2 November 2018

From the Principal

Mr Justin Beckett

From 2019, Trinity Anglican College is becoming a Rite Journey school.

The Rite Journey is primarily a Year 9 program but it has implications for the way we teach all of our children about responsibility, respect and purpose.

My association with The Rite Journey began in 2012, when I started teaching the program to Year 9 students in a co-educational school in Perth. Six years later, the program now runs in 80 schools across Australia and New Zealand.

The Rite Journey is a school-based program that uses ceremony, group discussion and mentoring to help boys and girls prepare to become adults. It is designed to help overcome the lack of meaningful rituals in the lives of modern teenagers.

Some features of the program in 2019 will include:

  • A year-long curriculum for Year 9 students with a focus on building self-awareness and fostering honest and respectful relationships with peers, parents and teachers
  • Gender specific programs – separate boys and girls classes for Rite Journey to allow freer discussion and to be able to focus on gender specific issues
  • A mentoring program where each student nominates an adult role model with whom they will spend intentional time
  • The creation, planning and development of a Personal Best Project of the student’s choice
  • A program of ceremonies and rituals to celebrate key milestones during the program
  • Equipping the students to test their resilience and confront challenges, culminating in an outdoor adventure challenge with YouthWorks where students climb to the top of Mt Kosciuszko

To prepare for The Rite Journey, a team of Trinity teachers have participated in specialist training.

The famous author and speaker, Michael Grose, once said that “the role of every parent is to make themselves redundant”. It is healthy for parents to look for ways to foster independence in their children. The Clinical Psychologist, Jordan Peterson, says that every parent has a responsibility to ensure that their child behaves in a way that enables them to be liked by other children and by other adults.

The Rite Journey reminds us that a key virtue of adulthood is being able to take responsibility for our own choices and actions. This includes the vital trait of being able to admit when we are wrong or to say sorry when our words or actions injure someone else. The Rite Journey reminds us to invest in other people; to serve and bless others, rather than merely serving ourselves.

Ultimately, the purpose of a Trinity education is to develop every young person with a ‘tool kit’ to live a life of meaning, hope and purpose. The Rite Journey will be a powerful scaffold in achieving that aim.


Farewell Peter O’Neill

As we farewell Deputy Principal, Mr Peter O’Neill, it is fitting to acknowledge and thank him for his extraordinary service and commitment to Trinity Anglican College over the past 16 years. As a founding member of Trinity Anglican College, Mr O’Neill has been an integral and highly regarded member of our community.

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Peter has overseen the growth of the College starting from its humble beginnings to the present, which is now a prosperous community of 1135 students and more than 120 staff. Peter was initially employed as the Deputy to Mr Currie, Head of Campus, Head of Sport and teacher of PDHPE and Mathematics. It was during these early years at Trinity that the standards and the ethos of the College were established. Under the stewardship of Mr Currie and Mr O’Neill, the young College began to flourish physically and academically.   There is no doubt that Peter must have demonstrated a monumental leap of faith to take on the task of developing a new school in 2003. At its inception the College had very little infrastructure. It consisted of a small demountable for an administration building, six classrooms and a gravel carpark. The playground was no more than a paddock and there were no pathways between the classrooms.

Throughout his time at Trinity, Peter displayed the attributes of a passionate and dedicated leader who shared a vision for the College. He worked tirelessly and with good humour to create a successful and thriving learning institution. Over the years, Peter designed the College’s timetables and curriculum, recruited and mentored several hundred staff and organised countless College functions including the Junior and Senior School formal assemblies and Speech Days. He carried out the duties of Acting Principal on two occasions, once in 2009 and then again in 2013. Peter has also been an active staff member in the co-curricular life of the College, contributing in particular in the areas of Basketball and Australian Rules Football.

The Trinity College would like to wish Peter the best in this new chapter of his career. We are confident that he will achieve great success and happiness in his future endeavours. We wish him, his wife Sue, and sons Jaret and Austin, all the very best for their future.

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From the Director of Studies

Ms Kym Armstrong

Year 11 Students:  the Transition to Year 12 and Alterations to Patterns of Study
Year 11:  HSC Assessment Information
Year 11 HSC Information Evening for Students and Parents:  Tuesday 20 November, 2018
Semester 2 Exams

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Year 11 Students:  the Transition to Year 12 and Alterations to Patterns of Study

As Year 11 students commence the HSC Course, thoughts about the HSC pattern of study and questions about which subject might be dropped become a little more concrete and a little less speculative.

At Trinity, we are very much of the belief that it takes a whole village to raise a young person.  So, when students change subjects, there is a process where they speak to all of the teachers involved.  The process is a self-directed one; furnished with a form, students engage in dialogue with, and obtain the signatures of, key people who can provide specialised advice.  These people include:

  • A parent/caregiver
  • Subject teachers
  • Pastoral Care Tutor or Head of House
  • Careers Advisor
  • Director of Studies

The change of subject form functions here as a mechanism to facilitate dialogue; the people who provide signatures will discuss the possible implications of the change with the student.  The form also functions as a tool to assist the student notify all interested parties about the change. This process of consultation is well under way with many students having finalised their decisions.

Year 11:  HSC Assessment Information

Assessment schedules have been distributed to students, together with the important policy document Year 12 Assessment Information for Students, 2019.  This document outlines the policies and procedures regarding the completion and submission of assessment tasks for HSC courses.  It is important that students are fully cognisant of this material and adhere to the processes outlined.  Students also will receive an advice that outlines the due dates of all assessment tasks for all courses.  This will help them to plan their time so as to maximise their ability to perform effectively in all tasks.

In addition to the above documents, students have also received the NSW Education Standards Authority NESA) publication, 2019 Higher School Certificate:  Rules and Procedures.  This document is an important one that clearly outlines students’ rights and responsibilities in terms of the HSC.  Students have been asked to read this and are very welcome to come to see me with any questions that they might have.

Year 11 HSC Information Evening for Students and Parents:  Tuesday 20 November, 2018

Mrs Haymes and I will be hosting an information session for all Year 11 students and their parents from 7pm on Tuesday 20 November in the Senior School building.  We will be focusing on the ways that students’ assessment marks and exam performances combine to produce HSC marks and on the sorts of processes that students and parents can implement at home in order to maximise HSC success.  We look forward to seeing as many students and parents as possible.

Semester 2 Exams

For students in Years 7 and 8, assessment tasks will take place in class; there will be no formal exam period.

Students in Years 9 and 10 will undertake Semester 2 exams during Week 4 of this term.  Examination timetables have been emailed to all students.

If you have any queries regarding the issues outlined above, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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From your College Counsellor

Dr Anthony Perrone

I hope this newsletter finds you all well and that the start of term 4 has been a good one for your family? As Mr Beckett wrote in the previous newsletter you will be aware that there were some staff changes at Trinity. Therefore I thought I would address what ‘changes’ may mean in the workplace and life overall. A couple years ago I wrote an article on Change. In part the article stated, ‘What we fail to understand is that regardless of our personal or professional situation change will inevitably occur.

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However when there is change, for example in the workplace, many of us will become stressed, angry, welcoming, happy and a host of other emotions or feelings. Why?  Plain and simple, many of us do not like change of any kind even though change occurs every day however change is often necessary and will usually bring with it new ideas and opportunities.’

While I was an executive manager I was also involved in a few organisational changes as well, in fact I had to manage those changes. One would think having been the facilitator that I would be prepared for any future changes and know how to react and deal with those organisational changes.  Well not exactly, although I may have a good understanding of processes and reasoning’s I am still a human being therefore undoubtedly  like others probably had mixed emotions.

But as Socrates once said, ‘The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.’ This has been the posture I have taken and therefore I have experienced many positives that have come out of those changes. Mainly positives in the way my teams rose to the occasion and worked collegially thereby creating a strong and united team… However it should be noted in order to be successful personally, professionally or otherwise adaptation to change  is again one’s ability of not fighting the old but rather embracing the new.

If you or anyone you know may be experiencing mixed emotions as a result of ‘change’ please know I am here to support all of our TAC community at any time.

All the best for now.

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From the Senior School

Mrs Janine Haymes, Acting Head of Senior School

Year 11 Parent/Student/Teacher Interviews: End of Course
School TV- Sleep on it!

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Our current Year 11 students have now been issued, via SEQTA, their end of Year 11 report. We encourage all students and their carers to make a time to see subject teachers and discuss performance and expectations for the HSC. As you know, teachers love questions, so they would love to see you at the evening. The details on how to book are below:

 Year 11 (Held in the Senior Centre, South Building) – Tuesday 13 November – 3.45-7.30pm (booking code 6cvs3)

Click here to book or visit the College website, and click on School Interviews.

School TV- Sleep on it!

The Heads of House have been investigating the importance of sleep on young people. We know that sleep is paramount to a child’s wellbeing. When we sleep well, we are more equipped to handle all the things a busy day will launch at us. Sleep also helps strengthen the immune system. The below school TV newsletter shares information on the power of sleep and how we can best support our young people to ensure that they are getting the right kind of sleep. The Heads of House and I are looking forward to continuing this discussion with the students. Click to read School TV – power of sleep

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From the Maxwell Centre

Mrs Trish Thomas

Vison Australia held a webinar recently titled Dyslexia, diagnosis to support, which is now available on line at the following address:

Students with Dyslexia are able to access audio books through Vision Australia. Please use this link to join up:

If you have any questions or queries regarding your student who may be experiencing some learning difficulties at school please contact me at or call 60493476.

Year 2  Wirraminna Excursion

Year 2s were immersed in hands-on learning experiences at Wirraminna Environmental centre last week. The students travelled to the centre as part of their Blended Unit, Changing Spaces. Students learnt how the natural environment had changed since European settlement and how this has affected the native animals that once inhabited the area. The students were led by experts in lessons for the day. Once back at school students have been continuing their learning and reflecting on how changes made by humans can affect our natural environment.

Summertime snake safety

A timely reminder, as the weather warms ups rapidly, that “snake season” is here. All College families are encouraged to discuss with their children safe behaviours  for at home, school and everywhere. Please remember, never approach a snake. Young children, especially, must be supervised around gardens and playgrounds at all times. Snakes are especially active at this time of year as it is breeding season.

P&F presents Parent as Coach with Stuart Wesley

Authority is expressed differently in the teen years.  Parents should always have authority but without a basis of heart to heart connection, the authority will be expressed in fear, rules and punishment, according to parent coach Stuart Wesley.

Learn more at our Parent as Coach seminars by Stuart Wesley, presented by the Trinity P&F. Two great seminars on 16 and 17 November. Go online to book your $10 tickets at

From Junior School Sport

Mr Kade Stevens, Coordinator of Junior School Sport

Rugby Cultural Day

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Rugby Cultural Day

On Wednesday, 24 October, 33 Year 6 students headed to Jelbart Park and participated in Wallanmarra Gundyarri (Cultural and Rugby Day). We enjoyed a morning in the sunshine playing backyard rugby games and dancing away to some popular music. Students were able to have a free sausage in bread and a complimentary water bottle. In the afternoon, we participated in a range of Indigenous activities including spear throwing, traditional Aboriginal dancing and games. At the end of the day, Trinity took home a certificate, a box full of rugby balls and a memento in the shape of an abnormally large boomerang with all of our fingerprints on it. It was a really fun day and we hope next year’s cohort will enjoy it as much as we did.

Alicia, Seb and Clarisse – Year 6


On Friday, 26 October, three boys competed in the Victorian Primary School Racquetball Competition State Finals at the Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre.

Harrison Haberecht, Harley Purkis and Connor Haberecht competed and finished third in the state!  They finished top of their pool and were undefeated until the semi finals, narrowly missing out on a Grand Final spot by one game.  All three boys played incredibly well and displayed great sportsmanship and humility during the course of the day.

During the day, all the other schools were keeping a close eye on how well three kids from the country were taking it to the big city schools!  Some of the schools had six and seven teams. The eventual winners, St Mary’s Primary School, took the crown from four-time winners, Mt Waverly. Unfortunately, our team didn’t get to play St Mary’s.

Congratulations to the boys.  They were great ambassadors for the school.  Hopefully Trinity Anglican College can go back and improve on this result next year.

A massive thank you to Scott Haberecht for organising and facilitating this event for Harrison, Harley and Connor.

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From the Cafe

Catherine Whiley, manager

The weather is warming up and frozen items are back. Icey twists $1.10, mini callipo $1.10  frozen yoghurt $2.00, Shakey Shakes $2.10, Frozen Sunraysia juice pouches $2 plus as always the fruit juice slushies are available. Don’t forget we do have no minimum EFTPOS available for students and staff.

There are still some outstanding lunch order monies, could parents please ensure they pay this asap.

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