22 March 2019

From the Principal

Mr Justin Beckett

mr_justin_beckettTrinity students were encouraged to follow their passion for STEM subjects with a sky’s-the-limit mentality by visiting scientist Veena Sahajwalla this week.

Her words echoed some of the core beliefs of Trinity. We want our students to push themselves; to explore and question their world around them. So it was wonderful that our students could hear that same message from someone as inspiring and as successful as Sahajwalla.

Sahajwalla directs the Centre for Sustainable Materials Research and Technology (SMaRT) at UNSW Australia and is a leader in the field of recycling waste into resources for manufacturing. She showed our students how her work has enabled car tyres – a considerable waste issue – to be recycled in the steel manufacturing process.

Before her Spotlight on STEM session with our students on Tuesday, I was lucky enough to spend some time with Sahajwalla and explain what Trinity does in the sustainability and recycling space. She was thrilled that we have such a strong commitment to sustainability and the environment, even suggesting we were a leader in the area.

She had some more great messages for our students. She told students not to be limited by what was known today and encouraged them to push the boundaries in areas of STEM that fuelled their passion. She spoke about pushing the boundaries of current understanding and to be prepared for critics who might say it couldn’t be done, at the same time as you were doing it.

It was inspirational for our students to hear that the possibilities are endless in the STEM subjects and that there will be jobs in the sector – the jobs that our students will fill – that don’t even exist yet.

I love it that our community is so enriched by activities such as the Spotlight on STEM forum and, later in the week, Harmony Day and Ride to School Day. There is always something to challenge and teach our students in many different ways. Harmony Day was particularly poignant in the wake of the horrific events in Christchurch so it was fantastic to see the whole school wearing orange and participating in activities that fostered inclusiveness and tolerance.

As always, Ride to School day was well attended despite the doubtful weather. It’s a good way to start the day – some healthy activity and then a wonderful bacon and egg roll and milkshake to fuel up before class, thanks to our Year 11 students.

A busy week, but I think you will agree, a blessed week.


From the Head of Academic Administration

Ms Kym Armstrong

Year 10, 11 and 12 Assessment Tasks
Disability Provisions for HSC Examinations

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Year 10, 11 and 12 Assessment Tasks

Students are working diligently on the assessment tasks that have been set so that they can demonstrate what they know and can do.  Students should maintain a dialogue with their teachers and make sure that they are very clear about the requirements of each task.

If a student is unable to submit or sit an assessment task because of illness or mishap, there is a firm set of protocols to be followed; this is outlined in assessment policy booklets that have been distributed to all students in Years 10-12.  In the first instance, parents and caregivers are to contact the Head of Academic Administration, Ms Kym Armstrong, or the Dean of Teaching and Learning, Mrs Adele Guy, when it is identified that a student will miss an assessment task.

Disability Provisions for HSC Examinations

The NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) offers special consideration for the examinations of students who are experiencing significant disadvantage because of conditions that impair their ability to perform in the examination setting.  In order to access this consideration, students must undertake an application process.  Students who think that they might be eligible are encouraged to speak to me.


 During May 2019, students at our school in Years 3, 5, 7 and 9 will sit the NAPLAN paper assessments. The schedule for tests is as follows

Tuesday 14 May Wednesday 15 May Thursday 16 May
Language Conventions test (spelling, grammar and punctuation)

Writing test


Reading test Numeracy test

On Friday 17 May, a ‘catch-up’ day is scheduled for students who missed a test.

Students may be exempt from the NAPLAN tests if they:

  • are newly arrived in Australia (less than one year before the test) and with a language background other than English, or
  • have significant intellectual disability and/or significant co-existing conditions which severely limit their capacity to participate in the

All other students are expected to participate in the tests.

Disability adjustments which reflect the student’s normal level of support in the classroom may be provided. Large print, braille, coloured paper versions and electronic tests are also available to meet the needs of individual students. Access to disability adjustments or exemption from the tests must be discussed with the Head of Junior School, Mr Steven Armstrong, for students in Years 3 or 5, or with the Head of Academic Administration, Ms Kym Armstrong, for students in Years 7 or 9. A parent or carer consent form must be signed.

Students may be withdrawn from NAPLAN by their parent or carer after consultation with the College. To withdraw your child from NAPLAN, a parent or carer consent form must be signed. Please make an appointment with your child’s teacher if you need to discuss your child’s participation in NAPLAN.

Any questions? Contact the NAPLAN team on 1300 119 556 or

For further information about NAPLAN, visit the NESA website.

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P&F Trivia Night

Trinity P&F challenge you to test your Trivia knowledge at their first social function of the year, the Trivia Night on March 29.

Book a table or book a ticket and we will allocate you to a table, but whatever you do, don’t miss out. Bring your own nibblies or pre-order from the cafe at

School TV 

The Christchurch massacre is one of the most extreme acts of terrorism the world has seen in recent times. For New Zealand, it was a loss of innocence. Unfortunately, this will impact on many kids throughout Australia and New Zealand. Some parents and care givers may struggle to explain this tragedy to their young people, many of whom are already struggling with high levels of anxiety about the state of their world.  In this Special Report, parents and care givers will be provided with practical strategies on how to talk their children in a reassuring manner. It will also highlight the necessity to be aware of the signs of trauma, should a child be adversely affected.

If you do have any concerns about the wellbeing of your child, please contact the school for further information or seek medical or professional help. Here is the link to your special report

Sponsorship opportunity for Phantom

When Trinity Anglican College presents The Phantom of the Opera at the Entertainment Centre in May, it will be the first time Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musical will be performed by any production company or group in the region. Trinity also is one of the first schools in Australia to be granted a licence to perform the show.

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Did you know that Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musical version of The Phantom of the Opera is one of the most successful pieces of entertainment of all time, produced in any media, and its success is continuing all over the world? It has played to over 140 million people in 35 countries in 166 cities around the world with an estimated gross of $6 billion.

And now its coming to Albury!

If you would like to secure sponsorship in the A4 full colour program for the May performances of The Phantom of the Opera and support our wonderfully creative students, please do so before bookings close next Friday, 29 March. Email

You will not only have great seats for your choice of night (subject to availability at the time of your confirmation) but you will be sending a strong message to our students that their hard work and dedication matters.

Please click for Sponsorship Packages

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From Performing Arts

Mrs Michelle Mordecai, Coordinator of Co-Curricular Performing Arts

Rachael Beck Workshop
Albury Eisteddfod
Border Music Camp

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Rachael Beck Workshop

Last Monday and Tuesday, elective music and drama students had the inspiring experience of working with musical theatre star, Rachael Beck. Rachael workshopped students’ performances, giving advice on delivery, diction and voice production. The cast of Phantom explored character and movement in the ensemble piece ‘Masquerade.’ It was incredible to watch the transformation of school students into French aristocracy. Students in the Junior school were enthralled by Rachael’s performance alongside featured soloists from Phantom.

Albury Eisteddfod

The Albury Eisteddfod provides students with the opportunity to perform in a supportive environment and to gain feedback on their performance. I would encourage students to consider entering, particularly if students are also considering taking external performance exams. Trinity will be represented by a number of different ensembles at the Eisteddfod. Entries close on 1 May for Music and 17 May for Drama and Dance, with no late entries allowed. Please see the link below for more details.

Border Music Camp

Border Music Camp is a fantastic opportunity for students to play in large ensembles with specialised tuition. It is also heaps of fun! The camp caters for students from ages 8-80 with a mix of complete beginners and semi-professional musicians attending. Online applications are now open at

The Camp is already 75 per cent full so please get your application in to avoid disappointment. I strongly recommend Border Music Camp to anyone playing in Trinity ensembles, including our new Training Band. You will be amazed at how much your playing improves in just one week.



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From the Careers desk

Mr Mark Dicketts, Careers Advisor

Careers News
Careers Expo

Click on the link below for this week’s newsletter;

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Careers Newsletter

Topics in this week’s newsletter:

  • Sports physiotherapy versus exercise physiology
  • Careers in medicine and dentistry
  • Mining engineering graduates are in high demand
  • Careers in business – insurance, economics and actuarial science
  • Big Science Small Science – RMIT Facebook page
  • Monash University – events and updates
  • The University of Melbourne – events
  • Natural health courses
  • IT Careers – article and websites
  • The rise of automation – jobs that may become obsolete
  • Hotel Management – events and courses
  • Careers in Dairy Nutrition at Fonterra
  • Policing careers – Victoria and Federal
  • Transport and Logistics – events and careers
  • Electrical Careers – pre selection test
  • Bricklaying Careers
  • Dates for your diary

 Careers Expo

Catholic College Wodonga is holding its bi-annual Career Expo on Wednesday 27 March and all students and families from local schools are invited to attend.

Date and time: Wednesday 27 March, 5-6.30pm
Location: General Careers Expo: Catherine McAuley Arts Centre. STEM Careers Expo: Aquinas Centre.
Exhibitors: Over 90 organisations will be available for you to speak to about careers, pathways, study options and services.
Food: our wonderful VET Hospitality students will be serving you food.

Students in Years 10-12 have been emailed the Career Expo Exhibitors Guide 2019. Please read the guide carefully and take a copy to the Expo.

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From the Science Department

After a quick hum of the first line of Engelbert Humperdinck’s song – Please release me, let me go, Year 7 Teacher Laura Thompson and students Nathan, Adam and Lachlan walked to the Mitchell Park pond to let their yabbies go free.  This term, Year 7 hasbeen studying ‘The Circle of Life’ with pairs of students nurturing a yabby; regularly feeding, changing and oxygenating their water along with noting their yabby’s increase in length and weight.  Unfortunately there were a few casualties along the way but this week over 30 yabbies have found freedom, our task being supervised to the boys’ delight, by a  neighbourhood cat!

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From the Library

Mr Rob Childs and Mrs Amy Wilson

Book Fair Wrap-up

It was another successful Book Fair this year, with sales of around $9000 meaning that we will have around $1500 in Scholastic credits to re-invest into our Junior School, the Tutorial Centre, and the Library. More importantly, it was also another chance to expose our students to books and literature (and the occasional diary!), and it is always great to see the excitement for books and other resources that these fairs, and other events, generate for our students and College community.

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This year’s fair was one of the smoothest running fair’s I have been involved with, and much of this can be attributed to the amazing help we received from our P&F and some wonderful parent helpers on the sale day. I would like to take this opportunity to thank these helpers, including Anthea Mulholland and the P&F for organising the helpers and the timetable. Thank you very much to Bec Schultz, Natasha Harrington, Amandah McWaters, Emma Menz, Varsha Reddy, Meredith Hales, Kirsty James and Angela Phillips, as well as a couple of other helpers during the day who weren’t on the list but still came in to help.

A very big Thank You to Terri O’Sullivan and Leah Campbell, who both gave up a large part of their day to stay and help out, long after their allocated times had ended. To any other staff and parents who offered assistance on the day. And finally, thank you to all of the students and their families and friends who were involved with the Book Fair throughout the week… whether you purchased anything or not, these events only succeed if they are supported by the school community. Your ongoing support for such activities, as well as for the Library, are very much acknowledged and appreciated.


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Senior School Sport

Mr Nash Clark, Head of Senior School Sport

Senior School Cross Country Carnival
Athletics Carnival
Around the Grounds

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 Senior School Cross Country Carnival

 The College Cross Country carnival course this year weaved its way around the College surroundings and proved to be a big success. Pleasingly, all students attempted the longer, more technical track with the goal of helping their House succeed and beating the few teachers who braved the course. Congratulations to Lankaster, which proved to be too competitive and won its inaugural Cross Country House Championship title.

Age Champions and Runner-Up Age Champions

Place Girls Under 13 Years Girls 14 Years Girls 15 Years Girls 16 Years Open
1st Susie Male Marianan Horta Vieira Paige Shirley Jecca Baker Blaynee House
2nd Mia Hobson Paris Morgan Bella Fielder Abbi Fielder Charlotte Male
Place Boys Under 13 Years Boys 14 Years Boys 15 Years Boys 16 Years Open
1st Luke Sampson Connor Schmidt Khylan Wright Finn Nixon Mitchell Scott
2nd Archie McDonald Thomas Ramsdell Harry Arcus Maz Beattie Ryan Wandel
Place House Points
1st Lankaster 145
2nd Kimball 141
3rd Kelton 123
4th Rosborough 112
5th Hoffman 97
6th Petts 61

The College will be proudly represented by a very strong BISSA Cross Country team. Our College Cross Country team will come up against some of the strongest runners in the Riverina on Monday, 13 May, and I would like to take this opportunity to wish them all the best!

Athletics Carnival

The Senior School Athletics Carnival is on Wednesday 3 April. All families are reminded to familiarise themselves with the information sent home regarding starting time and travel arrangements.

Senior School students will need to make their way directly to the Les O’Brien Athletics Precinct (with a shuttle service also provided from the College). All students will be expected to be at the precinct by 8.45am. If they have nominated to participate in the first rotation of events they must be at the track by 8.20am for an 8.30am start.

Time     Boys           Girls    
13yr 14yr 15yr 16yr 18yr Break 13yr 14yr 15yr 16yr Open
8.30am High Jump Long Jump Javelin Discus Shot put 1500m


Saturday competition at JC King Park starts on May 5th for all ages. If your daughter would like to join a team, email Vashti ( by 1 April. Team registrations close 6 April. Training begins Week 9, Monday (COLA) and Thursday (MPH) afternoon, 3.20-4.15pm. Net Set Go information to follow soon for those Under 10.

 Around the Grounds

 Victorian State Track and Field Little Athletics Championships: Trinity College students based out of Wodonga Little Athletics Centre competed at the 2019 Victorian State Track and Field Little Athletics Championships on 16 and 17 March and achieved a range of commendable results.

Sloan Mulholland (Year 6): U12 1500m Walk 10th and Javelin 12th.
Illiana Mulholland (Year 9): U14 Discus 15th.
Riley Edwards (Year 8): U14 Javelin 8th.
Charlotte Streat (Year 8) – U13 Discus Gold Medal, Javelin 10th and Shot Put 4th.

Charlotte’s result led to her selection in the Victorian team to compete at the 2019 Australian Little Athletics Championships in Hobart in April. Good luck, Charlotte!

Trinity Ski Team

The Trinity Ski/Snowboard Team will once again head to Perisher NSW to compete in the Interschools Snowsports Championship from 24-26 July .  If anyone is interested in joining (Year 3 and up), please contact Meg Salisbury on

Training will commence on Monday after school in the MPH for Term 2 only and some on mountain training will also be an option (dates to be announced).



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From the Junior School

Mr Steven Armstrong

A Perfect World
Disabled Parking
Parent Helpers
Swimming Representatives
Ride to School Morning
Harmony Day

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I have been fortunate enough to be able to teach all classes in K-6 over the past month and the inquisitive nature of the students and their willingness to think about some challenging ideas have been enlightening. As educators we need to recognise that even the hard concepts and the difficult situations can be reflected upon by children of all ages. To be asked these questions by 5 and 6 year old students is such a joy.

The incidents of recent times that have shocked us as a nation and the different tragedies that descend on us reminds us of our own frailty.  I regale at accepting difference as this is tacit. We as a nation should emulate the wisdom of our youngest and celebrate difference. You don’t get harmony when everybody sings the same note!

The following is a recipe from Year 5 from 4 years ago and really rings true today.

Year 5 have been busy looking at how we are globally connected and how we all have an important role in improving the world that we live in. Students in 5JH were asked to create a recipe for ‘A Perfect World’. A whole class recipe was then created. I think you will all agree that this is one recipe that should be in every cookbook!

A Perfect World (Recipe by Year 5)


2 lengths of love                                               I spoonful of selflessness              A gallon of grace

A pinch of peace                                               One foot of friendship                   A melody of music

8 pieces of equality                                         A spoonful of smiles                        A pint of patience

3 cups of caring                                                 An inch of inspiration                      A huge amount of hugs

1kg of kindness                                                 4 heaped tsp of happiness           2 tsp of trust

1/5 of a cup of faith


2 x ‘Many hands’ recycled bowl                 Hope tin                               ‘Tender hand’ wooden spoon

(Be creative and add your own ingredients for a slightly different flavour)


  • Using your ‘tender hand’ combine the love (which should be well sifted to alleviate any hate), selflessness and grace in a large recycled ‘many hands’ bowl. Do not over mix, the right consistency should be light and fluffy.
  • Once mixture is light and fluffy, add a pinch of peace. This will turn the mixture a rainbow colour.
  • In a separate recycled ‘many hands’ bowl, again using your ‘tender hand’ mix together friendship (caution should be taken when selecting the right friendship so as no bullies make it into the mixture), equality, patience, kindness and caring. Mixture should form a strong bond.
  • Combine both mixtures with your ‘tender hand’ into the one recycled ‘many hands’ bowl. You will notice a sweet perfume and that is your indication that the mixtures are combined perfectly.
  • To this add your inspiration, trust, smiles, hugs and music. The mixture will start to bubble and create the most beautiful tune you will ever hear.
  • Place into a hope tin and put it into a nice quiet place for 30 minutes to begin its special process.
  • Use this time to contemplate what you’re going to do with this perfect world.
  • After 30 minutes your mixture will have become firm (but fair)
  • Sprinkle the faith on top of your perfect world and it is ready to enjoy!

Please note: When you are enjoying your perfect world you may feel some warm and fuzzy feelings. Don’t be alarmed this is perfectly normal!

Disabled Parking

Wwe have a number of students who require access to the disabled parking in the Parent Car Park. Unfortunately over the past two weeks these parking spots have been taken meaning the student involved had to make their way to the back of the MPH to load in to the car. Please leave these spaces for the students and parents who require that access.

Parent Helpers

Many thanks to the parents for their help with covering of books for K and Year 1.

Swimming Representatives

The CIS carnival takes place this week. It was great to celebrate the performance of many swimmers and we wish them well at the next level.

Ride to School Morning

Congratulations to all involved as this not only raises awareness of the need to maintain good health but opens eyes and minds to the simple pleasure that riding a bike can bring. I saw a number of students practising over the weekend. Thanks to Mr Thurling for his organisation and to all the parents and staff who gave of their time in the early morning to ensure the ride was smooth.

Harmony Day

Harmony Day is celebrated on 21 March each year across Australia. The day celebrates Australia’s cultural diversity. It’s about inclusiveness, respect and a sense of belonging for everyone. Over the week students in the Junior School have been participating in many activities that reflect these values during lunchtime sessions in the library and in the classroom. Students have been working with assistance of the Senior School leaders and Junior School SRC leaders to create a Harmony Peace tree, Harmony paper dolls and peace doves. The art activities have allowed many students to participate in making activities with students who they don’t usually mix with on a daily basis. It has been a pleasure to witness our Junior and Senior leaders facilitating the activities and supporting the students in the younger year levels.

On Thursday the Senior and Juniors joined together for an open mic session while wearing their orange clothes reflecting their respect of the celebrations.


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Junior School Sport

Mr Kade Stevens, Head of Senior School Sport

Junior School Cross Country
TAFE NSW Netball Gala Day
Southern Sports Academy Netball
RAS Swimming

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Junior School Cross Country

On Tuesday 19 March, Trinity’s Years 3-6 students braved the afternoon heat for the annual cross country. It was our largest event ever, with just under 350 students running the 2.5km or 3.5km course. I would like to commend all students, not only for their determination in completing the event, but also for their enthusiasm in supporting their team members. The noise and energy coming from each house was electric. Congratulations to Rosborough on winning the Championship House.

1st – Rosborough
2nd – Kelton
3rd – Hoffman
4th – Lankaster
5th – Kimball
6th – Petts

Our Trinity RAS team will travel to Wagga on Friday 10 May to compete in the RAS cross country. Our team will be made up of the top five finishers in each event.

Girls Boys
9 and under 1.       Winnie Monaghan

2.       Ella Lewis

3.       Sima Elhage

4.       Eleanor Neave

5.       Rehoboth Gatchessi

1.       Maxwell Whitsed

2.       William Castley

3.       Tiger Phillips

4.       Ryder Murray

5.       Tyge Morey

10 years 1.       Elizabeth Melton

2.       Edwina Harrington

3.       Sasika Aldridge

4.       Ruby de Graaff

5.       Charlotte Peck

1.       Eden Deverell

2.       Thomas Stefaniak

3.       Lawrence Roth

4.       Sam Reid

5.       Chase Nelder

11     years 1.       Becky White

2.       Ebony McGee

3.       Harriet Hogg

4.       Charlotte McGarthy

5.       Lilly Hutchins

1.       Samuel Hobson

2.       Fergus Monaghan

3.       Joseph McFarland

4.       Connor Skillicorn

5.       Hayden Brawn

12-13 years 1.       Steph Ramsdell

2.       Georgina Carlin Larsen

3.       Isabelle McKerlie

4.       Luella Aldridge

5.       Claudia Hocking

1.       Angus Morgan

2.       Justin Gill

3.       Sloan Mulholland

4.       Charles McFarland

5.       Levi Geering

TAFE NSW Netball Gala Day

It was an exciting challenge for our students against surrounding Border schools in the Netball Gala Day. Trinity took seven teams, including boys and girls teams, from the Junior School.

Our Year 3/4 teams had an amazing day with some incredible performances including the big match of the day when the girls and the boys teams played each other. Half time saw the teams tied at 3-3, but in the end, the girls ran away with a 10-5 win. A great day all around for them.

Our senior teams were competitive all day and a special thanks goes to all the senior teams for getting around the Junior School and creating atmosphere for a good day. Thanks also to those who helped with coaching and umpiring.

Both Year 6 teams had an exciting day with dominant performances. The game of the day was when the boys and the girls played each other. The boys came out victorious in a nail-biter with some impressive late-game shooting by Harrison Wilson and Sloan Mulholland. It was such an exciting game, and it prompted both teams to call for a rematch at schoo – something to look forward to.

Special thanks to students who helped through the day in various roles, including umpiring, coaching and helping with logistics. Thank you Isabella Clancy, Lana Heer, Chloe Wise-Chalker, Litia Rawaqa, Olivia Dean and Ines Haszard.

Southern Sports Academy Netball

The Southern Sports Academy is again holding it’s annual School Holiday Netball Camp.  This year it is to be held at the Equex Centre, Wagga Wagga on the 16-18 April 2019.

The camps are a valuable opportunity for children of all skill levels to receive top quality coaching with former NSW Swifts player, Jackie Murphy, hosting our Junior Netball Camp, along with a panel of experienced coaches including Southern Sports Academy Coaching staff, special guest coaches and Southern Sports Academy athletes.

This year players between the ages of 7 and 10 will be attending one day only, on Tuesday 16 April, while players aged between 11 and 14 will attend on Wednesday 17th and Thursday 18th.

The annual Junior Netball Camp has become a crucial event for the identification of the best young talent in the Southern part of the state.

Applications may be filled out online via the Academy’s website ( or through the following link – 2019 Netball Development Camp

RAS Swimming

Congratulations to our Trinity RAS team that attended the CIS swimming carnival in Sydney, on Wednesday 20 March.

  • Grace Adams
  • Georgie Carlin Larsen
  • Emily Darmody
  • Edwina Harrington
  • Harry Harrington
  • Archie Kreutzberger
  • Lewis Kreutzberger
  • Oscar Kreutzberger
  • Fallon Locke
  • Alessandro Vaccaro
  • Eva Vaccaro
  • Steph Ramsdell

The senior boys relay team made it through to the finals. This team consisted of Oscar Kreutzberger, Harry Harrington, Alessandro Vaccaro and Archie Kreutzberger. They finished 6th overall which was a great effort.

“It was a  great experience swimming in an Olympic pool and against some of the best swimmers in the State”. Steph Ramsdell.



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Ride to School Day Gallery


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World’s Greatest Shave

Mrs Michelle Campbell

Jack Schubert, one of our Year 4 students, is taking part in the World’s Greatest Shave for the Leukaemia Foundation! He is on a mission to shave the world from blood cancer. If you would like to support Jack in his effort to raise $560, you may sponsor him by following this link:

Sponsoring Jack helps to give families facing blood cancer the emotional and practical support they need. You’ll also fund vital research to help more people survive blood cancers, while improving their quality of life. Every day another 35 Australians are diagnosed with a blood cancer. That’s one Aussie every 41 minutes. Although research is improving survival, sadly an Australian loses their life to blood cancer every two hours.

Immunisation program at Trinity

The first round of school vaccinations is being conducted at this school on Tuesday 2 April 2019. The following vaccines will be offered on this day:

YEAR 7 MALE & FEMALE STUDENTS BOOSTRIX (Diphtheria, Tetanus, Whooping Cough) Single Dose Only

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These vaccinations are funded on the National Immunisation Schedule. Should your child miss out on starting their vaccination course this year they will not be eligible to receive them for free in subsequent years.

Parent information packs were sent home recently.

To consent to your child being vaccinated with one or more vaccines, please sign the relevant sections of the consent card.  The consent card must be completed, signed and returned to the school by Thursday 28 February 2019. PLEASE FILL IN THE CONSENT CARD WITH BLUE OR BLACK PEN ONLY.

If you DO NOT wish to have your child vaccinated with one or more vaccines or if your child has already been vaccinated, please don’t sign the consent section on the consent card and return them to the school by Thursday 28 February 2019.

Please note: Students who have the first dose of HPV at their GP will need to complete the course with their GP.

Parents/guardians who wish to withdraw their consent for any reason may do so by writing to the school Principal or phoning the school. The Procedure for Withdrawal of Consent is available on the NSW Health website at

A Record of Vaccination will be provided to each student vaccinated at the time of vaccination. Parents/guardians should ensure that this record is kept for future reference.

If you have any enquiries about your child’s vaccinations, please contact Wodonga Council’s Immunisation Team on 1800 655 360.     If you have any enquiries regarding the NSW School immunisation program, please contact your local Public Health Unit on 1300 066 055.

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Uniform shop Term 2 trading hours

Blazers are now in stock. If you have ordered a blazer they are now ready to collect, but there are also plenty in stock of all different sizes so get down to the Uniform Shop to get yours before the end of Term.

Community Announcements

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