22 September 2017

From the Principal

This week we celebrate the Graduating Class of 2017. Seventy-one students whom that we will never forget.

Graduation Day is the ultimate moment of truth. After all these years of learning, growing and aspiring, we finally see what a Trinity education is worth. Our 2017 Graduates are people of purpose and good character. They care for each other. They are proud of their school. They speak fondly of their teachers and their teachers speak proudly of their Year 12s. There were many tears on Thursday. Tears because it is hard to say goodbye to people you love.

I offer a simple message to our Graduating Class: use your God-given gifts and talents to invest in something bigger than yourself. Invest your life in something that will outlive you. Invest in other people. Find ways to make the world a better place for all humankind. A selfish life is a recipe for loneliness and misery. But a life lived for other people will engender hope, purpose and love.

At the height of his ministry, Jesus was once asked which commandment is the most important. He replied, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength. And love your neighbour as yourself. There is no commandment greater than these.” (Mark 12:30-31)

We wish all of our Graduating Year 12s a life of richness and joy. Though they leave our school this week, they will always be treasured members of our Trinity community.

Justin Beckett


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Trinity Parents and Friends

We would like to announce the office bearers for the new Trinity Parents and Friends for the
next 12 months.

President – Anthea Mullholland
Vice President – Grenville Coe
Secretary – Karen Plested
Treasurer – Rachael Clancy

Monthly Meeting

A reminder that the monthly meeting of Trinity Parents and Friends
will be held on Tuesday 10 October at 7-8pm in the Senior Centre North.

Come along and meet the new committee – building a community of parents
by the parents for the parents

From the Director of Studies

Ms Kym Armstrong

Year 11 Students: the Transition to Year 12 and Alterations to Patterns of Study
Year 11 and 12 Study Hall:  Tuesday and Thursday afternoons

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Year 11 Students: the Transition to Year 12 and Alterations to Patterns of Study
As Year 11 students near the end of the Preliminary HSC Course, thoughts turn to the HSC pattern of study and questions about which subject might be dropped become a little more concrete and a little less speculative.

Apart from changes to Mathematics courses, subject changes will not take effect until the beginning of Term 4 at the commencement of the HSC course, but students will be asking questions and conversations might start at home around this topic.

At Trinity, we are very much of the belief that it takes a whole village to raise a young person. So, when students change subjects, there is a process where they speak to all of the teachers involved. The process is a self-directed one; furnished with a form, students engage in dialogue with, and obtain the signatures of, key people who can provide specialised advice. These people include:

  • A parent/caregiver
  • Subject teachers
  • Pastoral Care Tutor or Head of House
  • Careers Advisor
  • Director of Studies

The change of subject form functions here as a mechanism to facilitate dialogue; the people who provide signatures will discuss the possible implications of the change with the student. The form also functions as a tool to assist the student notify all interested parties about the change.

Year 11 & 12 Study Hall: Tuesday and Thursday Afternoons
The College is offering students in Years 11 and 12 the opportunity to work in a study hall environment two afternoons a week. These study sessions have proved popular during Semester 1.

Term 4 Study Hall days will be published in the first newsletter next term. The sessions will take place from 3.15pm to 4.30pm, downstairs in the south building of the Senior School.

Students will be able to access study and writing tips and will receive study assistance from the supervising teachers as well as from the number of other teachers who drop in.

Please contact me if you have any queries about these matters.

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From the Director of Sport and Co-curricular

Mr Nash Clark
Albury Netball Association
CIS Primary Athletics
CIS Athletics
Debaters Association of Victoria

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As the winter sports grand finals are being played out over September it has been pleasing to hear how well many of our College students are performing in their respective finals and best and fairest count. Furthermore, it is a pleasure to share some of these results with you. Well done to everyone for their efforts and good luck to the teams who will take to the field, or court, over the coming weeks.

Albury Netball Association
Trinity Blue’s team played off in the Grand Final of the Albury Netball Association Under 13 competition on Saturday, 16 September. They were under-manned from the start, taking the court with only six players due to some unforeseen events the week before. Each player had to work incredibly hard to counteract the opposition’s extra player. At three quarter time, the girls were beginning to tire but showed a wonderful determination to slowly pull back the leaders. Unfortunately, the fresh legs of the opposition won out and we went down in a hard fought game. The team should be extremely proud of their efforts. Well done, Trinity Blue!
Kristie McInnes

CIS Primary Athletics
The College was proudly represented by three Junior School students at the CIS Primary Athletics Championships on Wednesday, 13 September. Amelie Scott, Zenith Trebley and Claudia Hocking competed alongside some of the strongest athletes across the state and have good reason to be as proud as their results, as the College community is!

Amelie Scott – Girls 11 Years
11th – 100 metre Sprint
14th – 200 metre Sprint
12th – High Jump
21st – Long Jump

Claudia Hocking – Girls 8-10 Years
19th – Shot Put

Zenith Trebley – Girls 11 Years
11th – Shot Put 2kg
19th – Discus Throw

CIS Athletics
CIS Secondary Athletics Championships were contested on the Wednesday of the final week of term. The College was proudly represented by seven students, competing at the Sydney Olympic Park Athletic Centre on a lovely spring day. Up against the best talent from the Independent sector all students did a wonderful job collecting at least one top-ten position.

Illiana Mulholland – Girls 12 Years
12th – 200 metre
14th – 100 metre
15th – Long Jump
8th – Discus

Penny McEachern – Girls 12 Years
7th – High Jump

Joseph Rawson – Boys 12 Years
11th – Shot Put
8th – Discus
9th – Javelin

Matthew Steele – Boys 12 Years
2nd – Triple Jump
8th – Javelin

Charlie St John – Boys 14 Years
15th – 200 metre
8th – 100 metre Hurdles
13th – Long Jump
9th – Triple Jump

Gemma Fenn – Girls 15 Years
1st – High Jump 1.60metres
2nd – Long Jump 5.16metres
2nd – Triple Jump 11.03metres
3rd – 90 metre Hurdles 14.10 seconds

Luke Davis – Boys 18-19
4th – Triple Jump

Debaters Association of Victoria

On Tuesday 19 June, twelve Trinity students travelled to Wodonga Middle Years College to compete in a debating competition run by the Debaters Association of Victoria (DAV).

Our Senior team (Year 9) achieved strong results throughout the day, defeating both Wodonga Middle Years College teams in the prepared debates section. The topics debated were ‘That we should fear the development of artificial intelligence’ (Lois Segun-Beloved, Sidney White and Arwen Porter) and ‘That museums should offer to return historical objects to their country of origin’ (Ryan Wandel, Alana Diver and Belle Henderson). As a result of our Senior team’s strong performance, they were paired with an undefeated Scots 1 team for the secret topic (That the value of votes should diminish with age). The adjudicator made a point of mentioning that the quality of presentation of both teams for the debate was the best she had seen all year. The Trinity team (Sidney White, Arwen Porter, Belle Henderson) argued strongly but were narrowly defeated. At the conclusion of the competition, Lois Segun-Beloved (Year 9) was recognised with a medal as being one of the best speakers on the day.

Our Junior team (Years 7 and 8) also performed well and was narrowly defeated in two prepared debates by Scots School teams. The topics debated were ‘That we should allow development in Antarctica’ (Natasha Kronenberg, Madison Purkis and Danielle Marks) and ‘That Hollywood movies should be true to history’ (Abbi Fielder, Marilla Modra, Asha Finlay). Our students (Natasha Kronenberg, Abbi Fielder, Asha Finlay) were then narrowly defeated in the advised topic (That people should require licences for pet ownership).

Each and every one of our students who participated in this competition are to be commended for the efforts they made to represent Trinity and for the way in which they interacted with students, staff and adjudicators at the competition.


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From Performing Arts Co-Curricular

Ms Emma Mancer
Future Shows Announcements
Senior School Play May 2018
Middle Years Musical August 2018 (Yrs 5-9)
Senior School Musical May 2019

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The Performing Arts department has had a huge term this term and have celebrated many successes. We had many performers participating in the Albury Wodonga Eisteddfod, Stage Door Arts festival, Impro Melbourne Theatresports Challenge, Henty Field day, Art Show Opening, Senior School Performing Arts concert and the Instrumental Showcase Concert. This is in addition to our HSC students presenting their final Drama and Music exam pieces.

Live theatre is a growing tradition at Trinity Anglican College. In recent years, a number of highly successful productions have been staged. Trinity has also received a range of CAT and GEORGY nominations providing recognition throughout the region.

Trinity Anglican College is very pleased to present the following productions;

Senior School Play May 2018

The Crucible
The Crucible is a 1953 play by American playwright Arthur Miller. It is a dramatized and partially fictionalized story of the Salem witch trials that took place in the Massachusetts Bay Colony during 1692/93. Miller wrote the play as an allegory for McCarthyism, when the United States government ostracized people for being communists. Miller himself was questioned by the House of Representatives’ Committee on Un-American Activities in 1956 and convicted of contempt of Congress for refusing to identify others present at meetings he had attended.

It is regarded as a central work in the canon of American drama.

Middle Years Musical August 2018 (Yrs 5-9)
Seussical Jr.
Seussical is a musical by Lynn Ahrens and Stephen Flaherty based on the stories of
Dr Seuss (mainly “Horton Hears a Who!”, “Horton Hatches the Egg” and “Miss Gertrude McFuzz”) that debuted on Broadway in 2000. The play’s story is a complex amalgamation of many of Seuss’s most famous books. After a Broadway run, the production spawned two US national tours and a UK tour. It has become a beloved classic for schools, communities, and regional theatres.

Senior School Musical May 2019
Phantom of the Opera
The Phantom of the Opera is a musical with music by Andrew Lloyd Webber and lyrics by Charles Hart and Richard Stilgoe. Lloyd Webber and Stilgoe also wrote the musical’s book together. Based on a French novel, its central plot revolves around a beautiful soprano, Christine Daaé, who becomes the obsession of a mysterious, disfigured musical genius living in the subterranean labyrinth beneath the Opera Garnier.

It is the longest running show in Broadway history by a wide margin, and celebrated its 10,000th Broadway performance on 11 February 2012, the first production ever to do so.

We are very excited to bring you these upcoming productions in the future.

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From the Junior School

Mr Steven Armstrong
K-2 Swimming Program
Stationery 2018
Student Leadership
Year 3 Camp
Year 4 Camp

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“There is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in…”

In a conversation with some students in various years it was encouraging to listen to their understanding of learning. They did express some concerns about making mistakes, telling stories that might not quite match the facts and talking about their successes. This led to a realisation that the young have much to offer as their wisdom is unencumbered by some societal expectations. A number said that they felt they were different to their friends, which initially was troubling but after expressing their thoughts realised that it was an important part of who they are. Part of an educational journey is to celebrate difference rather than to see these as problems or an issue. To recognise the beauty in the imperfect and to understand the lesson from the process. It is an essential part of our learning that we do not focus on the product but maintain our focus on the process. All products will be different. This is where we learn more about ourselves and about how we can improve as a learner. A number of students talked about tolerating things. That did not ring true to them. The community use of the word tolerance tends to demean the ideal of the process being the product. If we journey through our lives tolerating others, tolerating ideas and tolerating change then we may never be empathetic enough to tolerate ourselves. I encourage all to go beyond tolerance to search for a deeper level of understanding to ensure the learning environment will be richer. Take the lead from those with the wisdom of youth.

Holidays approach rapidly and this time of rejuvenation is important for growing bodies and active minds. I hope all students enjoy the break and return full of energy for the final term of 2017. I challenge each student to embrace a new skill, read a new book, be a “Good Samaritan” and enjoy the spring weather.

K-2 Swimming Program: This has started and the students are rising to the challenge (and also having fun).

Stationery 2018: the College will follow a similar process as per previous years where we will order the materials and send a costing to parents. This will be finalised a little later this year after the transition of the Wodonga students.

Student Leadership: the current leaders in Year 6 have been wonderful role models as leaders. During Term 4 we will run through a process that leads up to appointing new leaders for 2018. This process involves the Year 5 students, Year 6 students and the staff.

Year 3 Camp: this takes place in Week 1 of next term. The information regarding buses, activities and medical forms was sent home with students. We are looking forward to an enriching time together Thursday and Friday of week 1.

Year 4 Camp: this takes place in Week 6 of Term 4 from 15/11 – 17/11. More information will be sent soon regarding the medical forms and the activities.

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From the Senior School

Mr Malcolm Thomas

Fundraising efforts
School Immunisation Program: Trinity Anglican College

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Fundraising efforts
Term 3 is traditionally the time when Year 11 turn their minds to the Relay for Life and their fundraising for the Cancer Council. There will be more to report on this after the event, however, it has also been pleasing to see students take personal responsibility to fundraise for other causes.

Over several weeks, Year 10 students Will Edgar and Jack Buckley raised money for Mercy International. During the holiday break, these boys will be travelling to Thailand to volunteer in a number of orphanages as part of the Mercy International Program. As part of their fundraising effort, the boys raised money to shave their heads. This was carried out earlier in the term. It was a fantastic event that was attended by many staff and students in the Senior School. Will and Jack raised over $900 towards their cause.

Claire Coyle in Year 11 has raised over $2300 through her efforts to raise money for the Leukaemia Foundation by participating in the World’s Greatest Shave. In front of a large group of students, Claire’s classmates shaved her head. Before this, her long locks were cut and then donated to produce wigs for those who have lost their hair due to a medical condition.

We congratulate the students on their efforts in thinking beyond their immediate needs and considering the welfare of others. Well done!

School Immunisation Program: Trinity Anglican College
City of Wodonga will be offering vaccinations to Year 7 students and catch up vaccinations to year 11 and 12 students (who previously returned consent cards) at this school on Tuesday 17 October 2017.

The following vaccines will be offered on this day:

Year 7

  • Human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine – 2 Doses
  • Varicella vaccine (chickenpox) – 1 Dose

Years 11-12
Students who previously returned a consent card but missed out on vaccination earlier in the year

  • Meningococcal ACWY vaccine – 1 Dose

Consent cards should have already been signed for these vaccinations.

Please note that students who commence the HPV vaccination through the school vaccination program in Year 7 but do not complete the course during the school year may be offered catch-up doses at school in Year 8. Students who have any HPV doses at their GP will be advised to complete the course with their GP.

Year 11 and 12 students who have NOT returned a Meningococcal ACWY consent card may receive this vaccine free through their GP.

Parents/guardians who wish to withdraw their consent for any reason may do so by writing to the school Principal or phoning the school. The Procedure for Withdrawal of Consent is available on the NSW Health website at

If you have any enquiries regarding the NSW School immunisation program, please contact your local Public Health Unit on 1300 066 055.


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From the Wodonga Campus

Mr Chris O’Loan
Wodonga Athletics
Deputy Principal’s Awards
Jersey Day
Hot Lunch
Earn & Learn Stickers
Transition Events for Wodonga Students
Year 3 Camp
Infants Learn to Swim Program

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Can I wish everyone a safe and happy term break. Thank you to everyone for their support this term and particularly to our dedicated band of teachers for their continued commitment to the students.

Wodonga Athletics:
Congratulations to all students who represented the College at the Wodonga Athletics Carnival. Everyone enjoyed a great day of friendship and lively competition, and we saw our students attain some splendid results. The following have been selected to represent the Campus at the next level, Upper Hume, on Wednesday 11 October. We wish them well.

  • Leo Geerling
  • Ryan Edwards
  • Fallon Locke
  • Emily Steele
  • Isabella Klein
  • Mark Baker
  • Charlie Gray
  • Sienna Plested
  • Riley Edwards
  • Georgia Stefaniak
  • Jana Geerling

Deputy Principal’s Awards
Congratulations to the following students on receiving a DP Award.

DP Awards    
Alexandra Dover Tom Stefaniak Maddison Kurtzer
Sam Reid Amy Hayes Eden Deverell
Josh Feillafe Oliver Kavanagh Olivia Roth
Ryan Edwards Darcy Zeinert Coco Farley
Emily Steele Adam Smith Elle Drew
Assembly Awards    
Lily Jones Charlotte Wardle Chloe Costello
Oscar Bayne Alexander Cleary Lucy Elderfield
Georgia Stefaniak    

Jersey Day:

The SRC recently organised a Jersey Day, a day to share knowledge and information on DonateLife and organ and tissue donation. It was great to see students and teachers donning their favourite sporting jersey and thanks to everyone who got behind the cause.

Hot Lunch:

Thanks to our volunteers for another wonderful hot lunch day. From personal experience the Dim Sims were delicious. Yum! I’m looking forward to our Term 4 Hot Lunch treat.

Earn & Learn Stickers:

Thanks to those parents who helped collect Earn & Learn stickers from Woolworth. The competition has now finished, and we will collate our sticker sheets and return them to redeem for all sorts of student and teacher resources. 


Have you noticed the impressive artwork decorating the foyer and classrooms of the Campus? Please look at the standard of work being produced by our students under the guidance of Ms Wheeler. Wonderful artwork is being produced as part of the Art curriculum as well as the Co-Curricular Art & Craft Club.  Congratulations to all students who are having a go and doing something which may well be outside of their comfort zone.

Transition Events for Wodonga Students:

The following information has been sent to parents, but please note the following time/days during which students will be away from the Campus, taking the opportunity to visit the Albury campus for the very important transition to the Thurgoona Campus.

Some children may require extra visits to familiarise themselves and ease any anxieties. We also recognise that certain children may need a carefully thought out and individualised transition plan. This will involve working closely with parents/carers in order for the preparation to continue over the Christmas break.

  • Prep    Term 4 Week 1A, Wednesday 11 October
  • Year 1 Term 4 Week 1A, Wednesday 11 October
  • Year 2 Term 4 Week 2B, Tuesday 17 October
  • Year 3 Term 4 Week 2B, Thursday 19 October
  • Year 4 Term 4 Week 3A, Tuesday 24 October
  • Year 5 Term 4 Week 3A, Thursday 25 October

Year 3 Camp

Our Year 3 students will join their Albury peers for their camp at The Great Aussie Holiday Park at Bowna. It will take place on October 12 and 13, with Wodonga Students being bused to Albury.  Camps are always a highlight of the year and I have no doubt the Year 3 camp will be very memorable.

Infants Learn to Swim Program:

The Infants (P-2) Learn to Swim program will take place daily between Friday 20 and Friday 27 September, with our students being bussed to the Gould Swim Academy (104 Boronia St, North Albury) each day at 12.15pm and returning around 2.45pm.

Student will need to wear their labelled sports uniform to school on each day of the program and will also need to bring their swimming costume, a towel, goggles and a plastic/swim bag. All items do need to be clearly marked with their name.

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Old Uniforms

Old uniform items for Rotary
Obsolete uniform items are being collected at the Uniform Shop to donate to Rotary for their Donations in Kind (DIK) program, which collects, stores, packs and ships overseas goods and products that are of no further use in Australia but are valuable items in developing countries.

Shipments overseas consist primarily of medical equipment and consumables, educational equipment and resources and IT equipment. Clothing is perhaps the main item in demand and clothing for school kids is an important part of that demand. Rotary can always use whatever they receive.

If you have items of the old uniform which are taking up cupboard space, now is the time to dig them out and deliver them to the Uniform Shop.

From around the College

From the Canteen
French News
Cake Stall in support of Hunter McBurnie
French news from Year 10 exchange student Leora Kelly

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From the Canteen

Please note that soup and hot chocolate are unavailable in Term 4. Slushies will be back!
Any menu changes will be communicated via the Newsletter.

French News

DELF exams will run Saturday 4 November in the College. The deadline for registration is 20th October. All details are on the Alliance Française Albury-Wodonga website.

To find samples of the test papers go to

Interested students from Years 8 – 12 should discuss the possibilities with their French teacher.

Mme Bennett will run some support classes on Thursday afternoons next term for those who wish to do the examinations.

Diplôme d’Étude en Langue Française (DELF) is a diploma in French as a foreign language that is recognised worldwide. It is part of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. It is an official qualification awarded by the French Ministry of Education.

Albury is a registered centre for these exams – one of only two in Australia outside the capital cities. Exams are held in November each year.

Year 4 – très chic, très cool! Year 4 has been studying the topic of clothes and fashion in France this term. We finished with a fashion parade, with students taking it in turns to read the commentary for another student, and to strut their stuff on the catwalk!

Cake Stall in support of Hunter McBurnie, 4MC class member

On behalf of 4MC, I would like to sincerely thank all the generous and kind parents, students and staff members who donated their time and effort to making our cake stall for Hunter, a huge success. With the cake stall proceeds and thoughtful donations, we have raised an amazing total of $1,427.50. Well done, everyone!!

French news from Year 10 exchange student Leora Kelly

To all at Trinity
I’m already well over half way through my year-long French exchange and the idea of leaving is disappointing so I am glad I still have another three months here. The past eight months have been amazing, and I feel so lucky to have been able to experience the things that I have. From the Eiffel Tower to Provincial French villages. From the Flamingos in the Camargue to the astounding gorges and caves of Ardeche and Verdon. From French summer camps to an awe-inspiring trip to the French Riviera and on to Florence and Rome in Italy. From cutting up a whole pig, cooking snails and making pastries in French cooking classes to attending world famous art galleries and undertaking art lessons in a studio in Provence. You can see this is one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life. And in all of this I have learned the skill of speaking another language with relative fluency.

It all started on 3 January when I boarded a plane from Melbourne to Hong Kong, which would then take me to Paris. Since then I have made so many amazing friends, including my host siblings and other exchange students, not just from Australia but the rest of the world. School is amazing and everyone is so friendly, and I am excited to return for the start of the school year in September. I have definitely improved my French language skills, and knowing how to speak French semi-fluently helps me to understand other languages such as Italian and Spanish.

With my host family, I have seen and experienced so many things, sometimes it might be small walks to local areas or visits to famous iconic landmarks such as Pont du Gard or overnight canoe trips on beautiful rivers and swimming in stunning gorges and visits to Marseille, Arles and Avignon. One of the most amazing and exciting experiences with my host family so far was our recent two-week summer holiday. We spent four days in Nice, then travelled to Italy for the remainder of the trip. This adventure was “jaw dropping”. It was so exciting, beautiful and awe-inspiring and I had so much fun with my family. In Italy, we visited Florence and saw the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, the Ponte Vecchio, and the Galleria dell’Accademia and Galleria degli Uffizi (museums which held famous artworks such as the statue of David and the Birth of Venus). Then we went on to Rome and saw the Colosseum, Vatican, Forum, Pantheon, Fountain of Trevi and the Catacombs plus we swam on the black sandy beaches near Rome.

Time with my family, travelling and seeing new things are definitely highlights of my exchange, but another highlight for me over the summer has been participating in a two-week summer camp with my host sister and brother – it was soooooo fun! I cannot believe the amount of friends I have now made from different parts of France. I really want to go back next year! On top of this I attended a four-day WEP trip to Camargue where we swam, visited a ‘ranch’ and saw flamingos as well as making friends with fellow exchange students from all over the world. I now have people to visit in the US, Ireland, Thailand, Columbia, Mexico, Brazil and so many other locations.

All of this in eight months and three more to go. Thankyou World Education Program (WEP) and a big thankyou to my host family (and real family) and thanks to Trinity Anglican College for your support. This is definitely the trip and experience of a lifetime.

Au Revoir – Leora

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