19 October 2018

From the Principal

Mr Justin Beckett

Welcome to the final term of 2018.

We have created a number of events for parents this term, courtesy of Trinity Parents and Friends. The first one is the Gentleman’s Night tonight – a chance for Trinity Dads to catch up. On 16-17 November we are proud to host Stuart Wesley running two engaging parent workshops. Click on the video below for more information.

Strategic Direction

This is an exciting time for the College. After months of consultation and planning, we are in the process of finalising a Strategic Direction for the College for the next five years (2019-2024).

Our priority is teacher quality; enabling and developing each of our College staff. Great teachers make all the difference. We are a learning community that is student and family centred; where we bring out the best in each other.

The new strategic direction for Trinity has four emphases:

  1. Our Teaching and Learning

1.1            Evidence Informed Pedagogy
1.2            Collective Teacher Efficacy
1.3            Personalised Learning
1.4            Innovation, Arts and Creativity (STEAM)
1.5            Character and Service

  1. Our Identity

2.1          Authentic Christian Faith
2.2           Culture of Joy
2.3          Future Ready
2.4          Environmental Leadership

  1. Our People

3.1          Student Health and Wellbeing
3.2          Staff Wellbeing and Purpose
3.3          Parent Engagement and Education
3.4           Community Engagement

  1. Our Future

4.1          Transformational Leadership
4.2          Astute Governance and Finance
4.3           Infrastructure and Facilities
4.4          Future Students and Alumni

The new strategic direction requires a new leadership structure; one that can lead and deliver these important portfolios, and one that will engage and inspire our students, staff and parents.

To this end, we have created two new Executive roles to commence in January 2019: a Dean of Teaching and Learning (Secondary) and a Dean of Student and Staff Wellbeing (Secondary). Both roles are being advertised both within the College and throughout Australia.

I would like to draw your attention to three of our more significant staffing changes that occurred this term.

Peter O’Neill

The College Council and Principal decided that the Executive team of the College required a restructure. Consequently, the position of Deputy Principal no longer exists, as of the end of Term 3, 2018. The College made Peter O’Neill an offer as part of the restructure, but Peter has decided not to take up the offer. Therefore, he has concluded his time at Trinity Anglican College. After 16 years of significant contribution and loyal service to the College, Peter has decided to pursue other opportunities. Peter has much to offer and I support his decision to pursue a new direction. We look forward to acknowledging  his commitment to the College later in the year.

Malcolm Thomas

After 15 years of service and dedication to the College, Malcolm Thomas concluded his role as Head of Senior School at the end of Term 3. He will be continuing at the College in 2019 as a classroom teacher, albeit with some extra responsibilities. Malcolm is away this term, enjoying some well-deserved Long Service Leave. We are most grateful for his leadership as Head of Senior School over many years.

Janine Haymes

Janine Haymes is serving as Acting Head of Senior School for Term 4 this year. Janine is highly qualified for this role and has already made an impressive start. For this term the Languages Department will be co-lead by Janine and Kate O’Connor.

Kimberley Graetz

After three terms of maternity leave, Kimberley Graetz returns to her role as Head of Petts House this term. We are most appreciative of Emma Mancer who served in the role as Acting Head of Petts House in Terms 1-3 this year. Students of Petts House are fortunate to have had the support and leadership of both Emma and Kimberley this year.

Senior School Leaders

We also inducted our new group of 2019 Senior School student leaders this week. Congratulations to Ebony Trebilcock and James Russell – our 2019 College Captains! We also commissioned our House Captains and House Vice- Captains, as well as our Sports Captain, Performing Arts Captain and Community and Service Captain. This is an impressive group who will certainly lead the College in an inspirational way.


From the Director of Studies

Ms Kym Armstrong

Year 11 Students:  the Transition to Year 12 and Alterations to Patterns of Study
Year 11:  HSC Assessment Information
Year 11 HSC Information Evening for Students and Parents:  Tuesday 20 November, 2018
Semester 2 Exams

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Year 11 Students:  the Transition to Year 12 and Alterations to Patterns of Study
As Year 11 students commence the HSC Course, thoughts about the HSC pattern of study and questions about which subject might be dropped become a little more concrete and a little less speculative.

At Trinity, we are very much of the belief that it takes a whole village to raise a young person.  So, when students change subjects, there is a process where they speak to all of the teachers involved.  The process is a self-directed one; furnished with a form, students engage in dialogue with, and obtain the signatures of, key people who can provide specialised advice.  These people include:

  • A parent/caregiver
  • Subject teachers
  • Pastoral Care Tutor or Head of House
  • Careers Advisor
  • Director of Studies

The change of subject form functions here as a mechanism to facilitate dialogue; the people who provide signatures will discuss the possible implications of the change with the student.  The form also functions as a tool to assist the student notify all interested parties about the change.

This process of consultation is well under way with many students having finalised their decisions.

Year 11:  HSC Assessment Information
Assessment schedules will be distributed to students over the next little while, together with the important policy document ‘Year 12 Assessment Information for Students, 2019.’  This document outlines the policies and procedures regarding the completion and submission of assessment tasks for HSC courses.  It is important that students are fully cognisant of this material and adhere to the processes outlined.  Students will also receive an advice that outlines the due dates of all assessment tasks for all courses.  This will help them to plan their time so as to maximise their ability to perform effectively in all tasks.  I wish them all of the best as they embark upon this latest stage of their educational journey.

Year 11 HSC Information Evening for Students and Parents:  Tuesday 20 November, 2018
Mrs Haymes and I will be hosting an information session for all Year 11 students and their parents from 7pm on Tuesday 20 November in the Senior School building.  We will be focusing on the ways that students’ assessment marks and exam performances combine to produce HSC marks and on the sorts of processes that students and parents can implement at home in order to maximise HSC success.  We look forward to seeing as many students and parents as possible.

Semester 2 Exams
For students in Years 7-8, assessment tasks will take place in class; there will be no formal exam period. Students in Years 9-10 will undertake Semester 2 exams during Week 4 of this term.  Examination timetables will be distributed to students early in Week 2.

If you have any queries regarding the issues outlined above, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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From the Junior School

Mr Steven Armstrong

Thought of the week
Milo School Cup Day

The term ahead – K-2 Swimming
Year 3 Camp
Stationery and Texts 2019
Year 4 buzzing

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Welcome to Term 4, another exciting and involved term for all students. There are a number of initiatives for the term and it is important to ensure that the focus is always on learning. There are times when we reflect on what might have been and other times when we wonder and plan weeks and months ahead. In a term when thoughts tend to focus on what is next (Christmas specials have already started), maybe these very astute words of a sprightly 102-year-old resonate well. In short with apologies for the paraphrasing:  “The past was then, I made mistakes, I had good times, I can even remember my school days but I do not dwell on this for long. The future, well the future is probably amazing. I still think about the future but again I do not let that slow me down. The important part is what I do now. The time I spend now. The love I can give now to my children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. Now is always the most important time.”

I encourage all to make “‘the now” their time. Live in the now because it is now that we make a difference. Enjoy the challenges rather than challenging the enjoyment of all that is part of learning. There will always be a time to struggle and also a time to celebrate. Approach this term with a positive attitude and a resilient resolve to improve. No one, even at 102 years old, knows what their best is until they are willing to challenge themselves.

Milo School Cup Day

Four teams were entered in the Milo School Cup Carnival last term. The students had a wonderful day with many displaying good skills with bat and ball and a great willingness in the field. There were many highlights and classic moments. The College has been invited to send both a girl team and a boy team to the next stage in Canberra in Week 3.  This is an ACT/NSW Southern final with schools attending from many regions so the competition will be very sharp.

The term ahead

In what promises to be an exciting term, it is important to maintain contact with the day to day. If parents have any specific concerns regarding events please contact the College early for clarification.

K-2 Swimming

The program switches to group B. The students will enjoy the challenge and we look forward to their further involvement as part of the K-2 Swimming Carnival in Week 4. A reminder that students involved should wear their sports gear for ease when changing. Also, please label all gear to ensure safe return.

Year 3 Camp

This will be over once this is read. Thanks to the Year 3 staff and in particular Ms Tait (aka Mrs Sharp) for all her work in organising this opportunity.

Stationery and Texts 2019

The staff have been busy looking at the texts and stationery that would be most beneficial for student learning. This will be finalised during the weeks ahead and a list will be sent to parents once negotiations have taken place with providers.

Year 4 buzzing

The Year 4s were very fortunate to have local bee expert and neighbourhood naturalist, Karen Retra, share her knowledge of many years of research on native bees with them this week. We thank Karen for giving up her time to share her passion with us and help conclude the Year 4s Blended Unit topic on Bees.

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P&F presents Parent as Coach with Stuart Wesley

Parenting can be a tough gig! Just when you think you have it worked out, things change.

Thankfully, the Trinity P&F has recognised that most Trinity parents just want to be the best parents they can be so it has organised a little bit of help – the Parent as Coach series by parenting coach Stuart Wesley. Stuart, a father of four and parenting consultant from Perth, explains how to shift parenting from the early years to the teen years and looks at how the personalities of you and your children interact.

The sessions are heavily subsidised by the P&F to ensure anyone who wants to be a better parent can attend.

Mark it in your diary and get online to book your $10 tickets at

P&F Gentlemen’s night is tonight!

Catch up for a yarn and a beer at Trinity P&Fs night out for dads and men attached to Trinity at Public House. It’s on tonight!

Who doesn’t like a relaxing night to shoot the breeze after the working week? Finger food and first drink free.

All welcome.

Ride to school day next Friday


Swim club ready to kick off in Term 4

Ms Davina Gibb, co-ordinator

Swimming training for all interested students will take place in the last four weeks of Term 4 and the first six weeks of term 1 in 2019.  Sessions will run two mornings a week from 6.30-7.30am every Tuesday and Thursday. A staff member will be present at all times. These sessions are available for students in Year 3 upwards. In the past, some Year 2 students have participated but they were competent swimmers. The sessions are not for non-swimmers and students must be able to swim 25m. The sessions are aimed at stroke technique and fitness. This is a great lead up to the house swimming sports.

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Venue: GT Aquatics 33 Wagga Road Lavington.
Dates: Every Tuesday and Thursday commencing Tuesday, 13 November and finishing on Thursday, 6 December, 2018. Recommencing Tuesday, 5 February and finishing Thursday, 14 March, 2019.
Cost: $160 for two mornings a week (20 sessions total) or $85 for one morning a week (10 sessions in total). Money must be paid in full to the office before starting. If we do not get the numbers, money will be refunded.

If you are interested in your son/daughter participating in these sessions please email Ms Davina Gibb as soon as possible. A permission letter will then be given to your child which will need to be returned to the office with payment. I look forward to hearing from you.

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SRC celebrates Universal Children’s Day

Universal Children’s Day is held in the fourth week of October. Designated by the United Nations, the purpose of the day is to draw attention to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and to inspire a greater response to the plight of many millions of children around the world who are unable to access their basic rights.

On Thursday, 25 October students in the Junior School are encouraged to bring a gold coin donation and dress in casual, blue clothes to raise awareness of Universal Children’s Day. Money raised will be donated to Unicef to support their work upholding the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child both in Australia and overseas.

RFS cadets put to the test

The Rural Fire Service Senior School Cadet Program is a 10-week program where some students from Years 9 and 10 learnt new skills – not only firefighting and health and safety, but also about team work, initiative, leadership, self- reliance, self-discipline and taking responsibility. It gave us an insight into what firefighters do while also helping us to develop greater appreciation for community service and volunteerism.

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At the conclusion of the program, some of the students set off to Holbrook to compete in the NSW RFS Cadet Championships for Division 13 on 13 and 14 October. Throughout these two days, the students put to the test the skills they had learned and competed with other like-minded cadets from around the state. There were 10 events in total over the two days. These included drum relays, fire emergencies/first aid, a team challenge, a two-tanker event, a hose drill with an over run and many more. Trinity B with Jake Salan as crew leader won the Emergency First Aid event and placed third in the drum relay. Trinity A with Daniel Forrest as crew leader placed third in the Knapsack and Hose Response Relay.   Unfortunately, neither of our teams was ranked in the top three in the overall category but everyone had an enjoyable time. – Olivia Rawson, Year 10

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From the Cafe

Catherine Whiley, manager

We are excited to be back for Term 4. Please make sure you regularly check the online menu as things will be added throughout the term.

Burrito bowls (GF) are back for the next 2 weeks! $7, make sure you remember to pre-order so you don’t miss out.

Uniform Shop summer holiday hours

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