their health or success. Parents and schools need to work together to help kids understand that everyone is born with their own ‘body-suit’. In this edition of SchoolTV, parents will learn how to encourage their child to have a positive body image and why it is so important to their mental health. We hope you take time to reflect on the information offered in this month’s edition and we always welcome your feedback.

If you have any concerns about your child, please contact the school counsellor for further information. Here is the link to this month’s edition

From the Junior School

Mr Steven Armstrong

Learning is experience
Seussical the Musical
Public Speaking Finals
Co-curricular Cooking
Year 2 is collecting pots
Year 5 show gratitude

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Learning is experience

“Learning is experience, everything else is just information”

Albert Einstein was not only a great thinker in Science but he also recognised, via his own frailties as a student, that learning is something that we take part in rather than observe. All people will learn differently at different times in their lives. As we work with students as they learn to read, write, become numerate and think about the world it is important to recognise that their experience of the learning, their active involvement in the learning, is the most important thing to foster. There is so much information that is readily available but we need to focus on ideas that spring from each individual student in order to ensure they gather deep meaning from their world. Sometimes the experiences that we learn from are difficult.  If we are resilient and able to think through these times then our understanding becomes a positive. Learning at school should take place in an environment that is safe. Not safe from challenge but safe in the sense where children are willing to take a chance with learning. Safe to step outside the known and explore new ideas, new concepts and new ways of thinking. This is the challenge of all parents and teachers alike. It is a wonderful challenge.

At assembly each fortnight the three Rs are often alluded to by the speakers. Respect for self, respect for others and respect for our environment. It is an important aspect of any community to ensure we are able to fulfil all three. I encourage all students, staff and parents to highlight these to any students as this will ensure we all have a sense of security when working or playing at school. This process is being fully supported by the Respect at Trinity initiative which continues to ensure students treat each other with due respect.

Seussical the Musical
The Middle Years Production involves a wide range of students. This is a wonderful way to learn about drama and the important place this art form has in our society.

Public Speaking Finals
Alessandro Vaccaro (4KS) is to be congratulated on an outstanding speech at the final of the Lions Club Public Speaking last Sunday. He was a great representative of the area and the College.

The team is now working on the challenge that they will present in Wagga. The program is very interesting and we wish the students well as they search for a solution.

Co-curricular Cooking – with Miss Karla Horn
There are currently places available for the Semester 2 Cooking Co-curricular program.

The program runs on Wednesday afternoons from 3.15-5pm for students in Years 3 and 4.

If you would like to know more about the program please email

Year 2 is collecting pots – with Miss Karla Horn
Year 2 is collecting terracotta pots from Chris’ dips as illustrated in the photo here. If you have any of these pots that need to find a new home, please bring to the Infants Centre for Year 2 to upcycle.

NAIDOC Day – with Miss Karla Horn

NAIDOC Week celebrations are held across Australia each July to celebrate the history, culture and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. NAIDOC is celebrated not only in Indigenous communities, but by Australians from all walks of life.

Trinity students have celebrated the occasion by learning about the Australia’s indigenous people in library lessons with Mrs Wilson and lunchtime activities throughout the week.

Year 5 show gratitude – with Ms Renee Vanegmond

Year 5RV wanted to thank the people in their life who helped them have a great holiday by writing letters or creating pictures.

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From the Science Department

Mrs Zoe Beckett

Congratulations to all those Senior School students who recently participated in the ICAS Science Competition.

A special mention to Patrick Duggan, Year 9, on being awarded a Distinction – well done!

Notable results were also awarded to the following students:

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Year 7
Credits: Raeghan Abbott, Manith Wettesinghe.
Merits: Georgia Wragge, Hamish Darmody, Thomas Aitcheson.

Year 8
Credits: Lacey Cottrell, Olivia Dean.
Merits: Drew Brndusic,  Toby White.

Year 9
Credits: Laxna Bhujel, Thomas Ingram, Natasha Kronenberg.

Year 10
Credits: Alana Diver,  Sidney White, Ethan Goodacre.
Merit: Lois Segun-Beloved.

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Debating at Eisteddfod

The Trinity Debating Team competed in the Albury/Wodonga Eisteddfod from Wednesday, 1 August (Year 7) to Monday, 6 August (Year 10). All students are to be commended for their quality of their skills and the exemplary manner in which they represented the College. Trinity teams were consistently among the best-performing teams in the competition.

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The following students are to be congratulated:

Year 7

  • Reggie Abbott
  • Hamish Darmody
  • Flynn Finlay
  • Tahlia O’Sullivan
  • Rosie Willett
  • Georgia Wragge

Year 8

  • Astrid Cameron
  • Olivia Dean
  • Semony Ferreira
  • Erin Haydon
  • Arthur Hull

Year 9

  • Mitchell Arcus
  • Laxna Bhujel
  • Annalise Conibear
  • Rachael Kemp
  • Madi Purkis
  • Ini Segun-Beloved

Year 10

  • Sarah Chase
  • Lily Hansford
  • Belle Henderson
  • Shannyn Leskie
  • Arwen Porter
  • Lois Segun-Beloved
  • Sidney White


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Year 4 experience at Beechworth

Ms Dakota Bennett, Mr Kade Stevens, Mrs Michelle Campbell, Mrs Kim Hardie

Year 4  visited the Burke Museum, Beechworth Honey and participated in a performance with Lazy Harry, a local folk singer, during their excursion to Beechworth last Monday. The excursion was enjoyed by all and was a great ‘hook’ to start our new blended unit.

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Maddie Spokes, from 4DB:

“I enjoyed the trip because I got to be a part of different activities, which were a lot of fun and no part of the excursion was boring. My favourite part was tasting the different types of honey, because I have never tasted honey before and I always thought that I didn’t like it. I learned that the queen bee can die or they will change her if she isn’t doing her job properly.”

Connor Skillicorn, from 4KS:

“We went to Beechworth honey and did an awesome tour and went to the Burke Museum. My favourite part of the day was going to the Burke museum; there was a great story about Robert O’Hara Burke. It’s a true story about how they explored Australia and then how Aboriginals looked after the men and how Burke died.”

Archie Coysh, from 4KH

“We went to the honey shop, Burke Museum and Lazy Harry. My favourite part was the honey shop, I liked it because we got to go on a tour and use a bee smoker.”

William Thompson Gipp, from 4MC

“On Monday, Year 4 went to Beechworth for an excursion. We went to Lazy Harry who taught us Australian songs like Waltzing Matilda. We did a play about a camper and a policeman. We also sent to Beechworth Honey and learnt about the history of the place.  Beechworth Honey was just a husband and wife. Over time the company grew until it was what we see today. We got to sample different types of honey.Finally, to finish it off, we went to Burkes Museum. We got told the story of Robert Burke. He was an adventurer. He did what he was made to do and sadly died on the way back.”


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From Performing Arts

Mrs Emma Mancer, Co-ordinator of Performing Arts Co-Curricular

Rachael Beck Visit
Peth Tour

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Rachael Beck Visit

What an busy start to term we have had in the performing arts department! We began the term with a visit from professional musical theatre performer and mentor Rachael Beck. Rachael came on Friday and worked with the cast of our upcoming middle years production Seussical, workshopping acting skills with the students. She then worked with our HSC music and drama students talking with them about what it takes to make it in the industry. Rachael was very complimentary about the talents of our Musical Theatre Ensemble and helped them fine tune their performances. She also spent an hour working with our girls and boys drama groups, helping them fine tune their acting skills.

After school, students and staff were busy rehearsing for our performing arts musical showcase featuring Rachael Beck. An outstanding program of ensembles, soloists and the magnificent Rachael Beck made for an amazing evening of performing arts. Some stand outs from the evening included Tom Summerfield, who accompanied Rachael Beck on the piano in such a professional manner that even Rachael was amazed. Sarah McDiarmid,  surprised the audience with an incredible musical theatre performance from Matilda illustrating her vast array of talents. Josh and Sam Beckett brought a tear to the eyes of audience members with their touching rendition of Alone in the Universe from Suessical and the Musical Theatre Ensemble blew us all away with their Dear Evan Hansen Medley and performance of Alexander Hamilton.

The excitement didn’t stop there with Rachael returning to teach two musical theatre workshops on Saturday. Many junior and senior students, as well as  some staff and members of the community took up this unique opportunity to learn from one of the industry’s best.

Perth Tour
In week 7, 17 students from years 7-11 and two performing arts staff will be flying to Perth to perform at the ASC Biannual Music Concert. Our Musical Theatre Ensemble has been committed to rehearsing before school every Friday morning as well as putting in many extra hours to learn their moves and harmonies. We have chosen to make the most of this trip by turning it into a performing arts tour including workshops in musical theatre at WA Academy of Performing Arts, performance opportunities, busking at the Fremantle Markets and viewing professional works. This is an exciting and unique opportunity for our students to immerse themselves in the performing arts and we can’t wait!

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Seussical Jr – next week!

Our first ever Middle Years Production, Seussical Jr. opens next Wednesday for three nights only.

With over 80 cast members from years 5-9 and over 30 students helping backstage it is shaping up to be an amazing production.

With lots of colour and the most exceptionally talented cast I have ever worked with you would be mad to miss this show! Tickets are available through the Albury Entertainment Centre website and box office.

Book at

Reading with Children

From the library

Premier’s Reading Challenge
Premier’s Reading Challenge concludes on 24 August please upload your child’s reading prior to this date. If you have any questions please email  Well done to the classes and students who have completed it already!

Junior School
Book Week is fast approaching! Students can dress up as their favourite character from a book of their choice. The Book Week Parade will be held in the Multi-Purpose Hall on Friday 24 August at 9am for K-3 and 10am for 4-6.

Senior School Sport

With Mr Nash Clark, Co-ordinator Senior School Sport

AWSSNA Netball Competition
Around the Grounds

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AWSSNA Netball Competition
What a glorious day it was for netball. The College entered three Trinity teams in the Albury Wodonga Senior School Netball Association Competition for Years 7-12.

The Year 7/8 team was undefeated until the semi-finals, where fatigue got the better of them. The Year 9/10 team was runner-up after holding the number one position until the grand final while the Year 11/12 team had mixed success in a small pool of teams.

Thank you to the coaches: Heidi Fisher, Shaylah House and Kathryn Rupp and to the Trinity umpires: Jessica Hardie, Sarah Chase and Olivia Rawson, for their efforts on the day. Well done to all players and good luck for the upcoming Wangaratta competition on Friday, 17 August. – Kathryn Rupp, Coach


Around the Grounds

Congratulations to Ella Brown, Year 7 who successfully competed in the NSW Country Tournament in Forster during the school holidays and was crowned the Under 13 NSW Country Champion. She also won the consolation event for Under 14. Ella’s fine form was after a great 2017, where she played in her first nationals and has finished the year with an Australian ranking in the top 25. Well done, Ella!

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Junior School Sport

Mr Kade Stevens, Co-ordinator Junior School Sport

RAS Athletics
Tennis – Todd Woodbridge Cup

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RAS Athletics

The Trinity Junior School athletics teammembers had a chance to show off their skills when they competed at RAS Athletics on Tuesday, 7 August. Despite the cold and gloomy weather, the students were full of energy and eager to give their events a red hot go. Many ribbons were won and each student is to be congratulated for their participation. Millie Thomas of 3SB dominated her age group and took out the 9 Year Girls Age Champion! Great job, Millie!

The day didn’t end with just ribbons and age champions, though. Trinity Anglican College was declared the overall winner of the day, racking up a total of 1483 points! Our College Athletics Captains, Mark Baker and Georgia Pigdon collected the plaque which will remain in our trophy cabinet, on display for all to see, until next year.

I would like to thank all the families and friends who came along to offer their support throughout the day; it was a great experience.


Tennis – Todd Woodbridge Cup
HoneyBee Kidz Tennis together with Thurgoona Country Club and Tennis NSW will be hosting the Albury zone day for the Todd Woodbridge Cup on Friday, 10 August at the Thurgoona tennis courts.

In preparation for the day, 17 Trinity students from Years 3 and 4 participated in a trial/practice day on Friday, 27 July. The student were very enthusiastic and learnt how to be a team member playing doubles in a round-robin draw.

The students are looking forward to the Todd Woodbridge Cup competing against other school teams from around Albury. Winning teams will progress to the regional day in Wagga and possibly State Finals at Sydney Olympic Park in Term 4.

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Interschool Snowsport Champs, ACT/Southern NSW division

The clatter of skis and poles and the clang of cowbells drew Trinity skiers and snowboarders to the official racecourses at Perisher Valley (NSW) from 23-27 July. With military organisation and colour coding racers and team managers gathered at the lift line with numbers assigned and hearts thumping ready to go downhill fast.

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Trinity was represented by Jaxon West in the Division 2 Snowboard X (50th) and Snowboard GS (30th) against some tough opposition.

The Skier X course was short but technical and Edwina Harrington sped through the course to finish 34th after two runs and walking UPHILL between races. Lifts were designed for a reason but organisers thought the walk would do the kids good!! Poor parents! The Division 4 team of Harry Harrington (30th individual), Thomas Newman (35th), and Jack Clancy (72nd) powered their way to 10th school overall. Thomas Ramsdell discovered his ski legs and finished a creditable 42nd with two consistent runs representing Division 3 boys. The girls then had a go in Division 2 with Rosie Ramsdell finishing 28th and Scarlet Charlesworth 39th against some strong opposition from the locals.

Then the skin-tight downhill suits came out and serious skiing was to take place in the Alpine Ski Races. Edwina Harrington again made a solid contribution with a scintillating 23rd placing against kids skiing before they could walk. The Divisiion 4 boys then put together another consistent performance as they placed 13th overall team and Thomas Newman claimed a top 20 finish (16th overall), Harry 35th and Jack 71st.

Thomas Ramsdell then hit his straps in the Division3 Alpine with a stylish 37th overall and he was well pleased with his finishing tuck! The Division 2 girls team (Scarlet and Rosie) was reinforced by Alexandra (Ally) de Graaff after only a week of skiing she committed to speeding through the gates. Despite breaking a ski-pole in training,  Rosie placed 29th overall and Scarlet 37th with improvements from first to second runs. Ally also was looking to improve her time in her second run but unfortunately missed a gate.  However her spirit and willingness to have a go was exemplary.

And that sums up the TAC inaugural Snowsports team experience at the 2018 Interschools Snowsports Championships – their willingness to have a go in challenging snow and weather conditions without being sure of the outcome.  The student’s collaboration and cooperation were a testament to the team first approach and everyone was pushing to give their best effort against some very experienced and hardened opposition.


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Trinity Cafe

We have had an amazing start to the term and have been made feel very welcome by both students and staff. Everyone was extremely patient and helpful as we navigated our first week. We thank each and every one of you for making our transition into the school as warm and friendly as possible. As you may be aware we are serving coffee from 8am using locally roasted Platform 9 beans, this has proven to be very popular with the teachers!

Keep an eye out as our menu is a work in progress and we will be adding new and exciting things as we go into term 4.  We are still doing Sushi Wednesdays and will run weekly specials. If senior students want to pre order their lunch there will be a basket on the front counter for you to pop your order in. If you have pre ordered  you may come straight to the front near the coffee machine when you come to pick up your lunch and not have to wait in line. There will be bags, pens and menu’s provided. This week’s special is healthy Burrito Bowls for $7.00. Please pre order to ensure that you don’t miss out. – Catherine Whiley, manager.

Community Announcements