31 May 2019

From the Principal

Mr Justin Beckett

mr_justin_beckett“In all of my work in education, there has never been a more motivating or driving force than student voice.” – Andrew Marcinek

“Students who find their voice is valued and empowered are more likely to take risks and exercise that voice.” – Jason Flom

We know that every child has something important to say. And we have a responsibility as educators to help students find their voice, to use it in ways that make the world a better place.

To have an effective voice, we need to know who we are and what we stand for. We need to be able to empathise with others and to understand our audience. Ultimately, a good communicator is someone who can think critically and speak persuasively to an audience that they understand and can resonate with.

These are high order skills that take years to develop and refine. But the process begins in Kinder with imaginative play and story telling and then evolves through explicit teaching, play and enquiry-based learning.

Our school is all about the kids. It has to be. More and more, we are finding ways to better listen to the voices of our students. We want every day at school to be a perfect day. We want school to be a place of joy and purpose for every girl and boy. These ideas will be at the centre of our new Trinity Anglican College Strategic Plan 2020-2025, which is currently in development. We are listening to student voices even as we develop our strategic priorities for the future.

Last week, members of our Student Representative Committee met with me and some other key staff to discuss new landscaping priorities and designs. As you might expect, most of the best ideas came from the students. And that’s the way it should be.


From the Chaplain

Rev’d Bryn Jones

Farewell Bishop John Parkes, AM

This August will see our much loved Bishop John Parkes AM, lay up his staff in retirement. Bishop John commenced his episcopate when I first began at Trinity back in 2007. He has always been a welcome visitor in our school with his trademark good cheer, larger-than-life presence and impossibly deep and resonant voice. More than one Junior student was heard to wonder out-loud when hearing him speak, ‘Was that God?’

Bishop John has accomplished a lot in his time in Wangaratta Diocese: refreshing and revitalising the parishes, fostering a stronger sense of collegiality among his clergy and being proactive about the ministry of women. A deep theological thinker and never one to shy away from the Gospel imperatives of impartial love and the dignity of all people, Bishop John will propose a motion at the upcoming Synod in August that the Diocese develops a liturgy for the blessing of same-sex marriages.

From the heart of Trinity Anglican College, we wish Bishop John and his family God’s richest blessings as he journeys on from his current responsibilities. We also pray that he will know God’s Shalom as he explores whatever adventures life brings next.

Phantom of the Opera gallery

From the Junior School

Mr Steven Armstrong

Sorry Day
When your child is sick
Wheelchair Basketball


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In working with expanding minds and growing bodies there are times when the two tend to come into conflict: times when there is a deal of confusion about rites of passage and freedom.

Much of this relates to uncertainty: where to now, what will happen next and who will I relate to next? To understand these very human reactions it is important not to lose sight of the now. I often counsel students about enjoying this time. A time of continued learning. A time of celebration of achievements and reflection on challenges faced. If we dwell too much on what may occur we tend to miss the journey, miss the scenery and miss the important interactions that are around us now. The staff is busy reflecting on students as they pen the Semester 1 reports. These are also important parts of the learning journey but do not mean that we have completion.

So, as we continue to learn, to grow and to enrich each other’s lives throughout the term remember to be part of everything that is taking place now. As stated very eloquently to a group of students by a wise student at a Year 6 Speech Day “Yesterday is history, reflect on this: tomorrow is a mystery, wait for this to unfold, feeling prepared: today is now, live each day.”

Sorry Day

Students were involved in Sorry Day activities this week, including displaying “Sorry” messages around the school.

When your child is sick

There have been a good number of students who have been unwell in the past few weeks as the colder season hits us hard. This clever cartoon has some sage advice.

Wheelchair Basketball

This week in our Creative Pursuits activity we met a local para athlete Lincoln Budge. He used to do water skiing, snow skiing and wheelchair basketball for Australia. He was involved in an horrific accident 12 years ago that made him a paraplegic. After he told us his powerful story, we got right into playing some wheelchair basketball. It was a great time learning the rules and playing wheelchair basketball. The hardest part of wheelchair basketball is accurately passing the ball to your teammate and steering the wheelchair at the same time because, we found out that our wheelchairs had a mind of their own. We loved trying a new sport and learning how to navigate the wheelchair. All together we all had a fantastic experience. –  Josh Gould and Harrison Wilson, Year 6

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From Little Tackers

Mrs Tracy Iliff

Little Tackers students were very excited to ride on the Trinity school bus when we ventured to the Thurgoona Campus on Tuesday 21 May. Once at school, we joined Mr Thurling and his class and made some beeswax wraps and while we were waiting we met Arnold and some of us even had a pat and fed him. Some of us were happy to say hello from a distance.

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We then joined Year 3 for some lunch and a story, followed by a visit to the Infants Centre. The children were amazed at how big the classrooms were and loved looking at the artwork created by the students.

Mr Thurling and his environmental students took us for a walk, it was a big adventure for our little legs and the highlight was visiting the dam and getting to jump over some water. Before our journey back to pre-school, we visited Mrs Hardie’s Year 6 class. They helped us make some bags with screen printing and get dirty making some mud seed balls. Mrs Garvey, Mrs Hardie and the Year 6 students were very helpful. The children thoroughly enjoyed having buddies throughout the day.

After a quick play in the playground, we made our way back to the bus and returned to pre-school. The adventure didn’t end there, as the next day we used our investigation skills to find some bugs using microscopes. We examined the water collected from the dam, then drew pictures and discussed what we discovered.

We want to say a big thank-you to teachers, students and buddies who made the day at Trinity a wonderful experience. Thank you to Mr Thurling for organising the activities.

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From the Dean of Teaching and Learning

Mrs Adele Guy

How to Eat an Elephant:… one bite at a time!
Subject Information Nights
Trinity Anglican College Scholarships

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How to Eat an Elephant:… one bite at a time!

At Assembly this week, I asked which students had a lot of assignments or assessments looming now or in the next few weeks. Of course, all students put their hands up. I then asked: “Who feels a little overwhelmed and doesn’t quite know where to start?” and “Who wishes they had been motivated to be a little more organized, a bit earlier!” Again, there were some hands raised and murmurs saying: “Yep. That’s me!”

If your son or daughter feels this way at the moment, they have a wonderful opportunity. It is time to rally their spirits, turn and face the problem and take small steps to beat it.

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.

I encouraged students to write down just two steps that they can take TODAY towards a solution. Do they need to ask a question to a student or teacher? Do they need to go back into SEQTA to read the instruction that their teacher has included there to support learning? Do they need to organize their notebooks or finish exercises which help their understanding?

In telling someone else (such as a parent) what they are going to do, students are connecting with others, building support and understanding and building in some responsibility to ACT. In addition, when they have done these two things, they can tick them off the list and celebrate growth. They are just two steps closer to feeling in control again and feeling success.

This is also a great opportunity for students to ask: What can I do differently next time to be better organised, to understand, to learn and remember or finish an assignment without running out of time at the end? They may not have learnt this, (yet), but they can reflect and plan to do this differently, next time.

Teachers will be reinforcing this message in class over the next few weeks. Beyond the learning of the curriculum, there are other life lessons which are extremely important to learn in this situation: planning, persistence, courage, diligence and resilience.

Subject Information Nights:

The Year 9 Subject Information Evening will be held on Tuesday 18 June, from 6-7.30pm in the Senior Centre South Building. Year 8 students and their parents will have opportunity to hear about Year 9-10 electives prior to students selecting their subjects for 2020. Please note that this is an addition, and parents will not find it written on the printed Trinity wall calendar. Rather, they are encouraged to go to the Community Calendar found through the Trinity website.

The Year 11 Subject Information Evening will be held on Thursday 25 July, 6-7.30pm, at the beginning of Term 3.  It also will be held in the Senior Centre South Building. Further details about this event will be given through the newsletter over the next few weeks.

Trinity Anglican College Scholarships

Applications for Sporting, Performing Arts and Citizenship and Service Scholarships are currently open and close on 7 June.  Auditions will be held in the weeks following 7 June. These scholarships have also been advertised in the Border Mail and on Facebook.

We encourage parents and students who are interested to apply. Further enquiries can be made to or

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From the Head of Academic Administration

Ms Kym Armstrong

Year 10, 11 and 12 Assessment Tasks
Frequently asked questions

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Year 10, 11 and 12 Assessment Tasks

We are reaching that part of the term when students are grappling with a number of assessment tasks that are falling due over the coming weeks.  Students should maintain a dialogue with their teachers to make sure that they are familiar with the requirements of each task.  Please remind your young people that their teachers are a part of their support team and that they are here to help!

If a student is unable to submit or sit an assessment task because of illness or mishap, there is a firm set of protocols to be followed; this is outlined in assessment policy booklets that have been distributed to all students in Years 10-12.  In the first instance, parents and caregivers are to contact the Head of Academic Administration, Ms Kym Armstrong, or the Dean of Teaching and Learning, Mrs Adele Guy, when it is identified that a student will miss an assessment task.

I would like to commend the many students who have demonstrated real agency and responsibility in coming to see me to talk through arrangements around assessment tasks that are impacted by life events that occur beyond the school gates.  As a team, we can work through almost anything that is thrown in our way!

FAQ:  How can I help my child with their schoolwork when I don’t know the content?  How can I help to reduce my child’s stress when they have a number of assessment tasks pending?

As a parent, I often feel at a loss as to how to help my children with their work in subjects that are way beyond my ken.  They often have questions about really interesting topics that I have never considered!

It has taken me a while, but I have arrived at the conclusion that I don’t need to help them with the content – the what – but I can help them with the how.  When they are tired, I can help them to figure out the tasks that are most pressing and important.  When they feel overwhelmed, I can help them to break big tasks into little, achievable, chunks.  When they need to test out their ideas, I can be a sounding board.  When they feel that it is all too, too much, I can remind them of some of the already amazing things that they have achieved.

And, of course, the affirming warmth of a hug is always on offer!

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Events by Parents and Friends

From the Careers desk

Mr Mark Dicketts, Careers Advisor

Topics included in this month’s Careers link:

Heywire writing competition (16 yrs +) The John Button School Prize – politics essay writing competition (Yr 10-12)
UNSW Bragg Student Prize – for science writing University early entry programs now open, or opening soon (Yr 12)
Trinity College Young Leaders School (14 – 17 yrs) Vocational training – apprenticeships, traineeships, TAFE study
White Card – OHS for the construction industry Actuarial Science (students interested in advanced maths, science, business)
Financial services careers Undergraduate degrees – rankings
Careers in agriculture and the environment Maths, Science & Engineering careers

Performing Arts

Mrs Michelle Mordecai

Junior Choir
Evening of Jazz

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Junior Choir

Junior Choir is commencing this Tuesday, 4 June. Rehearsals will run from 3.30-4.30pm in the Music Rehearsal room. If you are in Years 3-6 and love to sing, this is the place for you! Pick up a registration form from your music teacher and return the registration slip to Miss Holness.

Evening of Jazz

If the prospect of top class, free entertainment in a relaxed atmosphere appeals to you, come along to An Evening of Jazz on Monday 17 June at the Jazz Basement, Gateway Island. The performance will feature the Trinity Stage band, along with solo performances from our HSC Music class and other talented students. The evening commences at 7pm with tea, coffee and light snacks available for a small donation. Bring your friends, bring your family, bring some food, sit back and enjoy 90 minutes of free entertainment.

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Girls in Physics breakfast

Mrs Zoe Beckett

Six keen Year 10 and Year 11 Science students recently attended a breakfast event for girls looking to pursue a career in Science. Dr Adele Wright was a dynamic speaker who gave a fascinating presentation on ‘Nuclear Fusion: An Australian Perspective’. She started by explaining that nuclear fusion is what happens when two atoms join together to release tremendous amounts of energy. As a power source, fusion requires very little fuel, is safe and produces no greenhouse gases.

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Dr. Wright explained what an important role Australian scientists were playing in the world stage of Nuclear Fusion research and gave an exciting projection that our global quest for fusion power could be a reality by 2025 and commercially viable by 2050. This was a great stimulus for discussion among our environmentally aware Trinity students. The students also got to mix with other young women in the early stages of a science or engineering career and over breakfast, the students were able to query them about their life and work.

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Insight into Angora goats 

The Year 9 agriculture class had Werner Ferreira from AZ Superior Genetics visit this week to speak about sheep management and his passion for Angora goat breeding. Students learnt a lot about sheep production and the niche market in Angora goats.

Travel plans for French students

Mr Jan Suchomel

The French teachers in the Languages Department are pleased to announce that two of our Year 10 French students, Jessica Kemp and Tom Ingram, are going to Europe for an extended language program a number of months later this year.

Jessica is going to Belgium and Tom is heading to the little town of Geyssans (12th-century church picture above). We wish them all the best taking this unique chance to become more proficient and confident in their language skills, as well as gaining cultural insights and new friends abroad. Bon voyage!

Senior School Sport

Mr Nash Clark, Head of Senior School Sport
Football Gala Days
Trinity’s U15 Boys and Girls AFL teams played against local Border schools in a football gala day round robin. Both our teams were competitive through the day and represented the school well. The boys team went down in its first game against St Pauls, but a few wise words from coach David Miles saw a great attack on the footy in the second half and they closed the gap on the scoreboard.

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Taking the same confidence into the second game against Xavier and with some changes in the line-up, such as team captain Harry Small moving into full forward to kick a few cracking goals, the team scored a victory.

There was good effort across the board in the following games. Ben Ferguson and Sebastian Sproule were great above the head all day, Drew Brndusic played in the midfield and was a strong physical presence and our star on-baller Kylan Wright was great all day, attacking the footy and being a terrific ball winner. Unfortunately, those efforts were not enough to get wins over the other Xavier side and Scots School. A special thanks to Kai Braddy, Cruze Hassgal, Sam Harrington and star coach David Miles.

The Trinity girls started the day with high intensity and enthusiasm, but were beaten in the game against St Pauls despite star performances from Bella Clancy and Bella Fielder. Next, the girls came up against some tough opposition in Scots School, going down by 14 after incredible performances from Amelie Scott and Millie Triggs.

Despite the loss, the girls held their nerve and played an exceptional game against Xavier, coming out on top by one point, thanks to a strong forward line of Reggie Abbot and Georgia Wragge. Special mention must go to the assistant coaches, Imogen Jones and Abby Fielder, who shared their knowledge with the team. Thanks to Gemma Fleming for going out of her way to organise trials and training.

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Junior School Sport

Mr Kade Stevens, Head of Junior School Sport

CIS Netball
CIS Cross Country

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CIS Netball

On Friday May 17, five Year 6 Trinity students took the long drive to Sydney to represent RAS in netball. With whispers of fierce competition, a small squad of eight fought hard in each of their games, managing to place equal second for the tournament. Fallon Locke, Luella Aldridge, Issy McKerlie, Audrey Hogg and Claudia Hocking all showed fantastic determination throughout the day, representing Trinity with pride. During the tournament, selectors chose a list of possibles and probables to play for a spot in the CIS NSW 2019 side. Both Luella and Claudia secured a spot in the top 20, but unfortunately Luella just missed out on selection. Claudia had the best shooting percentage across the entire tournament and was therefore a stand out for selectors. She has been selected in the CIS NSW side. This is a massive achievement considering it has been seven years since a RAS representative has been selected in the NSW team. Well done, Claudia! – Kristie McInnes. 

CIS Cross Country

Congratulations to the following students for making it through to the RAS cross country team, to compete in the CIS Cross Country Championships, in Sydney on 13 June. These students finished in the top 10 of their age group at the recent RAS Championships.

Maxwell Whitsed Tyge Morey Winnie Monaghan
Rehoboth Gatchessi Lawrence Roth Eden Deverell
Thomas Stefaniak Elizabeth Melton Becky White
Ebony McGee Hattie Hogg Samuel Hobson
Steph Ramsdell Georgina Carlin Larsen Angus Morgan


A massive congratulations to Harrison Wilson and Nash Conway for their recent success at last week’s State AFL Championships. The CIS team was captained by our very own Harrison Wilson. The team went through the Championships undefeated and was crowned the State Champion for the second year in a row.

Harrison was also successful in making it through to the final 23 players selected in this year’s NSW PSSA State team. He will attend a three-day camp in Barooga, with his 22 teammates, during the July school holidays. Harrison will then travel to Perth, in August, to compete in the School Sports Australia National Championships.

Mortimer Shield – Girls League Tag

We wish the following students all the best in their upcoming League Tag Final. The girls listed below were successful in the first round of competition back in Term 1. They have advanced through to the finals that will be held in Wagga on Tuesday 11 June. Claudia Hocking, Grace Casey, Audrey Hogg, Evie Willett, Issy McKerlie, Steph Ramsdell, Lucie Hayes, Luella Aldridge, Molly Pitzen, Luca Gibbons, Violet Fisher have been training weekly since Term 1 and will be coached by Mrs Hardie. We wish them all the best and look forward to hearing their results.

Training for Todd Woddbridge Cup

On Wednesday 22 May year 3 and 4 students attended a practise match day for the Todd Woodbridge cup at the Thurgoona Golf Club tennis courts. The students played 6 rounds consisting of 2 games each. The students are working to improve their game play in preparation for the official tournament on 28 August. The day was a valuable opportunity to experience the format using mini-nets. – Matthew Densley

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Uniform Shop


The Uniform shop will be performing stocktake on Tuesday 25 June and Wednesday 26 June and WILL NOT be open for trading these days.

After School Care

Brittney Hensel, Educational Leader

We have been celebrating Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures through art, craft and storytelling.  National Reconciliation Week is celebrated in Australia every year between 27 May 27 and 3 June. Over the past few weeks, we have been focusing on being respectful to our environment, peers and everyone around us. We have implemented simple strategies that we are following to become more respectful and mindfully inclusive and to have positive interactions. We have enjoyed the beautiful weather and made most of the warm sunshine last week. As a group we have been enjoying playing our favourite outdoor sports such as footy, soccer and basketball.  You can register an account via our website

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