22 June 2018

From the Principal

Mr Justin Beckett

The generosity and warmth of the Trinity community was plainly on display today during the World’s Greatest Shave. To think that the final fundraising tally of more than $41,000 began with a group of Year 5 students just wanting to do something to help classmate Hunter McBurnie!

It’s truly amazing and I am just so proud of each and every student who put their hand up to fundraise, have their head shaved or coloured, or helped in any way.

Community is what Trinity is all about. We want our students to look out for one another and have empathy for each other. I think Trinity Team Hunter’s World’s Greatest Shave shows we have a lot of fine young men and women in our midst as well as a strong and supportive group of parents.

I loved watching the students taking their seats ready for the hairdressers to start shaving. Many were clearly nervous but no-one backed down on the commitment they made and it was great to see students encouraging and supporting each other.

It’s been quite a week for thinking of others at Trinity. We’ve raised money for Brain Cancer with Woolly Wednesday, our musical theatre group performed at the Winter Solstice yesterday and on Wednesday,  our Year 6 students put themselves in the shoes of refugees in the Act for Peace Refugee challenge. They had to eat only food rations that someone might eat in a refugee camp. Our students ate rice, beans and flatbread and I understand there were a few hearty meals eaten once the challenge ended!

Congratulations to everyone who participated and helped make them such a success.



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From the College Chaplain

Rev’d Bryn

“How will my children will turn out?”
“Will they embody the values and characteristics I sought to instill in them?”
“Will they forgive my imperfect parenting?”
“Will they share my beliefs?”
“Will we continue to be friends?”

These questions (and more) can be a source of anxiety for parents. Equally, they can be a source of wonder, curiosity and deepening wisdom. We will always learn more about ourselves by asking these questions than we will ever discover about our children. My three ‘children’ are now aged 21, 25 and 27 so I feel like I’ve contemplated these questions for a while now.

Sometimes there are surprises like the time my son (21) told me that he believed in God. A bit gobsmacked, I asked him: “Why?” and “How?” Growing up as a minister’s kid typically has the opposite effect! He said: “I listened to your sermons and they made a lot of sense.” He was very matter-of-fact about it but inwardly, I felt pretty good.

I’m pretty sure that my son’s take on the faith is quite different to mine, but that’s ok – it has to be. Worrying about your kids radically decreases as you learn to exercise a bit of faith yourself, actually. In the end, we have to believe that it is God’s world and that God has our children’s wellness and wholeness as a number one priority. For our part, we have to learn to loosen the grip more and more and trust not only our parenting but our children’s resilience and good judgment. It can be painful and you might lose a bit of sleep but it is the wisest option.

Be blessed!
Rev. B

From the Director of Studies

Ms Kym Armstrong

Years 9, 10, 11 and 12 Study Hall
Years 7, 8 and 9 Study Skills
Parents of Year 10 students:  Year 11 2019 Subject Information Evening
Parents of Year 8 students:  Year 9 2019 Subject Information Evening

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Years 9, 10, 11 and 12 Study Hall

The College is offering students in Years 9, 10, 11 and 12 the opportunity to work in a study hall this term.  These sessions will take place downstairs in the south building of the Senior School on Wednesday and Thursday, 3.30-4.30. During these sessions, students will be able to access study and writing tips or work individually in a quiet environment.

Years 7, 8 and 9 Study Skills

Students in Years 7, 8 and 9 will be able to access study sessions that assist them to develop independent study skills and habits.  These sessions will be held weekly after school on Wednesday, 3.30-4.30pm.   Interested students are encouraged to speak with Miss Miriam Sultan, who will be convening these sessions.

Parents of Year 10 studentsYear 11 2019 Subject Information Evening

Year 10 students are looking forward to selecting subjects that capture their interests, enhance their skills and assist them to pursue a pathway beyond school.  This is a reminder that the Subject Information Evening for Year 11 2019 is at 7pm Thursday, 26 July in the Senior School Building.  Year 10 students are looking forward to putting their questions to the many teachers who will be there.  It will be great to see as many parents as possible on the night.

Parents of Year 8 students:  Year 9 2019 Subject Information Evening

Year 8 students have the opportunity to have their questions about Year 9 subject choices answered at the Year 9 2019 Subject Information Evening from 7pm Tuesday 7 August in the Senior School Building.  The students have enjoyed experiences across many different subjects over the last two years and this is their first opportunity to pursue their interests in the choice of elective subjects.  Parents are most cordially invited to attend the evening with their son or daughter and talk to teachers who will be keen to provide information about their specialist subjects.

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From the Junior School

Mr Steven Armstrong

Woolly Wednesday
Year 6 Refugee Challenge
Year 6 art

Creative Pursuits
Year 1 and 2 Kitchen and Garden Semester 1

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As we head to the mid-year break, it is always a good time to reflect on the Semester. Trinity, like many educational institutions, has at its core the student and their learning. This can take many different forms for each individual. The educational researchers are often looking for keys to learning so that we as teachers, parents or students will gain the most from our time. It is interesting to look back at the skills and content that were at the heart of school 10 or even 20 years ago. Obviously, there has been much change particularly in relation to the skill sets for students. In 1992, there was no real understanding of the speed of communication or access to “facts and figures” that are available today. Given the changes that have occurred, the most important aspects of learning have not really changed. Students need to be enriched by what they are learning, they must be engaged with the content and the skills and allow themselves to extend into the unknown. I have been greatly encouraged by the recent work relating to resilient learners. These students are not afraid to make mistakes when confronting something new. The ones who have thrown away the eraser as they are willing to dive into new knowledge pools that require different skills and are quite accepting of the setbacks that can occur.

Woolly Wednesday

For a gold coin donation, students came to school wearing their woolliest, warmest, casual clothes on Wednesday. There was a competition at lunchtime but students didn’t need the incentive of a prize to turn up in all sorts of woolly attire – from onesies to Ugg boots and beanies to scarves.

Year 6 Refugee Challenge

This week is Refugee Week – an annual activity to inform the public about refugees and celebrate positive contributions made by refugees to Australian society. The ultimate aim of the celebration is to create better understanding between different communities and to encourage successful integration enabling refugees to live in safety and to continue making a valuable contribution to Australia.

Year 6 students are currently learning about developing countries and refugees in their Blended Unit, “Moving towards a better future”. On Wednesday, the Year 6 students participated in the Act for Peace Refugee challenge where they ate food rations mimicking what they would eat in a day in a Refugee camp. The students made and shared a meal of rice and beans at school as they reflected on the conditions faced daily by many refugees.

The Year 6 team has raised over $1400 which enables 10 children to attend schooling for 2 months. For further information about the challenge or refugee week


Year 6 art

Some fabulous work has been coming out of the Year 6 art room. Including Cubist portraits inspired by the work of Paul Klee (Tara Swann, Gaby Brndusic, Amy Crocker, Charlotte Coysh), portraits inspired by the Vermeer painting Girl with a Red Hat (Harrison Haberecht, Grace Bath, Hamish Sidgwick, Lara Nelson) and charcoal drawings of an Australian theme (Coco Farley, Ariene Sorgdrager, Marco DiStefano, Ethan Porter) – Melanie Routledge. 

Creative Pursuits

During creative pursuits the Estia Health group enjoyed another walk down to visit Estia Health. They put a smile on the faces of residents. Students were playing card games, colouring, performing songs and completing jigsaw puzzles with the residents.

Charlie and Banning enjoyed helping with this puzzle.

Dana, Izzie and Izzie loved colouring and playing cards with this lovely resident. – Dakota Bennett.

Year 1 and 2 Kitchen and Garden Semester 1

It is just about time for the Year 1 and 2 kitchen and garden co-curricular program to come to an end. The students have had lots of fun cooking and eating cheese castles, weet-bix slices, ham and cheese tarts, apple tarts, muesli bars, biscuits and tiny teddy chocolate cars. I am sure there are some eager chefs who are ready to cook lots of delicious snacks at home.

The children also planted garlic bulbs, cauliflowers, bok choy and cabbages. Everyone is delighted to see them growing quickly and very soon we should see little vegetables poking their heads up and ready to eat. – Kate Armstrong

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World’s Greatest Shave

Mrs Megan Craig – Year 5 Teacher

Trinity Team Hunter raised an amazing $41,000 in their Worlds Greatest Shave effort today. About 35 students shaved their heads, and another 80 students lined up to have their hair coloured to support the fundraiser. Organiser Megan Craig and Kinder teacher Matthew went for a No.1 shave while fellow teacher Jessica Wilson had her long locks snipped so she could donate the hair for wig making.

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Donate a toothbrush

We are travelling to East Timor in the July school holidays and will be taking donations of toothbrushes and toothpaste to several communities there. East Timor is one of Australia’s closest neighbours. The capital Dili, is closer to Darwin than Sydney is to Brisbane. It is one of the world’s newest nations and is also one of the world’s poorest. Incredibly, there are only five dentists in Timor-Leste, four of whom are located in Dili. There are 54 dental nurses, making it about one dental nurse for every 20,000 people. Consequently, the populations suffers from generally poor dental health.

We hope to take toothbrushes and toothpaste to deliver to the Balibo Dental Clinic, which is running preventative programs in local schools. The clinic’s aim is to stem the tide of oral decay one patient at a time with the overarching mission to help the East Timorese to help themselves. So when you next go shopping, it would be appreciated if you could add a toothbrush or toothpaste to your shopping trolley and drop them off to the uniform shop of the front office. Your kindness and generosity will go a long way in helping an under privileged country. – Cathy Katsoolis

Rachael Beck showcase and masterclass

Mrs Emma Mancer, Coordinator of Co-Curricular Performing Arts

Exciting opportunity with Rachael Beck

We have a very exciting opportunity for all our performing arts students here at Trinity in term 3. I am very excited to announce that Trinity has been able to secure musical theatre professional Rachael Beck to spend two days at the college, working and performing with our students and staff.

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Rachael works with a limited number of schools each year and we are very excited to have Rachael work with our students and staff and help enhance our performing arts programs.

On Friday, 3 August, Rachael will be working with various co-curricular performing arts groups including the musical theatre ensemble, Seussical cast and HSC vocal students.

On Friday evening, Rachael will perform alongside Trinity students in a showcase concert here at the College.

On Saturday, 4 August, Rachael will be running 2 Musical Theatre Masterclasses, open to any interested participants from the Albury/Wodonga region. Trinity students will receive a 50% discount on all Masterclass registrations.

Benefits for the students

  • Unique opportunity to spend 2 days learning from a musical theatre professional
  • Inspire students to continue to engage in the performing arts
  • A rare opportunity to perform alongside a professional performer.
  • Gain professional knowledge of the performing arts industry.

Please click here for booking details or contact me with any further questions about this very exciting, and unique opportunity for our students and staff to learn from one of the industry’s leading performers.

About Musical Theatre Professional Rachael Beck

One of Australia’s leading performers and educators, Rachael Beck is a multi-faceted, award – winning powerhouse whose talents span across stage and screen, as both an acclaimed vocal artist and actress.

Rachael Beck is widely remembered for her award-winning role as Belle opposite Hugh Jackman in Beauty and the Beast, which won the 1996 ARIA Award for the Best Australian Soundtrack/Cast/Show Release.  Her outstanding credits include her Green Award nominated performance as ‘Fantine’ in Les Miserables and ‘Rumpleteaser’ in Cats, both produced by Cameron Mackintosh.

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Senior School Sport

Mr Nash Clark, Co-ordinator Senior School Sport

Girls’ U15 AFL Bushrangers Shield
CIS Cross Country
Trinity Blue

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Girls’ U15 AFL Bushrangers Shield

The Trinity Girls’ U15 Years AFL team ventured to the Lavington Panthers Oval on Tuesday, 13 June to challenge Billabong High in the U15 Bushrangers Cup Grand Final. As with our semi-final, the conditions were trying with rain causing it to be slippery and difficult to move the football quickly on such a large ground.  After gaining the ascendency and lead for most of the second half, a late goal to Billabong caused heart break for the girls, falling short by two points.

However, the enjoyment, enthusiasm and sportsmanship shown by the girls was fantastic and they all should be congratulated on how the game was played. Highlights from the game included some bone-crunching tackles and fierce desperation, particularly from our backline and midfield players. Again it was definitely a team effort overall!

Score: Trinity 3-4 (22) defeated by Billabong High School 4-0 (24). Goal scorers: Imogen Jones (1), Zarlie Goldsworthy (1), Bella Fielder (1). Best players: Imogen Jones, Zarlie Goldsworthy, Hannah Avage, Asha Finlay, Phoebe Ziebarth.

Finally, thanks to Emma Piltz, Zali Spencer and Mrs Fisher for their great organisation and encouragement, and also the staff, parents and friends who came along to support the girls. Hopefully the girls will take this experience and be keen to be involved next year and go one step further – well done! – Geoff Coughlan, coach.

CIS Cross Country

Clear blue skies and a cool wind greeted officials and competitors at Sydney Motor Sports Park, the venue for the CIS Cross Country. Trinity Senior School was well represented and supported by College families and staff. Thank you to Mr Thurling (RAS team manager) and Jess Hardie for their organisation. Congratulations to our team members: Paris Morgan, Evie Nelson, Charlotte Male, Ella Baker, Jecca Baker, Harry Arcus and Ryan Patching.

Trinity Blue

Last Saturday, U13 Trinity Blue were due to face off against Scots for the second time this season, but to our disappointment they had made a last minute forfeit and we were left all dressed up with nowhere to go! We ummed and ahhhed about what to do, should we play a half game, go home back to the warm spot in front of the fire, or go and get a coffee?  Within a few minutes, all the parents had taken to the court to play against their girls!

After a first quarter (very close of course……), the jumpers came off and the Albury netball association had run over to give the adults bibs to make it a real game. The “over 13” team was affectionately named the “Aged Blue Cheeses” and some of the girls were overheard saying they “wished we could have forfeits more often!” A thoroughly enjoyable Saturday morning was had, with much laughter and community spirit. Thank you to all the (competitive) parents of Trinity Blue, Olivia Rawson for umpiring, to Kyanne Cardona for joining in, Sarah Culligan for the photos and to all the players in Trinity Blue for my favourite moment of the season so far. – Kathryn Rupp, coach U13 Trinity Blue

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Junior School Sport

Mr Kade Stevens, Co-ordinator Junior School Sport

RAS Cross Country
Jump Rope for Heart
Basketball registration and game fees due
Hoop Time basketball at Wodonga
Kindergarten Aussie Hoops Program

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RAS Cross Country

On Thursday, 14 June, 11 Junior School students competed at CIS Cross Country as a member of the RAS team. All Trinity students tried their best and proudly represented both RAS and Trinity. Whilst no one was selected for the CIS Team, the day was a massive success with lots of support and cheering from our tremendous families. Congratulations to the Trinity students for your efforts and thank you to parents for being such a great cheer squad!

RAS Cross Country Representatives: Year 6: Luke Sampson, Amelia Wakefield, Sienna Plested. Year 4: Ebony McGee, Becky White, Harriet Hogg, Charlotte McCarthy, Angus Morgan. Year 3: Lawrence Roth, Archie Bowler, Edwina Harrington.

Jump Rope for Heart

The Jump Rope for Heart is still up and going, and it’s not too late to register.  We have now raised $4032 for the Jump Rope for Heart Foundation. This is a terrific achievement so far. Remember, the Jump Rope for Heart will finish at the end of this term so please continue skipping.  Congratulations to the following students for making their way on to the Trinity leaderboard: Stamatina Kamberos and Tamsyn Vanderhoek. They were rewarded with a gift sent from The Heart Foundation.

Hoop Time basketball at Wodonga

Two teams of Year 5/6 students attended the Hoop Time basketball carnival at the Wodonga Sports & Leisure Centre on Tuesday. Everybody had a great time and whilst we were very competitive, neither team made the finals. Both teams played 4 games against other schools such as Scots and St Monica’s. Thank you to all the parents, students and teachers who helped out on the day. – Luke Sampson and Katie Fletcher

Kindergarten Aussie Hoops Program

Registrations are now open for the 2018 Trinity Anglican College Kindergarten Aussie Hoops Program. Sessions will be conducted throughout Term 3, each Tuesday, 3.30-4.30pm, beginning 31 July for eight weeks, finishing on 18 September. Parents can register their child through the Aussie Hoops website and centre locator:

The cost for the program is $85, which includes a basketball, singlet and backpack for each child. Please note – places are limited. Registrations will close on the last day of Term 2 (Friday, 29 June). If you are interested in registering, please do so before the end of the term. – Michelle Campbell

Basketball registration and game fees due

With the commencement of the new season of basketball in Semester 2, please note that registration (for those that are due mid-year) and game fees (always due at the start of the season) will need to be paid by 23 July, which is the Monday of the first week of Term 3. If these are not paid, and students play, those games will be forfeited. If you have not used your Active Kids voucher yet, this can be used at this time.

Any future correspondence for basketball, please direct your emails to the new address of:  

Trinity Hawks

Trinity Hawks U12 basketball team took to the court for their semi final against Wildcat Lions last Monday. Lions came into the match clear ladder leaders with only 1 loss for the season. Our Hawks played a tough hard fought game and shocked the Lions with one of their best games of the season. The boys led at the first change and were level at the second. The scores see-sawed for the remainder of the match but a couple of quick goals in succession in the dying minutes of the game saw the Lions take victory with a 40-32 final score. A great effort by the boys and all the lunchtime and after school practice was evident on the court. Thanks also to team coach Rachael Clancy for her support of the team and guidance all season. – Anthea Mulholland

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Mrs Margaret Cochrane

Thank you to volunteers Eleanor Pearson and Rachel Melton.

Roster Week 9 Term 2
Monday June 25   Eleanor Pearson
Tuesday 26   Rachel Melton
Wednesday 27
Thursday 28
Friday 29   End of Term BBQno Canteen lunch orders

Sausage in bread $2
Drink $2 (juice boxes only in Junior School)

Final week of Term

Please put an “alternative” option when ordering lunches in the last week of Term. I do try to run stock down, and typically run short of items like lasagne and gluten free chicken strips. Junior School students in particular may be disappointed so need to be prepared for a second choice if necessary. If your child requires gluten free, please note on the bag clearly. I will ensure there is some stock for these cases.

Community Announcements