5 April 2019

From the Principal

Mr Justin Beckett


We have had two days of Athletics this week. Each was a day of showcasing and learning new skills. Learning how to perfect your run-up for long jump. Learning how to pass the baton in a relay. Learning how to be a “good sport”: humble in victory and gracious in defeat.

An athletics carnival is about more than sheer athleticism. Every major sporting contest is fertile soil for developing skills to do with character and emotional intelligence.

Emotional Intelligence (EI) is the ability to manage ourselves and our relationships effectively. Daniel Goleman identifies four fundamental Emotional Intelligence capabilities: self awareness, self management, social awareness and social skill. Each of these capabilities is composed of specific sets of skills and competencies.

Here are some of the self management skills that can be learned and developed at the Athletics Carnival:

Self control – the ability to keep disruptive emotions and impulses under control. We see this exercised when a child chooses not to throw a tantrum about dropping the relay baton.

Trustworthiness – a consistent display of honesty and integrity. On Wednesday, I saw a student admit that they’d accidentally been given the wrong result for javelin, a result that was much better than they had deserved. Great integrity!

Conscientiousness – the ability to manage yourself and your responsibilities. Whenever we see a student find their peers to remind them they’re about to miss their next race.

Adaptability – skill at adjusting to changing situations and overcoming obstacles. For example, changing your high jump technique from scissor kick to Fosbury Flop to get a better outcome.

Achievement orientation – the drive to meet an internal standard of excellence. For example, the determination to nominate yourself for the 800m race because you want to have participated in every event on the day – for yourself and for your House.

Initiative – a readiness to seize opportunities. We see this at every carnival, when a child steps into a relay team at short notice when a team mate feels unwell.

An athletics carnival provides so many opportunities for a child to shine. It is a day for celebrating physical fitness and athleticism. It is a day to appreciate teamwork and House spirit. But it is also a day to develop the essential, lifelong skills of self management, character and emotional intelligence.


From the Head of Academic Administration

Ms Kym Armstrong

Year 12 Semester 1 Reports

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Year 12 Semester 1 Reports

Year 12 Semester 1 reports will be distributed to Year 12 students prior to the end of this term.  These reports provide valuable information regarding students’ performances in the assessment tasks, their current rank in each course and notations from teachers regarding demonstrated achievement in course outcomes.  They also, of course, celebrate and acknowledge effort and accomplishment.

These reports are an important part of the dialogue that occurs between the College and home as we support our students to strive in their achievements.  If you have queries regarding the reports, please contact the College from the beginning of Term 2.  House mentors and Heads of House, in addition to classroom teachers, are valuable points of contact in this regard.


During May 2019, students at our school in Years 3, 5, 7 and 9 will sit the NAPLAN paper assessments. The schedule for tests is as follows:

Tuesday 14 May Wednesday 15 May Thursday 16 May
Language Conventions test (spelling, grammar and punctuation)

Writing test

Reading test Numeracy test

On Friday 17 May, a ‘catch-up’ day is scheduled for students who missed a test.

Students may be exempt from the NAPLAN tests if they:

  • are newly arrived in Australia (less than one year before the test) and with a language background other than English, or
  • have significant intellectual disability and/or significant co-existing conditions which severely limit their capacity to participate in the

All other students are expected to participate in the tests.

Disability adjustments which reflect the student’s normal level of support in the classroom may be provided. Large print, braille, coloured paper versions and electronic tests are also available to meet the needs of individual students. Access to disability adjustments or exemption from the tests must be discussed with the Head of Junior School, Mr Steven Armstrong, for students in Years 3 or 5, or with the Head of Academic Administration, Ms Kym Armstrong, for students in Years 7 or 9. A parent or carer consent form must be signed.

Students may be withdrawn from NAPLAN by their parent or carer after consultation with the College. To withdraw your child from NAPLAN, a parent or carer consent form must be signed. Please make an appointment with your child’s teacher if you need to discuss your child’s participation in NAPLAN.

Any questions? Contact the NAPLAN team on 1300 119 556 or

For further information about NAPLAN, visit the NESA website.

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School TV – Trauma

Children and teens will experience events during their lives that will affect them emotionally and physically. How they react to these events depends on their age, personality and past experiences. Children can experience strong feelings of fear, sadness, guilt, anger or grief, making it difficult for them to cope with everyday life. There are a number of ways that parents and care givers can support children after a traumatic event. Your reaction to an event, will impact your child’s ability to cope and recover. Children will look to the adults in their lives to help them better understand a traumatic event so it is important to ‘tune in’ to their fears and provide them with the comfort and support they need. In this edition of SchoolTV, parents will learn how to gain a better understanding of trauma and how it affects children of all ages. Here is the link to this month’s edition

Purchase your tickets for Phantom

When Trinity Anglican College presents The Phantom of the Opera at the Entertainment Centre in May, it will be the first time Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musical will be performed by any production company or group in the region. Trinity also is one of the first schools in Australia to be granted a licence to perform the show. Did you know that Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musical version of The Phantom of the Opera is one of the most successful pieces of entertainment of all time, produced in any media, and its success is continuing all over the world? It has played to over 140 million people in 35 countries in 166 cities around the world with an estimated gross of $6 billion.

And now our students are performing it! Get your tickets at

From Performing Arts

Mrs Michelle Mordecai, Coordinator of Co-Curricular Performing Arts

We are offering an exciting plethora of ensembles at Trinity.
Training Band
The Training Band has made great progress since it started in Week 5.

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We offer an exciting plethora of ensembles at Trinity, covering a range of styles of music and catering for instrumentalists and vocalists of all ages. A number of our ensembles will be performing at the final assemblies in Week 11. We look forward to seeing you there.

I also look forward to sharing our new rehearsal schedule at the start of Term 2. Existing rehearsals should stay the same, however, we will be providing some new opportunities once the production has finished.

Training Band

The Training Band has made great progress since commencing in Week 5. We had our first full band rehearsal last week and the sound was incredible. Below are some photos commemorating the event.


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From the Careers desk

Mr Mark Dicketts, Careers Advisor

This is the last news for the Term:

Topics this week: April School Holidays – Career Events Calendar. Applications for selected NSW and Canberra universities – opening soon. Top five industries predicted to have the largest jobs growth in the next three years. Have you registered for the UCAT? Applications are now open. University of Technology Sydney – Coop Scholarship applications now open for accounting and IT. Dates for your diary

Vale Cody Beaumont

A tribute by Mrs Kathy Walsh

It is with deep sadness that Trinity Anglican College acknowledges the loss of one of its former students Cody Beaumont, who tragically died in a car accident on March 17, in Redding, California.

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Cody commenced kindergarten with his cousin, Beth Carr. His siblings Jayden and Kiah were also students at Trinity. Cody remained at the College until the end of Year 8, when the Beaumont family moved to the USA.

In 2007, the College established an all boys’ Year 4 class in an effort to manage the high energy levels of its largely male cohort. Cody was an integral member of this class and remained in the boys’ class in Year 5. Staff and students fondly regarded him for his unique capacity to bring joy to others with his energetic smile and quick wit. With ease, he was able to make students and adults laugh with his jokes and facial expressions. Cody was a naturally-gifted athlete and became an active member of the College sporting community, excelling and representing  Trinity in a range of sports such as AFL, soccer, basketball and athletics. Cody loved learning and was a talented student, who demonstrated humility and kindness towards others. When Cody moved to the US, he continued to highly excel in the sporting arena, playing soccer for Simpson University before transferring to Shasta College and competing in track and field.

Cody maintained connection with many of his Albury friends and would catch up with them when would return to Albury for holidays. Many of Trinity’s past students have recently expressed their devastation at the loss of their friend and how Cody’s friendship impacted them.

All at Trinity Anglican College pass on their condolences to the Beaumont family during this sad time.


The following article appeared in the Redding newspaper

The Redding area lost one of its endearing young athletes over the weekend. Cody Beaumont, 21, died Sunday after his BMW crashed into a tree south of Redding at about 7:30 a.m, according to the Shasta County Coroner’s Office.

“We would like you all to know that our beautiful boy Cody Beaumont was killed in a single car accident this morning,” his mother, Kim Beaumont, wrote in a Facebook post.

“No words can describe how we are feeling and how much we will always love you. Our lives will never be the same. We will see you again son. Prayers appreciated.”

The California Highway Patrol said Beaumont was traveling too fast to negotiate the curve in the road, causing his car to roll over and strike a tree on the north side of China Gulch Drive. Beaumont was the only person in the car. The crash happened about a quarter mile west of Canyon Road.

Beaumont, who grew up in Albury, Australia, moved to the Redding area as a high schooler and attended Redding Christian School. He then played soccer for Simpson University before transferring to Shasta College and competing with the Knights track and field team.

“He was just really a blessing to have on campus,” Redding Christian athletic director Gerald Piper said. “He just loved life, he was always laughing or making someone else laugh.”

Many who knew Beaumont will remember him as the outstanding athlete with an unmistakable Australian accent. As a senior at Redding Christian, he played four sports and led both the boys soccer and track and field teams to section championships. He was honored as the Lions’ Athlete of the Year for the 2015-16 school year, Piper said. And Beaumont didn’t just stick to the sports he knew he was good at. His speed and athleticism helped the Lions football team go undefeated and win a section title despite him being new to the sport.

Piper, the coach at the time, recalled a play against Big Valley where Beaumont took a handoff and ran about 20 yards behind the line of scrimmage to elude tacklers.

“He’s losing yards and I’m sitting there yelling ‘No, no, no,’ and then all of a sudden he gets away and he ended up gaining 20 yards,” Piper said. “He was just gifted enough to where he could get away with stuff like that.”

The same year, he scored 26 goals for the soccer team and helped them go 18-0.  After graduation, he spent the fall of 2016 at Simpson, studying business management and leading the Red Hawks soccer team in scoring. Beaumont spent two spring semesters competing with the Shasta College track and field team. In 2018, he helped the Knights 4×100 relay team take home a Golden Valley Conference championship and earned a conference title in the triple jump.

Beaumont was attending Shasta College this spring, and the school’s athletic website released the following statement on Monday:

“On Sunday, March 17th, the Shasta College Track and Field program lost one of our beloved team members Cody Beaumont to a tragic car accident. Cody was a tremendous athlete and an even better person.

“Cody possessed incredible athletic ability. His efforts and dedication allowed him to become a GVC Champion in multiple events. Cody was a tremendous teammate, leader, and friend. His energetic smile, quirky sense of humor and relentless competitiveness will be greatly missed.”

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Our amazing students

James Davis makes his mark on bike

Year 11 student James Davis recently took out second place in the Victorian Enduro Tour, won the Victorian DownHill Series Short Travel category and will compete in the MTBA National Championships Downhill competition in Bright this weekend.

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James’ result in the enduro tour was even more remarkable given that he suffered a knee injury half way through the final leg of the tour at Falls Creek last weekend. He had completed and won the first two races on Saturday but sustained a knee injury and was unable to contest the final two races of the weekend.  Fortunately his season’s performances throughout the four-leg Tour meant he still had enough points to snare second place overall.

He he had earlier in the season won the Victorian DownHill Series Short Travel category after races at Mt Beauty, Mt Buller, Narbethong, Mt Baw Baw and the You Yangs.


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Technology skills essential for 21st Century learning

Mrs Tahlia Dahmes

Digital technology skills were once seen as a skill reserved for geeks and computer nerds; it is now regarded as an essential ability for 21st century learners. With the help of Mr Leary and Mrs Dahmes, Year 7 and 8 Digital Technology students have been busy learning coding skills using the basics of python, programming micro:bits and App development. Students not only learn programming skills but they learn problem solving, teamwork and analytical thinking.

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Everybody in this country should learn how to program a computer . . . because it teaches you how to think.” —Steve Jobs

Year 11 Information Processes and Technology students were inspired by our Spotlight on STEM event and have used e-waste (recycled computer parts) to build working computers while learning all about hardware and software.

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Ag students check out chestnuts

Ms Mari Green

Our Year 9 agriculture class learned about chestnuts at Castanea Orchard in Tumbarumba this week. Students were given a tour of the orchard and learned about all aspects of growing chestnuts. Thanks to Josetta Gatford for sharing her knowledge. 

Senior School Sport

Mr Nash Clark, Head of Senior School Sport

Senior School Athletics Carnival
BISSA Swimming
Girls Cricket

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Senior School Athletics Carnival

Senior School students were at their enthusiastic best, all competing in a minimum of one field and one track event on Wednesday, 3 April at Les O’Brien Sport Precinct. With such a high participation rate, it is of no surprise there were multiple records broken and what looks like a tight finish to the overall Champion House.

Congratulations to all competitors for their sportsmanship and effort throughout the day. Technical issues could not even dampen spirits. The College appreciates the understanding of our 12/13, 14 and 15 Years girls who will have to rerun their 100m events. Currently, the College is negotiating a time to rerun these events. Once confirmed students and their families will be notified.

BISSA Athletics will be competed at the Les O’Brien Sport Precinct on Tuesday 18 June.

BISSA Swimming

The Trinity College BISSA Swimming team set off close enough to 6.30am and with several reminders of our success in 2018, nerves were increasing as we approached Oasis Swim Centre, Wagga.

The rising sun over the water’s edge brought the team to life with the help of our fearless captains, Mackensey House and Will Elgin. The first block of events (100m Freestyle), strongly suggested the College was in for another good day in the pool with our College swimmers setting the bar high for the remainder of the meet.

With many similar fine performances throughout the day, the College went on to win back-to-back BISSA Championship, in addition to the Average Aggregate and Female Champions Shields.

Congratulations to all our swimmers on the day, especially to Mackensey House, Will Elgin, Sarah-Jane Male, Paddy Duggan, Mia Haydon and Erin Haydon who were named Age Champions. Special acknowledgement must go to Jessica Kemp, Year 8 for being our inaugural entrant in BISSA diving, coming an credible fourth in the Year 7 to 9 Junior category.

The College looks forward to hearing how our 12 nominated students perform at CIS Secondary Swimming Championships, which take place early Term 2. Good luck!


The College took up the opportunity to participate in the TAFE NSW Schools Netball Cup, hosted by Netball NSW at JC King Park, mid-March. Big congratulations to all our teams, which were depleted due to a clash with College camps.

In addition to offering a pathway to future competitions, it also include a boys section which was very popular among Trinity boys.

Thank you to Mrs Swann for her expertise and congratulations to our Year 7/8 girls team which qualified to the Regional Final on Tuesday 13 August.

Girls Cricket

Congratulations to our girls cricket team who participated in an interschool 20:20 gala day. The College team, made up of Year 9, 10 and 11 students came away with a victory against Xavier High School and narrowly going down to Murray High School.

Our female cricketers will have another opportunity to participate against the best of the border in Term 4.


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From the Junior School

Mr Steven Armstrong



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One of the most important skills that we should practise at any stage of life is that of resilience. The ability to bounce back and accept that not everything turns out as we expect or hope. Some of our most able practitioners of this skill are our youngest students. They recognise that not being correct, making a mistake, is just another step on the journey to full discovery. We all should encourage each other to take on challenges, to aim as high as we can with all we do. This should be done in the full knowledge that we have built on our resilience. The converse is not a good scenario. If we are not willing to risk being wrong or failing in some way then we cannot grow as learners. Many of our great thinkers and inventors sing this loudly. It is not a matter of trial and error but more a sense of persistence and purpose. This aspect is also very relevant to our relationships and the art of forgiveness and gratitude does enable resilience to flourish.

The College is a busy place. I often use the metaphor of a simmering pot of soup that needs to be kept at the correct energy level to ensure a pleasant and enjoyable repast. Too much parts catch and burn and bits can spit out the top. Too little and it cools off and can congeal. Getting the level right is always a challenge and it is via the expertise of many willing staff and parents that we are always refining the program (temperature gauge).


Beeswax Lip Balm
Year 4 students produced lip-balm using beeswax this week as a practical application of learning about bees. This is on sale to benefit the trip to Cambodia.

Year 3-6 Athletics Carnival
This took place yesterday and was a great success. We are continually refining the process to allow for a focus on the skills involved in the Track and Field Events. This involved a build-up via PE lessons where willing Senior School students and specialist staff coached students.

Easter Hat Parade
K-2 students will parade on Monday April 8.

Year 2 Immersion Day
On Tuesday April 9, Year 2 students experience the real meaning of being a student from many years ago. This is a wonderful experience.

K-2(Infants) Tabloids
This will take place on Wednesday April 10. This is always a joyous celebration of athletic pursuits. The fervour and intensity is matched by the fun and excitement.

College ANZAC Commemoration
This will take place on Thursday April 11. It is a very important part of our recent history and many students have been researching aspects of camaraderie, bravery and resilience that underpin these terrible times.

End of Term Assembly
This will take place on Friday April 12 in the MPH starting at 9.05am. We will celebrate the lead into the holidays with some performances and awards.


The Easter break is a time for renewal. I hope all families have time to reflect on the important aspects of our lives together and to reflect on the real message of peace and love that should inhabit our thoughts throughout the year.

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Act for Peace Student Leadership Conference

Ms Karla Horn

Junior leaders Hudson Grey, Stephanie Ramsdell, Finn Pidd and Penny Alker-Jones travelled to Melbourne to participate in a student leadership conference this week. The conference was facilitated by the Act for Peace charity foundation.

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 The foundation works with developing nations to empower people to collaborate to achieve safety, justice and dignity in communities threatened by conflict and disaster. The Act for Peace organisation operates the ration challenge that the Year 6 students will participate in during Refugee week in Term 2.

DSIL Global CEO, Katy Grennier taught the students about the Human Centred Design approach and how to use innovating thinking to develop ideas and projects. Katy comes with a wealth of knowledge and regularly works with groups such as Microsoft, and the United Nations is supporting their teams with design and innovation. The students were very fortunate to have such a wonderful learning experience, and all participated in the activities with enthusiasm and vigour throughout the day.

In Term 2, Hudson, Stephanie, Finn and Penny will lead their peers in learning about the ration challenge.

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Junior School Sport

Mr Kade Stevens, Head of Junior School Sport

Athletics Carnival
RAS Netball trials

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Athletics Carnival

Congratulations everyone for a very successful Junior Athletics Carnival in 2019! To make such a great day possible we have plenty of staff putting in heaps of work, so firstly I would like to thank them for all their time and effort. A massive thank you to Trish Pearce for organising her team of staff and students to provide all of our staff with refreshments for the day.

Congratulations to all students on their participation. Each student gave their all in plenty of events to add to their house points. Finally, a big congratulations to Rosborough House for being the Champion House and thank you to all the other houses for all putting in their greatest efforts. Thank you to staff, students and of course the Albury Athletics track officials for making the Junior School athletics carnival a great one!

The overall placings for the day were:

1st – Rosborough
2nd – Lankaster
3rd – Hoffman
4th – Kelton
5th – Petts
6th – Kimball

Age Champions and Runner Ups:

Boys Girls
Age Group Champion Runner Up Champion Runner Up
9 and under Ryder Murray Tiger Phillips Winnie Monaghan Charli Robinson
10 yrs Noah Boyd Thomas Wells Millie Thomas Sienna Jones
11 yrs Archie Kreutzberger Chase Singe Siahn O’Sullivan Sammi Murray
12/ 13 years Leo Geerling Harrison Wilson Steph Ramsdell Fallon Locke

RAS Netball Trials

On Friday 29 March, 10 Year 6 students travelled to Wagga to compete in the RAS Primary Netball Trials. All girls played exceptionally well, with Trinity securing six wins from six games. Among 66 girls from across our region, eight of our players were selected for the ‘probables and possibles’.

This list of 20 girls was then cut down to 10, with a massive six players selected to join the RAS team to play in Sydney in May. Congratulations to Audrey Hogg, Luella Aldridge, Addi Wheeler, Issy McKerlie, Claudia Hocking and Fallon Locke. What a way to represent, Trinity!



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After school care

The After School Care Team

We are just a week away from Term 1 holidays and you know what that means: Holiday Club! Join us for a fun time with positive learning outcomes in Jungle Jam! Bookings are now open. To find out the daily program and activities for these school holidays, please visit:

You can also call our friendly Customer Care Team on 1300 105 343 – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Uniform shop Term 2 trading hours

Blazers are now in stock. If you have ordered a blazer they are now ready to collect, but there are also plenty in stock of all different sizes so get down to the Uniform Shop to get yours before the end of Term.

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