2 February 2018

From the Principal

Mr Justin Beckett

Welcome to Trinity for 2018. How did your first day go?

There is so much learning that happens on the first day. Meeting new teachers. Connecting with old and new friends. Book lists. Seating plans. New uniforms. Shedding a few tears at the classroom door – well, that’s mainly the parents.

There was a tangible joy in every classroom this week. It is terrific to see so many smiling faces and so many students excited to be at school. There is much to be excited about. The Term 1 calendar is a smorgasbord of camps, carnivals, excursions and fun learning experiences. We have a quality teacher in every classroom, eager for every child to flourish.

To celebrate the new school year, Trinity Parents & Friends is holding a Welcome Breakfast from 7.30-9.30am on Monday 5 February. Every parent and child is invited to drop in for a free breakfast. It is a chance to connect with other families and start the new school year with a bang! We hope you can join us. (If you’d like to help with cooking pancakes or serving food, please email before Monday morning.)

Our Year 12 HSC results for 2017 are a cause for celebration. 23% of our Year 12 students were recognised on the HSC Distinguished Achievers List. That’s nearly a quarter of the cohort! To make the list, a student must achieve the highest band possible (Band 6 or Band E4) for one or more courses. Further, 11% of our Year 12 students earned an ATAR of 90+. We were the highest scoring school in Albury for HSC English and for HSC General Maths. We would like to congratulate the Graduating Class of 2017 and to commend our Trinity teaching staff for their professionalism and dedication.

If you set foot on the campus this week you will see a number of significant improvements and upgrades to our learning facilities. The Library has undergone a complete internal refurbishment. Bright colours, new spaces, and fresh furniture for children of all ages to enjoy. The Library now includes two glass meeting rooms for student conferencing and learning.


We also have created new break-out spaces in the Year 1 and Year 6 Pods. These will be bright, flexible learning spaces for Junior students. The Year 4 Pod has been refurbished, too.

The new canteen is still under construction and will not be utilised until later this term.

On behalf of all Trinity staff, I want to wish you a wonderful start to the year. We care about your child. Don’t hesitate to contact us if we can be of support this year.



Upcoming Events

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Invitation to Welcome Breakfast

From the Senior School

Mr Malcolm Thomas

Welcome back to the new school year and a special welcome to our new students and their families. Staff members have been back at school for a while to prepare for the return of our students this week.  Students in Year 7 spent Wednesday learning SEQTA (our new learning management system), getting organised with lockers, timetables, making sure they knew which rooms to go to and getting to know other students in their Pastoral Care Group. Year 12 spent Wednesday looking at how your mindset influences success, good study habits, careers advice, dealing with stress and listening to a number of Year 12 students from 2017 speak about how they tackled the HSC. On Thursday, the rest of the Senior School spent period 1 and 2 getting organised and from period 3 all students were in class and working.

It has been pleasing to see almost all students turn up in the correct uniform, however, there are still a few who have misplaced their hats or need to purchase a new one. Our expectation is that all students wear their hat when outdoors and I ask that that a new hat is purchased if it cannot be found.

With the Senior School Swimming Carnival taking place in Week 4, it is important that the local excursion forms are completed and returned to the College by Friday 9 February. Please check your child’s bag if you haven’t received your form.

We realise the importance of communication between families and school and encourage you to contact us if you have any concerns. The first port of call is usually the House Mentor (formerly known as Pastoral Care Tutor) or for more serious issues the Head of House.


From the Director of Studies

Ms Kym Armstrong

From the Director of Studies
Disability provisions for HSC examinations
Years 9, 10, 11 and 12 study hall
Years 7, 8 and 9 study skills
Year 10 Parent Information Evening
The HSC Minimum Literacy and Numeracy: information for parents of students in Years 7, 8 and 9

Disability provisions for HSC examinations

The NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) offers special consideration for the examinations of students who are experiencing significant disadvantage because of conditions that impair their ability to perform in the examination setting.  In order to access this consideration, students must undertake an application process.  Students who think that they might be eligible are encouraged to speak to me.

Years 9, 10, 11 and 12 study hall

The College is offering students in Years 9, 10, 11 and 12 the opportunity to work in a study hall environment commencing from Week 2 of this term.  These sessions will take place downstairs in the south building of the Senior School at the following times:

  • Years 9 and 10:  Wednesdays 3.30-4.30pm
  • Years 11 and 12:  Thursdays 3.30-4.30

During these sessions, students will be able to access study and writing tips or work individually in a quiet environment.

Years 7, 8 and 9 study skills

Students in Years 7, 8 and 9 will be able to access study sessions that assist them to develop independent study skills and habits.  These sessions will be held weekly after school on Wednesday from 3.30-4.30pm.   Interested students are encouraged to speak with Miss Miriam Sultan, who will be convening these sessions.

Year 10 Parent Information Evening

The Record of School Achievement (RoSA) is the credential that becomes available to students after the completion of Year 10.  In order to explain this credential and the shift from Year 9 that Year 10 represents, the school is conducting a Year 10 Information Evening on Wednesday 14th February from 7pm.  Mr Thomas will also present information about how he can provide the students with careers information when he is wearing his Careers Advisor hat.  This will take place downstairs in the south building of the Senior School.  Please note this important date in your diaries.

The HSC Minimum Literacy and Numeracy : information for parents of students in Years 7, 8 and 9

The NSW Educations Standards Authority (NESA) has advised that from 2020 students will need to demonstrate minimum levels of literacy and numeracy in order to receive the Higher School Certificate credential (HSC).

For Year 9 students who sit the NAPLAN tests in 2018, this is the first opportunity that they have to demonstrate that they have met the minimum literacy and numeracy standards required to receive the HSC at the conclusion of their studies in 2021.  Students who achieve Band 8 in the Reading, Writing and Numeracy tests will not need to again demonstrate their skills.

This does not mean that students who do not achieve Band 8 in Year 9 will not receive their HSC.  It just means that these students will need to demonstrate that they have achieved the minimum standard via a different forum.  There will be numerous opportunities for students to demonstrate their capacity via on-line tests in the years between Year 9 and Year 12.  These tests will be offered within specific test windows.  Students will have up to 5 years after their HSC year to demonstrate that they have met the standards.

The College is holding a parent information session from 7pm on Wednesday 28 February in the south building of the Senior School.  The purpose of this session is to provide information about how the minimum literacy and numeracy standards will affect students currently in Years 7, 8 and 9 for their HSC.

Please contact me if you have any queries about these matters.

What an experience!

From time to time, we will feature some of the extraordinary things our students do outside their school life. Our first experience comes from Monique Conibear, who is in Year 12.

Over the summer holidays I was fortunate enough to go on the National Youth Science Forum (NYSF), at the Australian National University in Canberra. This is a 12-day Science program that is focused on building young students and giving them a broader understanding of the diverse study and career options available in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). It includes a range of lab visits, public speaking opportunities and sessions on entrepreneurship, critical thinking, how to work together effectively plus much, much more.

Going into this program, I had no idea what to expect. Mr Larsen handed out brochures during Physics and told us it would be a great opportunity, but I had never met anyone who had been on the camp. As soon as I saw the brochure though, I was intrigued. I saw an opportunity to experience something new and grow as a person. This was exactly what I was looking for.

My first step was to contact a local Rotary Club and make a time for an interview. This was a bit intimidating at first as I had no idea who to contact, but pretty soon I managed to seek out Rotary of Albury West and made a time to see them. Afterwards, I went in front of an interview panel to explain why I wanted to do this program and fortunately the Rotary Club agreed to endorse me. Next, I had to go to Shepparton to visit the district Rotary and undergo a selection process against other students from our district. Through this experience alone, just going out for the program, I felt my communication skills improved from the interviews and letters that I was writing. Now I am certain I could undergo any interview in the future with confidence.

Although, this was simply the start.

On 16 January I set out, bags packed, unsure about what this program would entail. I really didn’t know anything about it as all the best parts are kept under wraps by the Alumni. What I did know was that I would meet some incredible people and visit some amazing science labs. Immediately, I was proven right, meeting a girl from Melbourne who has similar ambitions to study medicine in the future. We clicked straight away and by the end of the bus trip I knew I had made a lifelong friend.

Throughout the camp I made so many friends who are also incredibly motivated and passionate about the future. Every day I would sit at different tables, talk to different people and make many new connections. Some of the other opportunities, were listening to a lecture by Brian Schmidt, a Nobel prize winner; visiting NASA Deep Space Communication Complex; visiting Canberra hospital; visiting a Physics Research Centre and seeing a particle accelerator plus so much more.

The lectures were also amazing with the critical thinking giving me skills for everyday problem solving; the acute and rehab healthcare lecture cementing my love for health science and Brian Schmidt’s lecture on the expanding universe blowing my mind.

Overall, this program has been an incredible experience and I have grown so much through it. I would love to share this experience and passion for Science with other Trinity students and encourage them to try out for it next year. It would be incredible to see more local students involved in camps like this where they get to meet people not just from all parts of Australia but also from all around the world, whilst learning in a fun filled, jam packed Science environment.



From the Junior School

Mr Steven Armstrong

A wonderfully warm welcome to 2018. The students have started strongly with the “old” hands settling in quickly to their new classes and the new students being embraced by their new classmates.

Learning is at the heart of everything we do. The way we think, the way we act, discover, imagine and laugh, adds to the richness of our world. In the school environment we endeavour to enhance these experiences. Our aim, as the teaching staff, is to create a culture of life-long learning. To ensure that we are not focussing on just what is learned but more importantly why we learn and how we understand. This will ensure that every lesson, every day and each term we can change and grow. The College is blessed with a very strong and vibrant staff, and these staffmembers will be wonderful guides and mentors.

As part of a vibrant community at the College, it is important to recognise that we are all different and that we celebrate these differences. It is a living community and how we interact with other members of the Community is at the heart of the sense of belonging. As we work together in community, it is important to recognise how we respond and react in those relationships: how we celebrate achievements and bounce back from disappointments.

Kindergarten interview

A big thank you to the Kindergarten parents for their cooperation with this program. It is important to gather information about students to ensure that we can create the teaching/learning program that will best serve the needs of each student.

Hot weather

It is important to remind students about the need for proper hydration (water) and coverings (hat). In order to keep the largest energy drain on the body (the brain) ticking along, maintaining food intake during the day is very important. It was great to see so many new “nude food” containers on the first day. It was also a fillip to chat with students over a fresh cucumber or peach as these healthy foods should never be seen as alternatives.

Student leadership

The Albury Junior School Leaders will be presented to the Junior School at a Leadership Assembly. Many students applied for the role of a leader and it was uplifting reading the applications. The process involves a discussion with Year 5 and Year 6 in 2017, followed by a vote by the students and the staff. This involved both Campuses in 2017 and the Junior School staff discussed the student roles last week. There has been a change in structure for 2018 given the formation of one Campus. This was explained to all Year 5 students last year and, once a decision is reached this week, the students and parents will be notified by letter. With every appointment, there will also be some disappointment and it is an important part of learning resilience that we bounce back from this and approach the year in a positive way. All Year 6 students are recognised as the leaders in the Junior School and some students will have specific responsibilities within that team.

Dates for the Diary

Please check the online calendar regularly for upcoming dates that you can add to your family diary.

From the Sport Coordinators

Mr Nash Clark Coordinator Senior School Sport
Mr Kade Stevens Coordinator Junior School Sport

College Sport Report
College swimming carnivals
CIS Nomination Process
CIS Nomination dates for Term 1



College swimming carnivals

The College carnivals are scheduled for Week 4.  The Senior School Swimming Carnival will take place on Monday, 19 February, followed by the Junior School Carnival on Tuesday, 20 February.

To accommodate the increased participation, alterations have been made to both carnival programs. If your Junior School (Years 3-6) child would like to participate in the 100m freestyle event they need to be at WAVES by 9am. Parents can choose to drop their child off at WAVES, or a shuttle will leave the Albury campus at 8.30am; students will travel with Mr Armstrong.

Senior School students who wish to compete in the 100m Freestyle and/or 200m Individual Medley need to be at WAVES at 9am. Students may make their own way to the pool or travel on the College shuttle, departing at 8.30am. Senior School students should have completed their nomination form, which has been emailed to their College account.

Junior School families should have received an information note (including program). If you require an additional note, please see your child’s teacher.

Senior School Swimming Program Summary (this program is a guide only)

9am 100m Freestyle
9.30am Open 200m Individual Medley
10am 50m Freestyle
11.10am 50m Backstroke
Noon 50m Breaststroke
12:50pm 50m Butterfly
1.50pm Relays
2.15pm Presentations

CIS Nomination Process

Selection Objective

Trinity Anglican College supports the nomination of students with potential in their chosen sport(s). The College believes that the Combined Independent Schools (CIS) pathway provides an ideal opportunity for high-achieving athletes. Due to the objectives and standard of CIS representative teams, Trinity will only nominate students who have a realistic opportunity to be considered for selection in the respective CIS team.

 Eligibility for Selection

Students must be current students of Trinity Anglican College. Students must fall within the age group outlined for each sport. Parents must be prepared to organise the transport and accommodation for their child and pay the nomination fee (which is non-refundable). CIS nominations will be based on clear criteria, which is communicated to all students and parents prior to the nomination date, and once parents/students have initially expressed their interest.

The Coordinator of Senior School Sport (Mr Nash Clark) or the Coordinator of Junior School Sport (Mr Kade Stevens) will make the nomination on the student’s and College’s behalf, with no late entries accepted.

Required Information

Students/Parents are to provide all of the following information, which is required to complete a student’s CIS nomination. This information also will be used to assess the eligibility for nomination:

·                    Child’s Name ·                    CIS Sport
·                    Date of Birth ·                    Height
·                    Weight ·                    Preferred Position(s) (2)
·                    Medical Concerns ·                    Experience
·                    Representative Experience ·                    Previous Coach and Contact

In the process of assessing your child’s eligibility for nomination, information may be sought by the Coordinator of Senior School Sport or the Coordinator of Junior School Sport from other College staff who have relevant experience and/or knowledge of the student in the nominated sport. If necessary, the College may organise a trial/training session for students prior to nomination.

Criteria for Nomination

Trinity Anglican College supports the aims of the CIS by providing a pathway to State and National level competition in a wide variety of sports for students in the independent school sector. The following areas of performance are to be considered:

  1. Skills exhibited by the player
  2. Fitness level exhibited by the player
  3. Performance of the player as a member of a team (sportsmanship/values)
  4. Attitude and behaviour of the player both on and off the court/field
  5. Positions played
  6. Representative experience in the nominated sport(s).

Nomination decisions will be based mainly on performance, however the following will also be considered:

  1. Attendance at competition, training and club/team events (commitment)
  2. Academic commitment

In addition, students:

  1. Will be nominated on their performance, commitment, values and behaviour, not their personal characteristics or attributes.
  2. May be precluded from selection if there is a concern about their ability to compete safely or if their participation poses a risk to others.

CIS Nomination dates for Term 1

Senior School CIS Sport

Sport Gender CIS Notes Nomination Closing date
Water Polo Boys 17 and under 9/02/18
Water Polo Girls 17 and under 6/02/18
Tennis Boys 18 and under 7/02/18
Tennis Girls 18 and under 7/02/18
Softball Girls 17 and under

As of the 30/6/18

Softball Boys 17 and under 18/02/18
Triathlon (intermediate) Both 15 to 16 19/02/18
Triathlon (senior) Both 17 to 19 19/02/18
Hockey Girls 16 and under 11/03/18
Golf both Open + junior (years 7,8,9) 19/03/18
Diving both 25/03/18
Hockey Boys 16 years and under 1/04/18
Basketball Girls Open 11/04/18
Volleyball Both Open 11/04/18

Junior School CIS Sport

Sport Gender CIS Notes Nomination Closing date
Basketball Boys In years 4,5,6 14/02/18
Basketball Girls In years 4,5,6 14/02/18
Tennis Both In years 4,5,6 16/02/18
Triathlon (junior) Both 12 to 14 years 19/02/18
AFL Both In years 4,5,6 28/02/18
Diving Both In years 4,5,6 9/03/18
Girls football (soccer) Girls In years 4,5,6 10/03/18
Hockey Girls 16 and under 11/03/18

From around the College

Junior Tennis Skills development

Students who are interested in joining the junior tennis skills development co-curricular activity after school in term 1, please see Mrs McAinsh or Mrs Addison in the infants office for a permission note. This year the program will run for 9 weeks from  Thursday 8 February 2018. Students can provide their own tennis racket or use a Trinity one.

Venue: Thurgoona Golf Club and Tennis Courts. Time: 3.45-4.45pm. Fees: $55 for 9 weeks. (Max of 16 students)

Community Announcements