11 August 2017

From the Principal

What kind of thinker is your child? How does your child learn best?

At Trinity, one of our key objectives is for every student to grow in their capacity for metacognition. Metacognition is thinking about our own thinking. We use metacognition when we observe our own thoughts or when we reflect on our learning processes.

There are two types of metacognition that affect our ability to learn:

  1. Reflection – thinking about what we know
  2. Self-management – managing how we go about learning

Our capacity to self-manage and reflect is a key determinant in how we learn.

In fact, the Dunedin Study of more than 1000 children over a 40 year period recently concluded that a child’s capacity for self-control is the most important predictor of who will be healthy and wealthy later in life:

Young children’s self-control skills — such as conscientiousness, self-discipline and perseverance — predict their health, wealth and criminal history in later life regardless of IQ or social background, according to latest findings out of the Dunedin Study.[i]

Professor Moffitt found that children with higher self-control were more likely to have the following outcomes as adults:

  • Better physical health (including lung function, blood pressure, cholesterol, body weight)
  • Less substance dependence
  • More success with financial planning and money management
  • More likely to remain married

In a recent paper on the Employability Skills most valuable in the workplace, the ability to self-manage was considered to be one of the most important.

In light of this, it was timely to see Reverend Bryn teaching children about self-control as a “fruit of the Spirit” in Chapel this week!

So, what kind of thinker is your child? At Trinity, through personalised teacher feedback, we are training your children to reflect on:

  • the process they used to complete the task
  • their ability for self-management when working on a task

It is all part of our big picture for enabling young learners.

[i] University of Atago, Department of Psychology, 2017, ‘Children with more self-control turn into healthier and wealthier adults’, University of Atago website,

Justin Beckett

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From the Deputy Principal

Mr Peter O’Neill
HSC Examinations
Years 7-10 Parent Teacher Interviews
Junior School Parent Teacher Interviews
Car parks

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HSC Examinations:

Each year NESA employs supervisors to assist the Trinity Anglican College-appointed HSC Presiding Officer and vacancies exist for this year’s HSC.  The Presiding Officer, who has overseen Trinity HSC students complete their exams for several years, has asked the College if they could assist with suggestions of two more supervisors. This is a paid position but the supervisors must meet the following criteria:

  • Must have current Working With Children Check
  • Able to stand for four hours
  • Available from 16 October through to 7 November
  • Not related to any NSW student sitting HSC this year

If you or someone you know would be interested in assisting with this role, please contact Carmel Hicks on 0419 777 369 for further information.

7-10 Parent Teacher Interviews:

Will be held in the Senior Centre South building, with the booking code n67mt

  • Tuesday 22 August: 3.45-7.30pm
  • Thursday 24 August: 3.45-7.30pm

Junior School Parent Teacher Interviews:

Albury will be held in the Infants Centre, and Wodonga will be held in the Multi Purpose Hall with the booking code 4vsgv

  • Monday 4 September – 3.30pm – 6.00pm
  • Tuesday 5 September – 3.30pm – 5.30pm

The link for all events is on the College website, under School Interviews.

Car parks:

The staff and senior students’ car park is an area for staff and student drivers only. This is away from the main car park to allow parents and visitors space in the main car park. At the start and end of the day these car parks are very busy with many vehicles coming into and out of the College. To avoid any potential accidents, and to avoid unnecessary congestion, parents should not use either of these two car parks as a drop off or pick up area. Thank you for your consideration with this important safety message.


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Launch of the Trinity Parents & Friends

Building a community of parents – by parents for parents – is the driving force behind Trinity’s new P&F to be launched at the Atura on Thursday, 17 August.

A steering committee has been working for several months on developing guidelines for the new P&F and we are now ready to tell the world what we have in mind.

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Some exciting innovations will be unveiled at the launch – innovations that will ensure greater connectivity between parents, improved access to cutting edge thinking on raising children in today’s world and avenues for parents to support other parents to enjoy all of our children’s successes.

To set the tone of the evening, our guest speaker will be speech pathologist Liz Campbell.

Liz works with families of children with complex learning needs to get the best out of each child. She looks at improving children’s learning and their lives holistically – from the environment in which they grow and parenting styles, to a child’s individual neuroscience including their academic strengths and weaknesses. Liz has been working with Trinity staff to improve their knowledge and skills in identifying learning difficulties and ways to manage them.

Establishing the P&F is a priority for new principal Justin Beckett.

“School is not just about the students,” Mr Beckett said. “We want to support and welcome the whole family. This is about building a community of parents, listening to the needs of others and recognising the role of parents in our College.”

The P&F will not be about raising money for the College, shaping strategic decisions or making a profit. It will be an avenue for connecting parents, to welcome and support new families, to develop and equip them with information and to volunteer in the College community.

The launch will be the first step in connecting parents in a social environment. Fingerfood and the first drink will be provided by the College to welcome parents as we outline our vision.  We have some surprises in store for the night – some we will reveal over the coming weeks, but some will be announced only on the night.

Trinity Parents & Friends Launch

Where:  Atura Albury, 648 Dean Street Albury
When:  Thursday 17 August 2017
Time:  7pm
What:  Fingerfood and drink on arrival. Drinks at bar prices afterwards.
Cost:  Free to parents of a Trinity student

RSVP  to

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From the Director of Studies

Ms Kym Armstrong
Year 8 Students:  Directors of Their Own Learning
Year 12 Trial HSC Exams
Year 12 HSC Major Works and Performance Examinations
Year 11 students:  End of Preliminary Course Examinations
Year 11 Students:  the Transition to Year 12 and Alterations to Patterns of Study
Year 11 & 12 Study Hall:  Tuesday and Thursday Afternoons
Parents of Year 4 Students:  AAS Testing

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Year 8 Students:  Directors of Their Own Learning

It was wonderful to see so many parents and students at the Year 9 2018 Subject Information Evening this week.  The Year 8 students certainly are excited by the choices on offer; this is an exciting time for them as they begin to take greater responsibility for their learning and make decisions about the elective subjects that will engage them over the next couple of years.

Year 12 Trial HSC Exams

The focus of our Year 12 students is firmly on the Trial Examination, which commenced this week and concludes next Friday 18 August.

For all students, these exams figure as significant assessment items that will assist in determining the assessment component of their final HSC mark.  The students are approaching their exams with seriousness and commitment.  We are all looking forward to seeing the fruits of their hard labour!

The Trial Examination timetable is available on the College website.  Year 12 students also have access to their final HSC Exam Timetable via the NSW Education Standards Authority website.

Year 12 HSC Major Works and Performance Examinations

Students undertaking English Extension 2, Drama, Visual Art, Design and Technology, Music and French also are focused on the submission of their major works and process diaries, and the completion of oral language examinations.  Students should be maintaining a ready dialogue with their teachers in order to ensure that their major works are progressing steadily toward completion and that they are in compliance with all project specifications.  Dialogue between Mme Bennett and her students should be plentiful and, of course, in French!

Year 11 students:  End of Preliminary Course Examinations

Students in Year 11 are preparing for the very important end of course exams in their Preliminary HSC Course.   These exams take place across Week 7 and begin on Monday 4 September.  The students are approaching their assessments with seriousness and I encourage them to plague their teachers for advice and feedback; this is advice that their teachers will be very happy to impart!  Students should be engaged in producing well-structured and carefully researched summary material to assist them in their endeavours.  The submission of draft material to their teachers for comment will also yield benefits for them.  We wish them very well in their study and look forward to seeing the fruits of their labours as they tackle this important set of challenges.

Year 11 Students:  the Transition to Year 12 and Alterations to Patterns of Study

As Year 11 students near the end of the Preliminary HSC Course, thoughts turn to the HSC pattern of study and questions about which subject might be dropped become a little more concrete and a little less speculative.

Apart from changes to Mathematics courses, subject changes will not take effect until the beginning of Term 4 at the commencement of the HSC course, but students will be asking questions and conversations might start at home around this topic.

At Trinity, we are very much of the belief that it takes a whole village to raise a young person.  So, when students change subjects, there is a process where they speak to all of the teachers involved.  The process is a self-directed one; furnished with a form, students engage in dialogue with, and obtain the signatures of, key people who can provide specialised advice.  These people include:

  • A parent/caregiver
  • Subject teachers
  • Pastoral Care Tutor or Head of House
  • Careers Advisor
  • Director of Studies

The change of subject form functions here as a mechanism to facilitate dialogue; the people who provide signatures will discuss the possible implications of the change with the student.  The form also functions as a tool to assist the student notify all interested parties about the change.

This process of consultation will begin after the conclusion of the Year 11 examinations.

Year 11 & 12 Study Hall:  Tuesday and Thursday Afternoons

The College is offering students in Years 11 and 12 the opportunity to work in a study hall environment two afternoons a week.  These study sessions have proved popular during Semester 1.

In Term 3, these sessions will take place from 3.15 to 4.30pm Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, downstairs in the south building of the Senior School.

Students will be able to access study and writing tips and will receive study assistance from the supervising teachers as well as from the number of other teachers who drop in.

Parents of Year 4 Students:  AAS Testing

On 18 September, Year 4 students will undertake diagnostic testing that targets skills of reading, writing, general and non-verbal reasoning, spelling and Mathematics.  This will assist us to track the development of these students as they progress through the College.

Please contact me if you have any queries about these matters.

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From the  College Chaplain

Rev Bryn Jones

Now and then social media catches me off guard. A short video of a boy, maybe 3 years old, being encouraged by his parents, to strike a person-shaped piñata. The boy taps the piñata half-heartedly a couple of times, while the adults urge him on. You can see that he feels torn. Then, to everyone’s surprise, he drops the stick, walks up to the piñata and gives it a tender hug. The title?
‘The moment when you realise that violence isn’t the answer.’
So we pray, ‘Your kingdom come! Amen’.

From the Director of Sport and Co-curricular

Mr Nash Clark
BISSA Athletics
Victorian Secondary Schools Squash Championships
RAS Primary Netball – CIS Championships
Netball gala day – go Trinity go
Term 3 CIS Nomination Dates
Co-Curricular Program

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BISSA Athletics
Trinity College hosted the 2017 BISSA athletics carnival, contested locally at the Alexandra Park Athletics Complex. Catholic and Independent school students (808) across the Riverina competed, representing 14 schools. It was the second time this meet has been run early in Term 3. Leading up to the carnival the weather was of concern; fortunately we were gifted with the nicest of winter days. Unfortunately, the take-off for high jump was shadowed by the mat, delaying the start of this event.

The tremendous effort of the 100 students who proudly represented the College was enough for Trinity to achieve an admirable fourth overall and fifth in the average aggregate. Well done to everyone, who ran, jumped and threw to the best of their ability. Additionally, to Gemma Fenn who was named 15 Years Girls’ Age Champion and Reuben Sarkis and Mackensey House for third in their respective age groups.
Additional thanks to the staff of the College and the Year 10 PASS class who assisted so that the day ran as smoothly as possible. Good luck to the 43 students who have qualified to represent RAS and the College at CIS Athletics!

Victorian Secondary Schools Squash Championships
The Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre is an exciting place to visit any time. On Thursday, 27 July, it was especially so for three of our Year 12 students, Tom Freire, Mitch Nero and Kyle Magee, who travelled down for the Victorian Secondary Senior Boys’ State Championships.
The boys breezed through their pool rounds winning all four matches 3-0, finishing on top of their pool. The scene was set for a great final against Haileybury which also won all of their pool games 3-0. All games in the final were extremely competitive with the final result being a 2-1 victory to the Trinity boys!
I would like to congratulate the boys on not only their win but also their impressive conduct during the entire trip as they showed great sportsmanship and respect for their opponents on all occasions. WELL DONE BOYS!
If any student from Year 5 onwards is interested in learning how to play squash or racquetball please come and see me and I will be happy to arrange it.
Mark Dicketts

RAS Primary Netball – CIS Championships
Trinity Anglican College and Riverina Associated Schools (RAS) Primary Schools was represented by Junior School netballers Millie Triggs, Audrey Adams and Alice Male, who competed at the Primary CIS Netball Championships. The three College students were part of the most successful RAS Primary Netball team winning four of their seven games and coming fourth overall. The girls played a total of seven games, winning four and finishing fourth overall.
By all accounts the Trinity trio played brilliantly, with their efforts made more challenging given that this was the first time the team had played together.

Netball gala day – go Trinity go
Trinity’s U11, U13 and U15 teams competed extremely well in the recent Gala day held on 29 July at JC King Park.
The U11s were wonderful sports and kept up a positive attitude throughout the day.
U13 Blue and Red (with some U13 White team reserves) played so well, that before finals they were comfortably in first and third position respectively. Unfortunately their luck was dashed, as was their energy after a long day, and both teams got knocked out of their semi-finals!
Trinity’s U15s teams showed commitment and versatility. Their focus and teamwork led U15 Blue to win the grand final and take out first in their division.
It was a fantastic day with great weather, enjoyed by all. Thank you to all the coaches and very helpful parents on the day, and a huge WELL DONE to all the players. All girls did the school proud and set the bar high for next year’s Gala Day!
Kathryn Rupp

Term 3 CIS Nomination Dates
Trinity Anglican College supports the nomination of students with potential in their chosen sport(s). The College believes that the Combined Independent Schools (CIS) pathway provides an ideal opportunity for high achieving athletes. Due to the objectives and standard of CIS representative teams, Trinity will only nominate students who have a realistic opportunity of being considered for selection in the respective CIS team.

Term 3 – Cricket – Boys – Open Primary – 8 September

Co-curricular program
A reminder to all families that it is their responsibility to organise adequate supervision of siblings of children who are participating in a College co-curricular activity before (8.30am) or after school. Children who are unsupervised at the College after school will be sent to the College front office and parents contacted. Additionally, if this becomes a regular occurrence the sibling will forfeit their position in the College co-curricular program.

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2017 Art Exhibition and Acquisitive Art Award

Ebden&Olive joins Art Exhibition as exclusive food supplier

Art with a dash of the region’s best food and wine – what’s not to like about the KELL MOORE EVENING OF ART on opening night of the Trinity Anglican College Art Exhibition and Acquisitive Art Award? 

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Ebden&Olive joins Art Exhibition as exclusive food supplier

Art with a dash of the region’s best food and wine – what’s not to like about the KELL MOORE EVENING OF ART on opening night of the Trinity Anglican College Art Exhibition and Acquisitive Art Award?

The opening evening is becoming THE hottest social event on our College calendar and it’s on again from Friday 8 to Sunday 10 September, 2017. And this time the food will come exclusively from up-market “purveyors of fine food and take home goodness”, Ebden and Olive.

This is a big opportunity for our College community to come together to have some fun and enjoy fabulous artworks, good food, great wine and even better company.  You will see the Multi-purpose Hall done up as you’ve never seen it before – and it will be warm, thanks to the heaters now installed there!

Even if you don’t know your acryllics from your watercolours, don’t let that stop you.

You can come along just for the food! Ebden&Olive duo Jodie and Steve have always been great supporters of the night, providing platters of scrumptious food every year for the past four years. But this year we have taken the partnership a step further and they will exclusively cater for our hungry art lovers. Can’t wait to see their yummy finger food menu!

If not for the food, come for the wine! Pfeiffers of Rutherglen is our wine sponsor. What this means, apart from sharing their amazing wine, is that we are extremely lucky to have winemakers and cellarmasters, Chris and Robyn Pfeiffer, join us for the evening. We try to insist that Chris and Robyn come along to relax and enjoy the ambience but throughout the night we find they have drifted behind the bar where they are happily pouring and recommending wine to guests. Guess you can’t keep good winemakers away! Last year we had their crisp, dry 2016 pinot grigio, a very rich and generous 2014 cabernet merlot as well as everyone’s favourite, Pfeiffer’s Phizz.

All food and drink are included in the $30 entry ticket. We will repeat that – ALL FOOD AND DRINK IS INCLUDED IN YOUR $30 ENTRY TICKET!

Now add to that: live music from some of our more talented College musicians plus a special entertainment feature from our performing arts department. We’re going to keep you in suspense on that one – it might be musical, it might be dance or it might be drama – we are not revealing that until the night.

And finally, the reason for the art exhibition – the art. Last year we had more than 170 individual artworks to tempt and tantalise and we are expecting that or more this year. During the evening, we will announce the prize winners of the $2000 Acquisitive Art Award, the $800 Regional Artist Award and our Small Space Award. And you will be able to meet our Feature Artist Catherine Stewart as well as many others who will be in attendance. Catherine has joined us fresh from her first solo exhibition in the region at MAMA during the school holidays. She has been a prizewinner at our exhibition in the past and we look forward to seeing what she will exhibit and sell this year. Catherine is definitely an artist of the moment, which will make the first prize of the raffle – one of her artworks – a much sought-after piece.

So get your friends together, dress up a little and bring your best festive mood to the Kell Moore Evening of Art. Maybe even add to your art collection by buying an artwork. All fundraising money benefits the College.

Go ahead and book your ticket: $30.

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From the Junior School

Mr Steven Armstrong
Albert Einstein philosophy
Parent Helpers
Parent/Teacher Interviews
Book Week
Tournament of Minds
100 Days

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Albert Einstein philosophy

Learning is experience, everything else is just information. Albert Einstein was not only a great thinker in Science but he also recognised, via his own frailties as a student, that learning is something that we take part in rather than observe.

All people will learn differently at different times in their lives. As we work with students as they learn to read, write, become numerate and think about the world, it is important to recognise that their experience of the learning, their active involvement in the learning, is the most important thing to foster. There is so much information that is readily available but we need to focus on ideas that spring from each individual student in order to ensure they gather deep meaning from their world. The Junior School is revamping our approach to teaching and learning to fit more closely with the needs of all students. You will be well aware of Growth Mind Sets, Sustainability, Survival, Acceptance of Difference and many other ideas that now form the basis for deeper learning. All staff are working hard to ensure the programs are organic and grow with the students; informed by their needs.


Each fortnight, at assembly, the three Rs are often raised by the speakers: respect for self, respect for others and respect for our environment.

It is an important aspect of any community to ensure we are able to fulfil all three. I encourage all students, staff and parents to highlight these to any students as this will ensure we all have a sense of security when working or playing at school.

Parent Helpers

Thank you to parents who sent an e-mail. Mrs Piltz will organise a time to run through this as soon as possible.


I am encouraged when students talk with me about their report. It is a document that should be shared with all involved and I encourage all parents to work through the report with their children.

Parent/Teacher Interviews

The staff are looking forward to this important level of communication. This is the formal round of interviews and the focus in the time is the academic and social requirements of each student.

Book Week

This is fast approaching and we look forward to the celebration.

Tournament of Minds

The team is now working on the challenge that they will present in Wagga. The program is very interesting and we wish the students and Mrs Naldrett well as they search for a solution.

100 Days

Kindergarten celebrated their Century this week with lots of discussion about the number 100 and interactive learning.

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From the Senior School

Mr Malcolm Thomas

The Cyber Safety Lady
University applications
Year 7 to 10 parent teacher interviews
CSU parent information evening

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The Cyber Safety Lady

Students in Years 7 to 10 attended a presentation with The Cyber Safety Lady, Leonie Smith, entitled How To Be An Amazing Digital Citizen. Some of the subjects covered included:

  • Understanding your digital footprint and privacy online
  • Privacy settings and safe sharing for apps and social media
  • Real friends vs strangers
  • Online gaming and social media safety/privacy
  • Cyber bullying consequences, what to do and where to go
  • Smart phone safety and privacy
  • Photo and video sharing, live streaming traps
  • Sexting and the law
  • Passwords and online security basics

In an effort to keep our students safe online, we will be continuing with the theme of cyber safety in Pastoral Care lessons this term. Students will be working in small groups to research and create an informative video about an aspect of cyber safety. We look forward to screening the videos later this term and observing the creativity of our students.

University Applications

Applications for UAC and VTAC are now open for Year 12 students to apply for a university course in 2018. Students are aware of the deadlines for on time applications (UAC: 29 September and VTAC: 28 September). Students will be guided through the application process at the conclusion of their trial HSC examinations. This will give students five weeks to complete their early bird applications.

Year 7 to 10 Parent Teacher Interviews

The parent teacher interviews are on Tuesday 22 August and Thursday 24 August in the Senior School South building. The table below will help when booking interviews and considering multiple trips up and down the stairs.


Room 1 Lee Attwood
Luke Bobilak
Marion Bennett
Sarah Bradbury
Room 2 Nash Clark
Tahlia Dahmes
Dannielle Court
Mark Dicketts
Room 3 Mark Fagan
Kathy Fletcher
Heidi Fisher
Davina Gibb
Room 4 Kim Graetz
Andrew Holland
Janine Haymes
Leonie Johnston
Room 5 Bryn Jones
Ken Larsen
Stephen Kilgour
Andrew Leary
Room 6 Narelle Lethlean
Emma Mancer
Charlotte Lloyd
Glenn Mancer


Room 7 Scott Melgaard
Kate Millan
David Miles
Michelle Mordecai
Room 8 Will Muir
Peter O’Neill
Angela Nevin-Lewis
Room 9 Jim Papas
Tristan Patralakis
Russell Parkin
Room 10 Trish Pearce
Robyn Scott
Kathryn Rupp
Room 11 Brett Spokes
Kari Tainton
Miriam Sultan
Room 12 Trish Thomas
Kathy Walsh
Paul Trebilcock

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From the Wodonga Campus

Mr Chris O’Loan
Campus wrap-up
Snow trip
Bursary winners
NAPLAN online
Narrative/poem writing competition
Trinity Reading Challenge
Supply lunches from Baranduda Store
Earn & Learn
Dates for the Diary – Wodonga Campus

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Campus wrap-up

It has been a busy few weeks. I attended a Gifted and Talented conference in Sydney, our co-curricular Programs are off and running, our students had great success at the Albury-Wodonga Eisteddfod, students took to the slopes at Falls Creek for the annual ski trip while the remainder took part in a fun-filled day of activities on Campus.

Congratulations to all those who took part in the 36th Albury Wodonga Eisteddfod, which has been run over the past two weeks, offering performance opportunities in dance, debating, music, speech and drama. We had a number of individual dancers, including Molly Pirkola, Vinuthi Siriwardana (who was placed first in her solo dance section) and Amelia Wakefield.

Our singing group, under the leadership of Mrs Lowe, will perform next week as part of the school’s vocal ensembles/choirs, and we wish them all the best.

Our Trinity netball team (The Turtles), playing the Wodonga Saturday morning competition, made it through to the semi-finals. Thanks to Mrs Hardie for her dedication and determination to see the girls train, work hard as a team and gain the advantages that go with being part of team sport.

Snow trip

Some 70 intrepid skiers (students and parents) took to the slopes at Falls Creek on Friday 4 August where, despite the inclement weather, the ski day was a great success. Some highlights from the day:

  • the enthusiasm and excitement as the students prepared to take the chair lift to the top of the mountain;
  • seeing the pride in the students as they took their first run;
  • witnessing the skill development, particularly of the less experienced;
  • enjoying the camaraderie of other skiers as they shared their recount of the day;
  • the resilience as the students picked themselves up, regardless of the falls.

Those who did not attend the ski trip participated in an activities day. Thanks to everyone who made both events possible. Well done, everyone!

Bursary winners                                                                                            

Congratulations to Niamh Slee (Yr 1) and Clayton Peters (Yr 6) who are this year’s recipients of the Lodge Belvoir Bursary for demonstrating the Spirit of Trinity. Our students are given opportunities to develop their skills across a number of important areas: academic, spiritual, cultural, sporting, service and stewardship. Both these students continually demonstrate their commitment to endeavour and excellence in all areas, and this award will provide further opportunities for them into the future.

NAPLAN online

The Wodonga Campus has been selected by ACARA as a trial school for NAPLAN online. As you know, the results of NAPLAN testing plays a vital role in decision making about education direction and funding for programs, and gives teachers a better idea of what areas of the curriculum need further focus. Planning is well in hand for future NAPLAN Testing to take place online. However, before this can happen ACARA is having schools like Trinity test the online system. The Trinity online tests took place on Thursday and Friday of this week, 10 and 11 August.

Narrative/poem writing competition

Escape to Everywhere is the theme of Book Week, and the Narrative/poem writing competition will run in conjunction. Students are invited to write a narrative or a poem and the winning student/s from each age group will receive a book voucher from Scholastic. Students will be given time to work on their narrative/poem at school, but some will likely need to be completed at home. I encourage everyone to have a go – writing is fun!

Trinity Reading Challenge

The students have been challenged to participate in the Trinity Reading Challenge that will run for the remainder of the Term. To be successful, the students are required to read 15 books and, having done so, write the name of each title on the entry form. Parents do need to sign off on each book. The Prep, Year 1 and 2 students can have the book read to them or indeed read themselves. Entry forms are available through class teachers.

Supply lunches from Baranduda Store

It has been decided to trial a one-day-per-week lunch ordering system through the Baranduda Store. Menus and additional information will be provided shortly, with a plan for the new system to be in operation by the end of August.

Earn & Learn

Don’t forget to collect your Woolworths Earn & Learn stickers and bring them in to school. From July 26 shoppers get one points sticker for every $10 spent at Woolworths. At the conclusion of the scheme, points are used to obtain a range of educational resources.

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From the Science Department

Mr Ken Larsen

ICAS science competition results
Guinea pigs for biology classes
Eyes, bearded dragons and volcanoes

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ICAS competition
In June, 33 students participated in the ICAS Science Competition. Well done to every student who took up the challenge. Congratulations to six students who gained a Merit certificate, eight who gained a Credit certificate and special mention to the following students on their outstanding results:
Jeremy Roberts 5JH – Distinction
Alex Freire Yr 9 – Distinction
Sam Villigas Yr 9 – Distinction
Sidney White Yr 9 – Distinction
Patrick Duggan Yr 8 – High Distinction, and the Principals’ Award

Guinea pigs for biology classes
Marshmallow, Flossy, Charlie and Gemma are four female guinea pigs who have come to live in the Biology lab. Mrs Walsh’s PC group is cleaning their enclosure every morning.

Eyes, bearded dragons and volcanoes
Year 6 are currently studying the topic Creators and Destroyers in their Primary Connection Science lessons. Mr Larsen recently demonstrated a ‘Volcano’ with the lava consuming the ‘trees’ on the slopes below.
Miah Howard, Year 6KM, brought her Eastern bearded dragon into science class recently.
Senior students had a closer look at the internal parts of a sheep’s eye during a dissection class.

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From Performing Arts

Mrs Emma Mancer


Theatre Sports
Performance concert

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Performing Arts students have been very busy in the last couple of weeks. We have had many groups competing at the Albury Wodonga Eisteddfod including the Boys Drama Group, Girls Drama Group, Junior Strings Ensemble, Junior Choir Albury, Junior Choir Wodonga, Senior Choir, The Dynamites, Ellington Band, Rock Band and Jazz Quintet. Many Trinity students have also competed in individual categories throughout the festival. Big congratulations to Eloise O’Connor who was first in the Drama Championship for 16 years and under, first for her Shakespeare monologue, first for her own choice recital and was announced as the best senior overall performer for the entire eisteddfod.

Theatre Sports
Glenn and I took two teams to Melbourne on Sunday to compete in the Impro Melbourne Theatre Sports Challenge. Students had the chance to work with professional actors and hone their improvisation skills. It was a great day and the students involved learnt a lot and had a lot of fun. Both the intermediate team and the senior team achieved fourth place.

Performance concert
Performing Arts also was showcased on Wednesday 2 August in an evening concert in the Multi-Purpose Hall. We saw amazing performances from all the senior music ensembles as well as some fantastic soloists. A special mention to Grace Trebley for her captivating piano solo, Gideon Dionysius for an amazing double bass concerto and the self-devised piece Finding Hope presented by the Girls Drama group.

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From the Library

Miss Megan Sutton

Exploring Book Week

During the weekly library lessons this term, students have already been exploring Book Week.

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Exploring Book Week

During the weekly library lessons this term, students already have been exploring Book Week. Here at Trinity we will be celebrating Book Week with a dress-up parade for all Junior School classes. It will be held in the hall on Friday 25 August 2017 at 9.05am. Students can dress up as a character from a book of their choice. We have been talking about costume ideas in recent weeks. Parents and family members are welcome to come along. During Week 4 and Week 5 all Junior School students have the chance to join in the Book Week activities held in the Library. This year the theme is Escape from Everywhere. Some activities include:

  • Guess the amount of picture story books in the library
  • Design a poster encouraging reading
  • Design a medal for the winning book of the year
  • Buddy reading
  • Draw their favourite shortlisted book
  • Create CHIP the bird with art materials
  • Design a travel brochure describing the place that they would escape to with a good book
  • Answer Miss Sutton’s quiz questions that relate to the library lessons
  • Choose their favourite shortlisted book and cast their vote

There will be prizes for the competitions held in the library during Book Week and the winners will be announced at the Book Week parade. Hope to see you all then!

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From the Canteen

Mrs Margaret Cochrane

Parents of Children K-2
Thank you to volunteers An Van Gysel and Monica Catalan.

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Parents of Children K-2

A reminder to parents of children in years K-2: please avoid ordering lunch for these little people on Fridays. Fridays are very busy days in the Canteen. We are able to offer much better service to little people on other days of the week.


We are proud composters, chook and guinea pig feeders and recyclers in the Canteen. However, we are unable to re-use paper bags as lunch order bags, owing to hygiene and food safety issues. Please only write lunch orders on paper bags that are unused.

Thank you to volunteers An Van Gysel and Monica Catalan.


Week 4 Term 3

Monday 14 August

Tuesday 15 August   Cathy Giltrap

Wednesday 16 August

Thursday 17 August Monica Catalan

Friday 18 August Monica Catalan

Week 5 Term 3

Monday 21 August

Tuesday 22 August

Wednesday 23 August

Thursday 24 August   Monica Catalan

Friday 25 August   Monica Catalan

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From around the College

French Immersion Day
From the Art Department
HSC exhibition and performance evening
Legacy Public speaking award
Service trip to Cambodia
Special guest for music students
Uniform Shop

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French Immersion Day – Ms Kathryn Rupp

At the end of last term, the Year 9 and 10 French classes spent a day at Charles Sturt University for their semester 1 French Immersion Day.
The day was packed full of French speaking and cultural activities and lots of games.

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From the Art Department – Sarah Bradbury

A warm welcome to any student in the senior school who is interested in joining the Trinity College Senior School Art Club. Sessions will continue to run throughout Term 3, each Thursday lunchtime, in the Art Room.

As part of the Trinity Anglican College Co-Curricular, program participants of the Trinity Anglican College Senior School Art Club have the opportunity to attend excursions to local art galleries to view exhibitions.
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HSC exhibition and performance evening

Design and Technology, Visual Arts and Music HSC students will showcase their work on 4 September.
Design and Technology and Visual Arts students will exhibit their major projects and bodies of work on the 4 September between 5.30-7pm in the Technology Centre, Albury campus. There will be light refreshments available.
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Legacy Public Speaking award – Mr Stephen Kilgour

On Monday 31 July, two Year 9 students, Lois Segun-Beloved and Sidney White, represented Trinity at the Legacy Public Speaking Award. The competition involved schools from as far away as Finley and Moama as well as a small number of local schools. Both students spoke confidently about subjects that mattered to them.
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Service trip to Cambodia – student Eloise Broughton

In the Term 2 holidays, a small group of 17 students set off to Cambodia for an experience of a lifetime.
The trip consisted of helping in a small village just outside Seim Reap called Beng Mealea.
This community not only reminded us of how privileged we are but how little material possessions we need to be happy. We had comfortable sleeping quarters, composting toilets and fantastic food. What more could you need? Our days consisted of helping whereever we could within the community and making a big difference to the future of the younger generations. 
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Special guest visits music students

Senior music students had the pleasure of meeting Scott Aplin, Music Director of The Voice, this past Monday. Scott came in to speak to students about his musical career and to inspire students to be competitive in a saturated industry. Scott, formerly of Albury, has toured with Silverchair, Jimmy Barnes and Delta Goodrem to name a few, and has been working with The Voice Australia since 2011. It was a great opportunity for our students to ask questions about a career in music and to hear from a local musician who has established himself in the Australian music industry.

Uniform Shop – Mrs Cathy Katsoolis

Our lost property continues to grow here in the uniform shop.  Many items are still coming in un-named or not labelled properly.
If labelled correctly you will have more chance of the items being returned. Initials or part of names or nicknames are not enough.  Items labelled as per the accompanying photograph have little or no chance of being returned.
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