16 February 2018

From the Principal

Mr Justin Beckett

We have had two significant assemblies in two weeks.

For senior students it was the Senior School Academic Assembly. We were joined by several students from the Graduating Class of 2017 – Matthew Forrest, Aimee Owens, Hamish Cameron, Zoe Twist and Ruby Kearney – offering wisdom and inspiration from their own first-hand experiences of Year 12. Together they reminded us that a good education is worth fighting for; the hard work pays off.

Our Junior Assembly was about leadership and learning. The College announced a variety of Year 6 leadership roles: Captains, Vice Captains, House Captains, House Vice-Captains, SRC leaders and Chapel leaders. Congratulations to all of our Year 6 captains and leaders!

SchoolTV is a parent resource that can be found on the College website. The current topic is School Transitions; an exploration of the issues that primary and secondary students can encounter when they change classes, schools or year levels.

The changes of the new school year can cause anxiety or stress for some children – but there are tools for helping your child. SchoolTV provides short videos, quizzes and fact sheets for parents. These are some of the questions being addressed in the current edition:

  • What can parents do to help their kids enjoy the experience of starting school?
  • How to balance our kids’ busy schedules?
  • Excessive homework or not enough homework?
  • What does “acting as their prefrontal cortex” mean?
  • What are the key signs your child is having problems transitioning?
  • What is the greatest predictor of wellbeing in Year 7?
  • Advice for parents about mobile phones

To access these videos and many more, click on this link:

Finally, I hope you had a chance to enjoy our first Trinity Parents & Friends event for 2018: the Pancake Breakfast. There will be many more P&F events to come.



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From the Deputy Principal

Mr Peter O’Neill

A great start to the year
When to wear PE uniform
Parent/teacher interview schedule for Semester 1
Car parks
Student competitions

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A great start to the year

The first three weeks of school have been very busy, but there also has been a great vibe around the college as students and staff work together to get into some good learning. For the most part, the students have returned wearing their uniforms correctly, but to avoid any confusion, I have outlined below when students from different areas of the College should be coming to or leaving the College in their PE uniform.

When to wear PE Uniform 

All this information assumes that when students are presenting in PE uniform, that it is a full and correct PE uniform. Students should not mix and match formal and PE uniforms, nor should they wear items of clothing that are not specified as items of the Trinity PE/sports uniform.

Junior School, may wear the PE uniform for the entire day:

  1. on days when PE classes are scheduled
  2. for standalone sport days such as swimming, athletics and cross country
  3. when representing the College at an interschool sporting event
  4. Years 3-6, on the day Creative Pursuits is scheduled

Senior School:

  1. For the whole day for standalone sport days such as swimming, athletics and cross country
  2. For the whole day when representing the College at an interschool sporting event
  3. Students in Years 7-10 may wear the PE uniform to school if a PE practical lesson is scheduled for either period 1 or 2. Students should have with them, and will be expected to change into, their formal College uniform at the conclusion of the PE lesson
  4. Students in Years 7-10 may wear the PE uniform home from school if a PE practical lesson is scheduled for period 5. Students will change from the formal uniform prior to the PE lesson
  5. Students in Year 9 may wear the PE uniform home from school at the conclusion of the goMAD program. Students will be able to change from their formal uniforms for these programs at lunchtime on the scheduled days.

Parent/teacher interview schedule for Semester 1

Junior School:

Albury (held in the Infants Centre), with the booking code vxdh4

  • Monday 12 March – 3.40-7.30pm
  • Tuesday 13 March – 3.40-5.30pm

Senior School (held in the Senior Centre, South Building),

  • Year 7 – Thursday 1 March – 3.45-7.30pm (booking code ut4qk)
  • Year 8 – Thursday 22 March – 3.45-7.30pm (booking code zjqw5)
  • Year 9 – Monday 5 March – 3.45-7.30pm (booking code q8gjx)
  • Year 10 – Wednesday 7 March – 3.45-7.30pm (booking code efq53)
  • Year 11 and 12 – Tuesday 15 May – 3.45-7.30pm (booking code j7v3r)

The link for all events is on the College website, under ‘School Interviews.’

Car parks

The staff (and senior students) car park is an area for those two groups to use and should not be used by parents for drop-off or pick-up at the start or end of the school day. The main car park at the front of the College is available for parents and visitors to use. During the start and end of the day these car park are very busy, including the movement of many buses in and out of the College. Cars leaving from this area of the College have waiting periods at the end of the school day to allow a safe environment for buses and bus travellers.

Parents should avoid using these two car parks. Thank you for your consideration with this important safety message.

Student competitions

Student academic competitions are now open and the nomination form is on the College website under “forms and notes”. To enter you need to fill in the nomination form and return the form (without payment) to your child’s Classroom Teacher (Junior School) or House Mentor (Senior School). The entry amounts will be billed directly to parents.

Please check carefully the age group for the competition is appropriate for your child. The nomination form should be returned with the student’s name and year group by Friday 9 March. As these competitions have strict rules associated with closing dates no nominations will be accepted after this date.

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From the Director of Studies

Ms Kym Armstrong

Year 10, 11 and 12 assessment tasks
Year 12 mid-course exams
Disability provisions for HSC examinations
Years 9, 10, 11 and 12 Study Hall
Years 7, 8 and 9 Study Skills
HSC Minimum Literacy and Numeracy: information for parents of students in Years 7, 8 and 9

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Year 10, 11 and 12 assessment tasks

Across all courses in Years 10, 11 and 12, students have received assessment schedules that provide an overview of the assessment tasks in that subject for the year.  We are reaching that part of the term when students will be receiving notifications about specific assessment tasks that will be falling due over the coming weeks.  Students should maintain a dialogue with their teachers and make sure that they are very clear about the requirements of each task.

If a student is unable to submit or sit an assessment task because of illness or mishap, there is a firm set of protocols to be followed; this is outlined in assessment policy booklets that have been distributed to all students in Years 10-12.  In the first instance, parents and caregivers are to contact the Director of Studies, Ms Kym Armstrong, or the Head of Senior School, Mr Malcolm Thomas, when it is identified that a student will miss an assessment task.

Year 12 mid-course exams

Our Year 12 students have started the year with vim and vigour as they lead into the important assessment items that form the Mid-Course Exams.   The Mid-Course Exams start in Week 7 of this term.

Disability provisions for HSC examinations

The NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) offers special consideration for the examinations of students who are experiencing significant disadvantage because of conditions that impair their ability to perform in the examination setting.  In order to access this consideration, students must undertake an application process.  Students who think that they might be eligible are encouraged to speak to me.

Years 9, 10, 11 and 12 Study Hall

The College is offering students in Years 9, 10, 11 and 12 the opportunity to work in a study hall environment commencing from Week 2 of this term.  These sessions will take place downstairs in the south building of the Senior School at the following times:

  • Years 9 and 10:  Wednesdays, 3.30-4.30pm
  • Years 11 and 12:  Wednesday and Thursdays, 3.30-4.30pm

During these sessions, students will be able to access study and writing tips or work individually in a quiet environment.

Years 7, 8 and 9 Study Skills

Students in Years 7, 8 and 9 will be able to access study sessions that assist them to develop independent study skills and habits.  These sessions will be held weekly after school on Wednesday from 3.30-4.30pm.   Interested students are encouraged to speak with Miss Miriam Sultan, who will be convening these sessions.

The HSC Minimum Literacy and Numeracy: information for parents of students in Years 7, 8 and 9

The NSW Educations Standards Authority (NESA) has advised that from 2020 students will need to demonstrate minimum levels of literacy and numeracy in order to receive the Higher School Certificate credential (HSC).

For Year 9 students who sit the NAPLAN tests in 2018, this is the first opportunity that they have to demonstrate that they have met the minimum literacy and numeracy standards required to receive the HSC at the conclusion of their studies in 2021.  Students who achieve Band 8 in the Reading, Writing and Numeracy tests will not need to again demonstrate their skills.

This does not mean that students who do not achieve Band 8 in Year 9 will not receive their HSC.  It just means that these students will need to demonstrate that they have achieved the minimum standard via a different forum.  There will be numerous opportunities for students to demonstrate their capacity via on-line tests in the years between Year 9 and Year 12.  These tests will be offered within specific test windows.  Students will have up to five years after their HSC year to demonstrate that they have met the standards.

The College is holding a parent information session from 7pm on Wednesday 28 February in the south building of the Senior School.  The purpose of this session is to provide information about how the minimum literacy and numeracy standards will affect students currently in Years 7, 8 and 9 for their HSC.

Please contact me if you have any queries about these matters.

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From the Junior School

Mr Steven Armstrong

Parent helpers
Year 6 camp
College calendar

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There are many avenues of communication between parents and staff. The most efficient is face to face as this allows for greater understanding and an exchange of ideas and information. The Parent/Teacher Meetings for each year group are in Week 7, 12 and 13 March. I encourage all parents to attend and take part in this valuable time. Other informal meetings also are encouraged throughout the school year. All these discussions are treated in a professional manner by staff. We, as educators, recognise the emotional dimension that is an inevitable part of many meetings and e-mails. It is important to recognise the response will be professional and timely.

Duty of Care: The College has a member of staff on duty from 8.15am each morning. It is important that all parents realise that this is the earliest students should be dropped at the College. The students who arrive at 8.15am will drop their bags at their designated pod/area then return promptly to the sandpit area to ensure safe supervision. At the end of day, all students who are waiting for parents will be on the grassed area outside the MPH. Again, this is where a member of staff is on duty. Students are not allowed to use the basketball courts or other areas to wait for parental pick-up.

Parent helpers

The College greatly values the help offered and proffered by parents. To be part of this each parent must take the Induction Course offered by the College. This must be renewed after 3 Years.

Year 6 camp

Students from Year 6 at Trinity will be involved in an education tour of the national capital. During the tour, students have the opportunity to participate in a variety of educational programs with a focus on Australia’s history, culture, heritage and democracy.

The Australian Government recognises the importance of all young Australians being able to visit the national capital as part of their civics and citizenship education. To assist families in meeting the cost of the excursion, the Australian Government contributed funding of $20 per student, under the Parliament and Civics Education Rebate program, towards those costs. The rebate is paid directly to the College upon completion of the excursion.

College calendar

Please check the College Calendar for upcoming events you may like to add to your family calendar.

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From the College Librarian

Mr Rob Childs

Welcome and new faces
Overdue and outstanding books
Book fair
Book club
Library hours

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Welcome and new faces

A very warm welcome to our new students and families and welcome back to our existing students and families to what has already been a busy and exciting start to a new school year here in the library. Many of our students have already been through the newly renovated space, looking for resources, checking out the new layout, or simply escaping the heat at lunch and recess. While still requiring a few finishing touches, it is clear that the renovations have been successful and are creating a lot of excitement in our school community! This year we welcome Mrs Amy Wilson and Mr Luke Davis into the library. Mrs Wilson has been part of the College for a number of years, and this year she will assume the role of Teacher Librarian, taking library classes for our students from the Junior School, as well as assisting me in the library. Luke has joined our IT team this year, and will spend some time in the library from 8.30am to 12pm each day, to assist students in our Senior School with any laptop or other technology issues. It is great to have these two new faces in the library and I know they will be positive additions to the team.

Overdue and Outstanding Books

In all the rush and craziness of the end of the school year, there are still a few library books that are outstanding from 2017. Books belonging to the school will have a Trinity Anglican College barcode on the back cover, so if you come across anything in bedrooms or on bookshelves that belongs in the library, can you please encourage students to bring these items back.

Book Fair

We will be hosting a Scholastic Book Fair in the library during Week 6 of this term. Students will be given the opportunity to explore the range of books and other materials for sale in their class groups from Monday to Thursday of Week 6. Students and their families will then be able to purchase items on the Friday only. Parents and friends are welcome to come and look at items through the week, and to make purchases on the Friday as well.

Book Club

There will not be a Scholastic Book Club catalogue being sent home during Term 1 due to the Book Fair in Week 6. Book Club will resume in Term 2 with two catalogues being sent home each term.

Library Hours

As a reminder for our new and existing students and families, the library is open from 8am every school day throughout the year. We are open at both lunch and recess times, and can be accessed during class times with permission from the classroom teacher. The library closes at 3.30pm for students from our Junior School, but remains open until 4.30pm for students to be able to undertake some quiet, self-directed study from our Senior School only.


The library is happy to accept any and all donations of books and other materials. We are often surprised, and very grateful, for many of the fantastic and diverse resources we receive through donations, and make every effort to put these materials into our collection. For a variety of reasons, there are some resources that we cannot use, however we try to find these items an appropriate home, including classrooms, other schools within the ASC, and charities such as Lifeline.

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Ride to School Day – Friday 23 February

Ride to school day is coming up soon! Make sure you have your bike safe and ready. Notes will be sent home soon.

Students will have the opportunity to join in one of three bike rides.

7.10am – 10km group starts at Amatex Street
7.30am – 5km group joins on bike path at Titanium Court.
7.55am – 1.8km group joins from the CSU Carpark on Shutter Avenue.

Relay for Life egg and bacon roll breakfast – Friday 23 February

Breakfast starts 7.30am at the MPH kitchen area. All profits go to Year 11 Relay for Life Team.

Everyone Welcome!

Bacon & Egg Roll – $5 Combo
Bacon & Egg Roll + Coffee or milkshake – $7
Milkshakes – $2.50 Coffee- $3.50

From the Sport Coordinators

Mr Nash Clark Coordinator Senior School Sport
Mr Kade Stevens Coordinator Junior School Sport

Senior School swimming carnival
Junior School swimming carnival
CIS Nomination Process
CIS Nomination dates for Term 1


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Senior School Swim Carnival

Monday 19 February at WAVES

Students who have nominated to swim in either the 100m Freestyle or 200IM must make their own way to WAVES or confirm their intentions to catch the shuttle with Mr Clark, departing the College at 8.30am. Students competing in only the 50m events will be transported to the carnival departing the College at 9am. All students will return to the College by 3pm. Approximate event times are on the schedule.

Junior School Swim Carnival

Tuesday 20 February at WAVES

Junior swimmers will have their chance to shine at the Junior School Swim Carnival at WAVES on Tuesday, 20 February. This one is for students in Years 3-6. Students wishing to enter the 100m freestyle need to make their own way to WAVES, or catch the shuttle departing the College at 8.30, ready to begin the event by 9am. There WILL be a 9yr and under 100m Free event.
All other students need to arrive at the College as normal, in their full sports uniform. All students will return to the College by 3pm. See the schedule for approximate event times.

CIS Nomination Process

Selection Objective

Trinity Anglican College supports the nomination of students with potential in their chosen sport(s). The College believes that the Combined Independent Schools (CIS) pathway provides an ideal opportunity for high-achieving athletes. Due to the objectives and standard of CIS representative teams, Trinity will only nominate students who have a realistic opportunity to be considered for selection in the respective CIS team.

 Eligibility for Selection

Students must be current students of Trinity Anglican College. Students must fall within the age group outlined for each sport. Parents must be prepared to organise the transport and accommodation for their child and pay the nomination fee (which is non-refundable). CIS nominations will be based on clear criteria, which is communicated to all students and parents prior to the nomination date, and once parents/students have initially expressed their interest.

The Coordinator of Senior School Sport (Mr Nash Clark) or the Coordinator of Junior School Sport (Mr Kade Stevens) will make the nomination on behalf of the the student and the College, with no late entries accepted.

Required Information

Students/Parents are to provide all of the following information, which is required to complete a student’s CIS nomination. This information also will be used to assess the eligibility for nomination:

·                    Child’s Name ·                    CIS Sport
·                    Date of Birth ·                    Height
·                    Weight ·                    Preferred Position(s) (2)
·                    Medical Concerns ·                    Experience
·                    Representative Experience ·                    Previous Coach and Contact

In the process of assessing your child’s eligibility for nomination, information may be sought by the Coordinator of Senior School Sport or the Coordinator of Junior School Sport from other College staff who have relevant experience and/or knowledge of the student in the nominated sport. If necessary, the College may organise a trial/training session for students prior to nomination.

Criteria for Nomination

Trinity Anglican College supports the aims of the CIS by providing a pathway to State and National level competition in a wide variety of sports for students in the independent school sector. The following areas of performance are to be considered:

  1. Skills exhibited by the player
  2. Fitness level exhibited by the player
  3. Performance of the player as a member of a team (sportsmanship/values)
  4. Attitude and behaviour of the player both on and off the court/field
  5. Positions played
  6. Representative experience in the nominated sport(s).

Nomination decisions will be based mainly on performance, however the following will also be considered:

  1. Attendance at competition, training and club/team events (commitment)
  2. Academic commitment

In addition, students:

  1. Will be nominated on their performance, commitment, values and behaviour, not their personal characteristics or attributes.
  2. May be precluded from selection if there is a concern about their ability to compete safely or if their participation poses a risk to others.

CIS Nomination dates for Term 1

Senior School CIS Sport

Sport Gender CIS Notes Nomination Closing date
Softball Boys 17 and under 18/02/18
Triathlon (intermediate) Both 15 to 16 19/02/18
Triathlon (senior) Both 17 to 19 19/02/18
Hockey Girls 16 and under 11/03/18
Golf both Open + junior (years 7,8,9) 19/03/18
Diving both 25/03/18
Hockey Boys 16 years and under 1/04/18
Basketball Girls Open 11/04/18
Volleyball Both Open 11/04/18

Junior School CIS Sport

Sport Gender CIS Notes Nomination Closing date
Triathlon (junior) Both 12 to 14 years 19/02/18
AFL Both In years 4,5,6 28/02/18
Diving Both In years 4,5,6 9/03/18
Girls football (soccer) Girls In years 4,5,6 10/03/18
Hockey Girls 16 and under 11/03/18

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From around the College

Trinity Anglican College Squash Racquetball Club

This club is open to students in Years 4-12 who wish to develop their racquet skills and improve their overall fitness level. This semester, the program will operate as follows: Location: Wodonga Squash Centre, 29 Hovell Street, Wodonga. Time: Saturdays, 9.30-11.30am (any time during this 2hr block of time is fine). Cost: Membership $35 (includes T-shirt and insurance) and $5 per session. ALL EQUIPMENT WILL BE PROVIDED. See Mr Dicketts for a permission slip or email:

Kitchen Garden Program

The after-school co-curricular kitchen and garden program will be offered in Terms 1 and 2 for Year 1 and Year 2 students. The program delivers hands-on food education in the kitchen classroom. The group will involve students, preparing a range of dishes, followed by a shared meal and will meet weekly on Mondays from 3.15-4.30pm for a 12-week program. The program will begin on Monday 26th February and operate from week 5 until week 11 (excluding week 7 – due to Parent Teacher Interviews and Week 10 due to Easter). The program will then continue in Term 2 from week 2 (excluding Week 7 -due to the long weekend) and conclude in week 9. The program will be capped at 15 students with a fee of $60 per student ($5 per week). Please email if you would like your child to be part of this program.

Community Announcements