28 June 2019

Tribute to Mantej

Merciful God,

We pray for Mantej’s family and friends, remembering especially Gagan and Manraj whose sense of loss is so keen. When we cannot understand the things that happen, and are weighed down by grief and loneliness, uphold us in your love. Give us the assurance of your constant care, that we may have courage for the days ahead. Through Jesus Christ our friend.  Amen.


Mantej Singh

Mantej Singh will be remembered as a warm and funny boy who made others laugh. He joined Trinity Anglican College in 2009 and touched the lives of many  before he was cruelly taken from us, all too soon, last week. We are heartbroken, but we will always remember him. On his passing, there was an outpouring of warm memories or funny anecdotes from staff and students. Here are some of them.

MANTEJ arrived quietly to our Kindergarten classroom in 2009. That soon changed because it wasn’t long before he had us all laughing; he brought so much joy to everyone and was always kind. Mantej had a wonderful sense of humour, was animated and had a permanent sparkle in his eyes. Although I hadn’t taught him recently, he always stopped in the schoolyard for a chat. A little over a week ago he was still making me laugh. It is with great sadness that I reflect upon his time at Trinity, I feel privileged to have watched Mantej grow from a little boy into a young man and to have special memories of him. Although an empty chair remains, he will never be forgotten. – Amy Wilson, teacher

I WAS very saddened last week to hear the tragic news of the passing of Mantej. I taught Mantej in Year 2 many years ago. We were both really still finding our feet at that stage. Me, being early in my career and Mantej, in his early school years. We were both lucky to be a part of a great year group: one that he helped mould. He always had a cheeky grin on his face and nothing much ever really fazed him. One thing that really stands out to me about Mantej, was how much he endeared himself to his class mates. I know because of this, his loss will be felt heavily among his peers. My condolences to all of his family, friends and the Trinity community. Knowing how Trinity look after their own, I’m sure there is lots of support for each other. Look after each other.  – Jarrod Hillary, past Trinity teacher.

MANTEJ was always a happy go lucky child, whom I was fortunate enough to have in Year 3. He was part of an incredibly small group of 11 boys in the year group. Nothing at school ever seemed to overly concern or faze him. My favourite Mantej memory would be from a Ride to School Day where Mantej was riding along without his helmet afraid to miss the group of cyclists whilst his grandfather MJ was yelling out at him to come back and get his helmet. Mantej was frantically glancing forwards and backwards unsure about whether would catch back up if he stopped. Eventually Mantej returned for his helmet and caught the group again but it was the only time I had seen him looking particularly stressed or worried about anything! – Jarryd Thurling, teacher

MANTEJ was a very regular Canteen customer and so we got to know one another quite well over the yearsOne weekend, walking along Dean St around the middle of the day, I saw Mantej sitting eating, prominently positioned at a table in the front window of the family restaurant. He waved and smiled and so did I. – I was surprised to see what he was eating, though; KFC! When I next saw him at the Canteen, I asked him why he was eating KFC in the front window of the family restaurant? Mantej smiled, leaned in toward me and answered “Oh, well, I hate Indian food!”.   Margaret Cochrane, past Canteen Manager

IT IS an honour to share a memory of a time with Mantej. I will always fondly remember Mantej for his great sense of humour and his strong spirit for adventure. Mantej was an integral part of the outdoor education group and was always a regular participant in the adventures. I remember a particularly active and exhausting weekend camping with the outdoor group in the Victorian Mountains. With a three-hour drive home on a Sunday afternoon without radio reception ahead of me, I was a little concerned that the drive would make me weary.  I was to fear not though, as Mantej and his friend Zac chose to sit directly behind the driver’s seat and sing through their known repertoire of Katy Perry hits. Fortunately, well at least that’s what the whole bus and I initially thought, the only song they knew was ‘Roar’. Unfortunately, as it turned out, the only song they knew was ‘Roar’ and that’s all I can remember as the bus made it’s way down that mountain in desperate search of radio reception! – Scott Melgaard, past Trinity teacher

IN ENGLISH, Mantej was not necessarily the most engaged student but one who usually had an opinion of different ideas in class. He regularly offered his healthy sense of humour (often at the teacher’s expense) however this was always delivered in a way that did not over step the line or show disrespect. Mantej’s friends enjoyed his warmth and light-hearted outlook on life and often interesting, sometimes random, but always welcome comments in English. He will be sorely missed by his peers, friends, and teachers alike. – David Norris, Senior School Teacher

IN THE Year 9 program last year, I had a lot to do with Mantej.  He wasn’t really a fan of the outdoors and would conveniently forget to bring his sports uniform to school when he had an activity that he didn’t like.  He instead preferred to volunteer in the Junior School classrooms.  He spoke about how long he had been at Trinity and that helping out reminded him of his childhood. Mantej was cheeky but always very honest.  In Elective History, he was working on a video helping to explain the French Revolution.  He was having a lot of fun creating it and I suspect that a guillotine was going to be playing a cameo somewhere.  He clearly had experience in creating videos and saw it as an opportunity to plug his very own YouTube channel. – Leigh Attwood, Head of Year 9 Program


The Singh family very kindly gave four of Mantej’s closest friends the opportunity to honour Mantej at his funeral. These are their stories.

Zac Bonetti

I HAVE been friends with Mantej, since Year 2. He has made a lifetime of memories for me, in such a short period of time, that I will never forget.  Like the time he thought he could do a somersault over a wooden plank: he ended up splitting his knee open. Or even the time when we got lost in the snow: we were supposed to meet up with the rest of the group. We ended up stopping for a quick rest for five minutes. When we started walking again we realised we had no idea where everyone else went. So we walked down the mountain and were just going to wait for the rest of the group but we got cold and Mantej really had to go to the toilet. We found an unlocked window, so I boosted Mantej in to unlock the door for me, but instead of letting me in, he went to the toilet first! At school we got into trouble whenever we were together. Miss Pearce, Madame Bennett and Mr Parkin, just to mention a few teachers, would separate us to stop us from mucking up and talking. Not that that worked!

Mantej, you have done so much for me and for many others.

He was always able to make any situation better by making it funny. He never took anything seriously and found the positives in any situation. We would often go to his Granddad’s house, then walk to his dad’s restaurant get Coke and come back and play games. These memories are things that I will hold onto forever and I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to make these memories and spend time with someone as amazing as Mantej.  Gaming and YouTube were things  Mantej loved to do, and we all loved to do it with him. Sometimes we would be cranky if we lost, but Mantej didn’t care because for him it was more about playing then winning.

I will miss him and will never forget him.

Jye Pigdon

MANTEJ and I have known each other since Kindergarten and we made many memories through school, he was always there for anyone and he had a great sense of humour that could make anyone laugh. He was a great person and was always positive. This ended up making everyone around him feel better and made tough times easier. No one had anything against him and he didn’t have anything against anyone. I was lucky enough to get to sit with him every class we had together. He’s always made class more fun.

Mantej has been in most of my classes so far and I appreciated being able to spend time with him since the day we both started in kindergarten. We’ve made many memories together that will never be forgotten and will stay with me forever. You only have to look around you to see how many people have came here to day to honour Mantej, to realise just how much he meant to us all. I wish the best for his family.

Brayden Hall

WHEN I first moved to Trinity in Year 8 in Term 4, Mantej was in all my classes. We didn’t talk much until one day he asked me for my xbox account. We ended up playing nearly every day for the Christmas holidays. From the morning until night, It was a fun time and I will remember all the times he said he was better than me in all the games we played. Every second of the time I spent with him at school and over the internet meant the world to me. Mantej ended up making a YouTube channel where he would make funny videos of the times we played together. I loved watching them all – everyone did.

This year I had Mantej in two of my classes, Maths and Elective History. I found Maths was boring without him. In elective history we were working on a project together last week, we had planned to set up a green screen to talk about our project. He kept bugging me and insisted we put up a word doc on his computer saying sub to xeroidzz, which was the name to his YouTube channel, I kept refusing but we ended up doing it anyway, he would always find a way to plug his YouTube in any situation. Another great memory I had with Mantej, was when we went to the movies to watch Slender Man with Zac, Mitchell and Paddy. Mantej was really scared and was constantly covering his face with his shirt so he wouldn’t see jump scares, he would even hold on to Paddy’s arm. Mantej was sick a lot this year but he would never let it get him down, even if he wasn’t at school, we still spoke every day.

All these memories I’ve made with Mantej I will forever cherish. We are all thinking of his family and if they need us I hope they all know we are here for them.

Navraj Dhillon

DURING my time at Trinity, Mantej was one of my first and best friends. We would talk at school during lunch or during some of the classes we had together. We also talked on the way home on the bus and when we got home we would play tons of games. I was very sad when I found out about his terrible incident. I loved Mantej’s sense of humor; he was very funny. He loved drinking Coke and uploading videos on his YouTube channel.

A funny story I will always  remember about Mantej was the time he was not wearing a jumper at school because he spilled Coke on it and was too embarrassed to tell anyone what really happened at the time. Another time he hid inside the toilets to skip out on assembly. He was good at gaming and it was fun when he used to play basketball in year 9.

Mantej has given a special gift; by donating his organs there are other families who now don’t have to go through the heartbreak that we are. For that, Mantej will be forever remembered as a true hero.


From the Principal

Mr Justin Beckett



Mantej. From 2009 to 2019 there was only ever one Mantej at Trinity. He was one of us – one of the family. For 10 years he lived among us at school. We saw him on his first day of Kinder. We were with him when he learned to write his name. We were there when he ran his first running race. We were with him on his first school excursion. Over the past 10 years this school has grown with Mantej and he has grown with us.

We didn’t expect that journey to stop so suddenly. It is far too soon to be saying goodbye. There was so much more laughter to be had and adventuring to be done. As a strong, spirited 16-year-old boy – full of life – there was much more living to be done.

Mantej, it was a privilege to share your life with you. We wanted more time with you. But we are ever so grateful for the time you shared with us. We miss you deeply. We are not the same without you here. You are still our only Mantej. And we will honour your memory today and in the days ahead.


There are many students who deserve hearty congratulations this week. There have been many wonderful performances from both Junior School and Senior School students at the Eisteddfod throughout the week. The teachers involved with these students also need our congratulations for co-ordinating, guiding and coaching them in the first part of the Eisteddfod involving music and debating.

Congratulations to our Year 5 and 6 girls who won the Paul Kelly Cup today in Wagga, who made a clean sweep of their three games to earn the right to compete for the State title at Giant Stadium in Sydney in August. And earlier in the week, the Senior School girls AFL team won the Bushrangers Cup, the first time a Trinity team has snared the top trophy. Trinity is really making a name for itself in women’s AFL.

One of our biggest athletics teams to head to a BISSA competition, took out second place at the Les O’Brien Athletics Precinct last week. There were 16 first placegetters, a number of our athletes recorded personal bests and the under 14 girls relay set a BISSA record.

Tonight our 16-18 Division 1 girls basketball team will battle it out in the Grand Final at Lauren Jackson Sports Stadium in the last of our Basketball Club’s grand final appearances this season. Good luck, girls!

All students should be congratulated for the fantastic House spirit and keen competition I witnessed at the Performing Arts Festival on Thursday. Congratulations to Petts, which obviously nailed their Beatles and ABBA renditions!

Over 30 students leave for Cambodia tomorrow on our service trip. The students are to be congratulated for raising in excess of $30,000, which will go towards building materials for the home they will help construct while they are there. Our two students heading on the ASC service trip to Samoa will leave with bags brimming with toys – the result of their toy drive for young Samoan children.

It has been an incredible term and I am so grateful for the acheivements and effort of our students of all ages. I wish every family a wonderful winter break.

Staff Changes from Term 3

We have a number of high quality teachers who are taking leave from Trinity at the end of this term. For some it is to pursue a long-held dream of teaching internationally; for another, it is a chance to explore a new professional opportunity; and for another still, it is a time to commence maternity leave, with the baby only weeks away.

Angela Nevin-Lewis is leaving Trinity to commence at Wodonga Flexible Learning Centre next term, where she will support and teach young people who struggle to thrive in conventional schooling environments. Angela is one of our longest serving Trinity staff members, having started at the College in 2005. In that time she has had several leadership roles and, this year, has taught Business Studies, Geography and History. We heartily commend Angela for her years of service and wish her the very best in her new endeavour.

Nash Clark has accepted a two-year contract at an International School in Vietnam, starting in Term 3. Having commenced at Trinity in 2009, Nash has just completed 10years of service in a variety of teaching and leadership roles in both the Junior School and Senior School. His most recent roles have been Head of Rosborough House and Head of Senior Sport, in addition to his teaching of Mathematics, PDHPE and Food Technology. We are grateful for Nash’s investment, dedication and leadership at Trinity, and wish he and Olivia the very best as they take their young family to Vietnam.

Kari Tainton is excited to be taking up the challenge of an International School in Cairo, Egypt. A passionate historian and educator, Kari has taught in a variety of roles at Trinity since 2010. This year, her classes include History, Extension History and Modern History. This is an exciting opportunity for Kari, Nathan and their family. Kari will be missed, but we wish her every blessing and joy in this new adventure.

Karla Horn has accepted a two-year contract at an International School in Doha, Qatar. Karla commenced at Trinity in 2013. In that time she has taught many of our youngest students from Kinder to Year 2. Karla has also been a leader of teaching and learning in the Junior School as the KLA Leader for HSIE. Before leaving for Qatar, Karla will spend two weeks in Cambodia with Trinity students from Years 10-11 as part of a Service Learning Trip with Raw Impact. Karla has made a wonderful impact at Trinity and will be missed by staff and students of all ages.

Karlee Nolan has commenced her maternity leave this week. Karlee and Steve are expecting their third child in July. I know that the students of 2KN are eagerly awaiting the announcement of a new Nolan baby! We wish Karlee and Steve the very best during this exciting time.

Kate Millan returns to Trinity in Term 3 after a period of six months’ leave. Kate has been at Trinity since 2008 and we are delighted to have her back. Kate will be teaching HSIE classes and will also be developing Service Learning programs and opportunities for the College.

Peter Schneider commences at Trinity in Term 3 as a new member of staff. Peter comes to us from Billabong SHS with a wealth of teaching and leadership experience in HSIE from other schools.

Kristy White starts next term, working in middle years Mathematics and PDHPE. Kristy has been working in Humpty Doo in the Northern Territory and is returning to the region where she has family. She is a keen sportswoman, particularly tennis, AFL, basketball and cricket.

Accessing your child’s reports

To access the report of a student from the College, log in to SEQTA, accessible from  SEQTA engage also contains test results, assessments and homework which allows you to follow your child/s academic achievements.

To view your child/s academic grades, please complete the following steps:

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  1. Open
  2. Sign in with your Parent Username and Password.
  1. The report will then open in a new window where you can View or Download the report.

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From the Dean of Teaching and Learning

Mrs Adele Guy

Bring it on!
Year 11 Subject Information Night: Term 3, Week 1, Thursday 25 July

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Bring it on!

As I write this, students are putting the finishing touches on their musical and drama items for the Performing Arts Festival.  There is laughter, some frustration and lots of loud ABBA songs! Smiling to myself, I ask : why is this an important and valued tradition at Trinity?

My role in the Senior School is Dean of Teaching and Learning. This is largely focused on learning in the classrooms and excursion programs associated with the curriculum, however, learning is imbedded in every aspect of school life. In my leadership role and as a classroom teacher, I observe some of the most important learning happening within the interactions and activities in the Performing Arts Festival.

  • Students are working together in teams, across year groups, to achieve a goal within a time-frame.
  • Some students are learning the challenges of leadership: the role of encouragement and harnessing the skills and energy of each individual.
  • Students are learning to ask: “What if?” They are imagining possibilities and working on them to fruition. They are learning that the best ideas usually emerge from collaboration.
  • Students are making critical choices. They try an idea, choose or reject it, and critically analyse their performances in order to improve them.
  • Students are learning how to problem-solve with people who disagree with their ideas and to do so with a positive and supportive approach to achieve team and House goals.
  • Students are learning to persevere with a positive mindset – against the odds! They are learning “How to eat an Elephant”: One bite at a time!

These are essential skills for our teenagers to learn. They need these so-called “soft skills” as a foundation for health and success in their adult lives, especially in the working environment of the future. Bring it on!

Year 11 Subject Information Night: Term 3, Week 1, Thursday 25 July

Year 10 Students and their parents are invited to attend the Year 11 Subject Information Evening in Week 1 next term. Students will have opportunity to hear about the requirements for the HSC and to talk to teachers about the subjects on offer at Trinity Anglican College in 2020. The evening will commence at 6pm  in the Senior Centre South.

Students will receive the Subject Information Booklet at the beginning of Term 3 prior to the Information Evening and will have the following week to discuss their choices with their teachers.

As has been the practice for Subject Selection for Year 9 and 10, students will be able to submit preferences so that the subject lines can be created for the timetable in 2020. Then, at a later date, students will be asked to choose against the lines. Further details about this process and due dates will be sent to parents and students in an email at the beginning of next term.

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From the Head of Academic Administration

Ms Kym Armstrong

Year 12 Exams

The focus of our Year 12 students is firmly on the final set of examinations, which spans across Weeks 3 and 4 of Term 3.  The examination period commences on Monday 5 August (Week 3) and concludes on Wednesday 14 August (Week 4).  Regular classes will resume from Thursday 15 August.  Please note that lessons for all before-school classes will be held on this day. For all students, these exams figure as significant assessment items that will assist in determining the assessment component of their final HSC mark.  The students are busy honing their study schedule in order to maximise their results in this important set of exams.   The examination timetable will be distributed to all Year 12 students over the next little while.  Year 12 students have access to their final HSC Exam Timetable via the NSW Education Standards Authority website.

Events by Parents and Friends

Performing Arts Festival

Petts House did its best Beatles and ABBA impersonations to win both the Vocal and Ensemble categories of the Performing Arts Festival to set up an overall Championpionship win yesterday. With another first in the drama category and a second in dance, they really dominated the day. Kimball was second in ensemble and vocal, third in dance and fourth in drama to finish second overall with Lankaster in third place after thirds in every category.

Full results and photo gallery below.

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  Ensemble Vocal Dance Drama Overall
Hoffman 6 4 3 4 5
Kelton 4 6 6 4 6
Kimball 2 2 3 4 2
Lankaster 3 3 3 3 3
Petts 1 1 2 1 1
Rosborough 5 5 1 2 4


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Knitting and embroidery co-curricular

Mrs Gibb and Ms Armstrong

As part of the co-curricular program of Trinity, a knitting and embroidery club will start every Thursday afternoon in Term 3 from 3.15-4.15 for all students in Year 7-10. No experience is necessary as instruction will be given by Mrs Gibb and Ms Armstrong. It is our aim to make scarves, rugs and beanies that will be given to charity at the end of the year. These items will be greatly appreciated as they will help people less fortunate than ourselves to keep warm. Afternoon tea will be provided. This is a great opportunity for the students as it will not only be fun but they will learn a new skill and be involved in an activity that will be of service to the community. The cost will be limited as the school can provide some resources. If students are interested please email Mrs Gibb before the start of Term 3 and keep an eye on the daily notices.

Senior School Sport

Mr Nash Clark, Head of Senior School Sport
Girls’ Open AFL Bushrangers Shield – Grand final
Albury Hockey Gala Day
BISSA Athletics

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Girls’ Open AFL Bushrangers Shield – Grand final

The Trinity Girls’ Open AFL team ventured to the Albury Sports Ground on Wednesday, 26 June, to challenge Xaiver High School in the Open Bushrangers Cup Grand Final.

The conditions were perfect with the sun shining on our girls. Having been beaten by Xavier in an earlier encounter our College girls, led by Captain Zali Spencer jumped to an early lead. With multiple re-entries orchestrated by centre-half back Emma Piltz, the ball rarely left our forward line in the first half. Bella Fielder and Imogen Jones kicked the only goals for the half and gave Trinity a 17 to 0 lead into the second half.

But the first half took its toll on our team, the girls tired and allowed Xavier back into the game.  Fortunately, they dug deep and were able to stem Xavier’s momentum, and though they did not hit the scoreboard in the second half, their tenacity ensured the College’s first Secondary AFL Championship.

The enthusiasm and sportsmanship shown by the girls was fantastic and they all should be congratulated on how the game was played. Highlights from the game included some bone-crunching tackles and fierce desperation, particularly from our backline and midfield players. Again it was definitely a team effort overall! Well done and thank you to coach Miss Fleming, and Jacob for keeping everyone hydrated.

Albury Hockey Gala Day

Fierce fog and freezing temperatures could not stop the amazing awesomeness of our Senior School girls hockey team on Friday. It was Trinity’s first foray into the Albury Hockey Gala Day and we matched it with the best of them. Go team! – Ms Kym Armstrong.

BISSA Athletics with Andrew Leary

On Tuesday 18 June, Trinity’s Senior School BISSA Athletics team braved the cold conditions at Les O’Brien Athletics Precinct. Mitchell Scott led the team to a second place finish and achieved the honour of being named Open Age Champion.

All athletes who competed should be proud of their efforts. There were lots of personal bests and improvement. The Under 14 Girls’ relay (Lara Burdett, Audrey Adams, Charlotte Akermanis and Isabella Slabbert) broke a BISSA record with a time of 54.03 seconds. It is worth noting that a number of Trinity graduates still hold BISSA Athletics records. Kyle Parker holds the Under 16 200m Boys record (22.6 seconds) and the Under 16 100m Boys record (11.0 seconds). Monique Thomas holds the Under 12 Girls long jump record (4.35m). Current student, Charlotte Streat holds the Under 12 Girls Javelin record (21.6m).

The following students came first in their event:

  • Paddy Duggan in the 400m (58.59 seconds)
  • Zac Bonetti in High Jump (1.68m)
  • Stavros Andronicos in Triple Jump (10.25m)
  • Riley Edwards in Javelin (32.54m)
  • Audrey Adams in the 200m (28.17 seconds)
  • Audrey Adams in the 400m (1 minute and 6 seconds)
  • Girls Under 13 Relay (58.81 seconds)
  • Girls Under 14 Relay (54.03 seconds; BISSA Record)
  • Penny McEachern in High Jump (1.45m)
  • Lara Burdett in High Jump (1.45m)
  • Gemma Fenn in Long Jump (4.65m)
  • Isabella Slabbert in Triple Jump (10.21m)
  • Mackensey House in Discus (31.51m)
  • Charlotte Streat in Javelin (26.82m)
  • Isabella Slabbert in Javelin (24.75m)
  • Boys 17-19 Relay (49.05 seconds)

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Junior School Sport

Mr Kade Stevens, Head of Junior School Sport

Paul Kelly Cup
RAS Athletics

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Paul Kelly Cup

Our talented Year 6 girls (plus one Year 5 girl) have delivered the goods, once again. They won Stage 2 of the Paul Kelly Cup AFL Finals today in Wagga, taking out all three games: Game 1: 33-7 . Game 2: 32-2. Final: 21-20.

They now advance to the State Finals, to be played on Giant Stadium, Sydney in August.

In the first game, the girls played a fantastic brand of football to win by 26 points. In the second, the girls came away with a 14-point victory in what was a closer tussle. Trinity took an early lead, but the Deniliquin team did fight back strongly. In the last game, the girls played against the undefeated Griffith team. In a colossal team effort, the girlswon by a single point.


RAS Athletics

On Tuesday 6 August, our Trinity team will compete in the RAS Athletics Carnival, at Les O’Brien Athletic Precinct.

Please see below the team that will represent the College, along with their events. We wish them all the very best.

Gender Age Event 1st 2nd 3rd 4th
Female 9 100m Monaghan, Winnie Tan, Annabelle Elhage, Sima Gatchessi, Rehoboth
10 Thomas, Millie Vanderhoek, Skye Greacen, Claire Bright, Cleo
11 Murray, Sammi O’Sullivan, Siahn O’Connell, Laine White, Becky
12 Klein, Isabella Ramsdell, Stephanie Aldridge, Luella Locke, Fallon
Male 9 Murray, Ryder Phillips, Tiger Genter, Haedes Morey, Tyge
10 Boyd, Noah Ross, Baidan Wells, Thomas Deverell, Eden
11 Makwelo, Bradley McFarland, Joseph Boyle, Eamonn Singe, Chase
12 Wilson, Harrison Geerling, Leo Piltz, Riley Darmody, Benjamin
Female 9 200m Monaghan, Winnie Gatchessi, Rehoboth
10 Thomas, Millie Greacen, Claire
11 White, Becky O’Sullivan, Siahn
12 Ramsdell, Stephanie Aldridge, Luella
Male 9 Phillips, Tiger Murray, Ryder
10 Boyd, Noah Ross, Baidan
11 Makwelo, Bradley Hobson, Samuel
12 Geerling, Leo Wilson, Harrison
Female 9 800m Monaghan, Winnie Gatchessi, Rehoboth
10 Harrington, Edwina Jones, Sienna
11 McGee, Ebony O’Sullivan, Siahn
12 Ramsdell, Stephanie Hogg, Audrey
Male 9 Whitsed, Maxwell Morey, Tyge
10 Deverell, Eden Roth, Lawrence
11 Hobson, Samuel Kreutzberger, Archie
12 Morgan, Angus Gill, Justin
Female 9 High Jump Lewis, Ella Vaccaro, Eva
10 Thomas, Millie Costello, Chloe
11 O’Sullivan, Siahn Gogoll, Emielle
12 Ramsdell, Stephanie Klein, Isabella
Male 9 Murray, Ryder Whitehead, Parker
10 Stefaniak, Thomas Boyd, Noah
11 Kreutzberger, Archie Singe, Chase
12 Geerling, Leo Clarke, Connor
Female 9 Long Jump Monaghan, Winnie Robinson, Charli
10 Thomas, Millie Jones, Sienna
11 O’Sullivan, Siahn Murray, Sammi
12 Ramsdell, Stephanie Locke, Fallon
Male 9 Murray, Ryder Gray, Beau
10 Boyd, Noah Deverell, Eden
11 Kreutzberger, Archie Singe, Chase
12 Geerling, Leo Wilson, Harrison
Female 9 Shot Put Robinson, Charli Noonan, Saoirse
10 Thomas, Millie Howard, Zali
11 O’Connell, Laine Gatford, Maya
12 Locke, Fallon Hocking, Claudia
Male 9 Kreutzberger, Lewis Genter, Haedes
10 Gould, Toby Haberecht, Connor
11 Tanuvasa, Jett Pigdon, Max
12 Inskip, William Kreutzberger, Oscar
Female 9 Discus Hocking, Lucy Lewis, Ella
10 Thomas, Millie Hoffmann, Isabel
11 O’Connell, Laine DiStefano, Ella
12 Willett, Evangeline Ramsdell, Stephanie
Male 9 Conway, Darcy Murray, Ryder
10 Gould, Toby Haberecht, Connor
11 Flower, Banjo Tanuvasa, Jett
12 Kreutzberger, Oscar Whitehead, Emmet


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Uniform Shop


After School Care

AlburyCity is the new provider of after school care and vacation care programs for primary school-aged children of Trinity Anglican College from Term 3, 2019. Vacation Care will not run at Trinity in the July school holidays, but Trinity families are encouraged to enrol into one of AlburyCity’s other vacation care programs: St Pats, North Albury or Albury. Vacation care will return to Trinity in the October school holidays, and subsequent school holidays as well as pupil free days.

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Shane Walters will run the new AlburyCity Trinity OOSH program. Shane is a very experienced OOSH Coordinator and has led AlburyCity programs for more than 13 years. He has been based at St Pats OOSH, a service which has been rated as “exceeding” for the past eight years.

The new program at Trinity will provide parents with the security of knowing their children are being educated and cared for in a safe, friendly and relaxed environment each day. Drinks and nutritious snacks based on the Eat Smart, Play Smart program will be available for children, together with a wide variety of interesting play and recreational experiences. We encourage parents looking for after school care and vacation care to enrol their children now into the new OOSH service to help make the transition seamless. To enrol your child, please follow the steps below:

Step 1

Step 2

  • Log into your MFL account and tell Shane about you, your child and your booking requirements.

Step 3

  • Once you have submitted a booking request, you will be emailed an offer. Simply accept the offer, complete and submit your child’s enrolment form online to confirm your child’s spot.

To explore the benefits of the My Family Lounge Portal please visit For more information about the new enrolment process or the new program, contact Shane directly by emailing or call him on 6043 8540.

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Community Announcements


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