9 February 2019

From the Principal

Mr Justin Beckett

mr_justin_beckettWe are enjoying a bright and joyful start to the 2019 school year. It seems to me that most kids have been bursting to get back to school. There is so much enthusiasm about new teachers, new friends and new opportunities. The new year beckons with possibility and opportunity for today’s learners and tomorrow’s leaders. We have started the year with two new leadership roles in the Senior School. From 2019, the College Executive is comprised as follows:

Principal Justin Beckett
Business Manager Greg Davis
Head of Junior School Steven Armstrong
Dean of Teaching and Learning (7-12) Adele Guy
Dean of Student and Staff Wellbeing (7-12) Jon Field

Trinity Anglican College has one overriding purpose: to equip young people with the tools for a vibrant and successful life. We believe that a well-rounded education is the master key to enable students to access a lifetime of skills, opportunities and connections.

We know that schools make an important difference in shaping an education. But the most important in-school influence on student achievement is the quality of the teacher. We understand this at Trinity; and so we are focusing energy and investment into the attraction, development and retention of high quality teachers. This has been especially evident in the last two months with the creation of three new roles in the College.

As the Dean of Teaching and Learning, Adele Guy is charged with the responsibility of shaping and improving the quality of teaching and learning practices in Years 7-12, particularly supporting teachers in their growth and development. This will complement the work of Simon Fairall and the Key Learning Area Leaders in the Junior School who have been leading a major improvement agenda for the last 12-18 months.

The Dean of Student and Staff Wellbeing, Jon Field, is entrusted with the role of supporting the holistic development of students in Years 7-12 but also, importantly, fostering the wellbeing of teachers. If teacher quality is the most important in-school influence on student achievement and success, then we need to be nurturing and empowering our teachers.

We have also employed a full-time Human Resources Manager, Tanya McLaren, to develop, coordinate and support all Trinity staff for the benefit of our students.

 John Hattie’s meta-analyses of factors affecting student achievement found that the student herself/himself accounts for about 50% of the variance of achievement. In other words, it is what students bring to the table that predicts achievement more than any other variable.

This is why we focus so much time and energy to develop the whole student: their mental, social, emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing. It accounts for why we run so many programs to foster social-emotional wellbeing. We have three new personal development programs starting this year: the Future Thinking Course (Year 10), the Rite Journey Program (Year 9) and Play is the Way (Kindergarten to Year 2). We need to ensure that our students are thriving as healthy and whole people if they are to leverage that 50% capacity to lift their own academic achievement.

Teachers account for about 30% of the variance in student achievement. Hattie explains, “It is what teachers know, do and care about which is very powerful in this learning equation.” Wright, Horner and Sanders articulate it like this:

… the most important [in-school] factor affecting student learning is the teacher… The immediate and clear implication of this finding is that seemingly more can be done to improve education by improving the effectiveness of teachers than by any other single factor.

Trinity Anglican College is committed to the provision of a quality teacher in every class. I trust that you and your child will experience this in action in 2019.

The parent-teacher relationship is a key partnership in the education of a child. Should you need to contact your child’s teacher about any matter, please do so. In the Junior School, this is best achieved by sending an email or writing a diary note to the classroom teacher. In the Senior School, the classroom teacher is the first port of call for matters regarding a child’s academic performance in a subject. If your concerns are about the pastoral care or wellbeing of a child in Years 7-12, please contact the House Mentor in the first instance and following that, if necessary, then the relevant Head of House.

In closing, I would like to invite you to our Welcome Pancake Breakfast on Tuesday 12 February from 7.30-9.30am. It will be a memorable morning where you can meet teachers and other parents and see our students enjoying their school. There is plenty of food for everyone. And it sure beats brekky at home!

P&F Welcome breakfast – Tuesday 12 February, 7.30 start

Mrs Anthea Mullholland,  P&F President

The P&F would like to invite everyone to our first event for 2019, our Welcome Pancake Breakfast. All students in the Senior School and Junior School, as well as their parents and guardians, are invited to enjoy a breakfast that you don’t have to prepare yourself. Just come along – the P&F has thought of everything and provided it all for you free of charge. We will have pancakes, a range of cereals, fruit,  juice boxes, hot chocolates, tea and coffee. And if you want a barista coffee, the Trinity Cafe will be open for purchases from 7.30am.

Some of our Trinity musicians will add to the atmosphere and Mr Patralakis will keep things rolling with his unique wit on the microphone as our unofficial MC. It starts at 7.30am.

From the Dean of Student and Staff Wellbeing

Mr Jon Field

As I begin my journey at Trinity Anglican College I have spent much time reflecting on what is essential to the pastoral development of the learners in our care.  I  always seem to come back to resilience.

Over the years many students as well as their parents, will have heard me say that if one focusses on personal development of skills, be they academic or other, success is sure to follow.

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This has become more and more important in a world where there is more focus on quantifiable data to measure every aspect of our achievement.  The danger is that we focus on short-term rather than long-term goals.  What I mean is that if we are focussing on only the next test, game, tournament or recital, we risk losing sight of the bigger picture and therefore stunting our development.

An example would be a student who does not want to participate in the upcoming Swimming Carnival because he or she is not comfortable with his or her own ability or is worried about the perception of others. While it is true that there is safety in not competing, she or he will have lost the opportunity to explore the limits of personal ability and it is through this potential for failure that the most meaningful development happens.

The truth is that many of us are afraid to fail, and this lack of resilience is not ideal in a modern world that will increasingly judge future generations on acquired skills such as problem solving and the ability to think creatively rather than on learned knowledge.

In a 2014 article by Thomas L. Friedman in the New York Times, called “How To Get A Job At Google.”, Senior Vice President of People Operations for Google, Lazlo Bock, states that the most important factor in the hiring process at Google as the ability to learn. This is closely followed by leadership and humility.

I am well aware that many people are quick to quote Google policies as exemplifying what is needed in the modern world and I am also aware that one company does not hold the key to our future.  The article also was published over three years ago, but I think that there is still something to learn here.

Our focus should be on improving every aspect of our life in terms of our social skills, sporting skills and academic skills, not on short term achievement. If we embrace the risk of failure as a path to ultimate success, the result can only be greater long-term achievement.

We cannot achieve if we do not try. Through trying we will occasionally fail. When we do fail, we must embrace this as a path through learning to success.

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From the Dean of Teaching and Learning

Mrs Adele Guy

Our Academic Scholarships will open soon and close on 9 March 2019. Applicants must apply online and candidates will sit the academic exam on 19 March 2019.  Details of other scholarships will be available later in the year.

Academic Scholarship
: Academic Excellence. The recipient must be an outstanding academic and show strong commitment to his/her studies. He/she will be able to detail achievements in areas outside and inside the academic program.

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Application: The applicant must:

  • register online for the academic test with AAS and pay the registration fee,
    early term 1
  • sit the academic test on the given date,
  • submit a cover letter and a detailed curriculum vitae addressing the criteria, and
  • be prepared to attend an academic scholarship interview.

The success of applicants will be based on their written application, the interview and their performance in the academic test.

Tenure: Available to students entering Years 7, 8, 9, 10 or 11 in the year following application. Tenable for the remaining years at Trinity Anglican College if scholarship criteria is maintained. (An annual review is conducted on all scholarship holders.)

Value: 50% (Minor) or 100% (Major) remission of tuition fees for remaining years at Trinity Anglican College.

Criteria:  Criteria and (evidence) required for award:

  • Excellent performance on the AAS Academic test
  • Demonstrated academic commitment (i.e. school reports and NAPLAN results)
  • Demonstrated history of achievement at school or in the community (i.e. awards or certificates received)
  • Personal qualities (i.e. school reports or references)
    • Honesty
    • Trustworthiness
    • Punctuality
    • Cooperation
  • Ability to contribute to the co-curricular program at Trinity Anglican College

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From the Head of Academic Administration

Ms Kym Armstrong

Disability Provisions for HSC Examinations
Year 10 Parent Information Evening

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Disability Provisions for HSC Examinations

The NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) offers special consideration for the examinations of students who are experiencing significant disadvantage because of conditions that impair their ability to perform in the examination setting.  In order to access this consideration, students must undertake an application process.  Students who think that they might be eligible are encouraged to speak to me.

Year 10 Parent Information Evening

The Record of School Achievement (RoSA) is the credential that becomes available to students after the completion of Year 10.  In order to explain this credential and the shift from Year 9 that Year 10 represents, the school is conducting a Year 10 Information Evening on Wednesday 13th February from 7pm.  Mr Dicketts will also present information about how he can provide the students with careers information in his new capacity as Careers Advisor hat.  This will take place downstairs in the south building of the Senior School.  Please note this important date in your diaries.

Please contact me if you have any queries about these matters.

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From the College Cousellor

Dr Anthony Perrone

Happy 2019 to our Trinity Community!  As a refresher and reminder I have provided the referral and consent process to access the College Counsellor. Please feel free to contact me directly at any time regardless of the year level of your child/children for advice, consultation, information or if you are in need of strategies.

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You are not required to go through any one person or people to refer your child to me or if you have a need to speak with me. As the College Counsellor,  I am available to all of the Trinity community.

Also if your child is seeing an external specialist for counselling or is on medication for a related mental health issue, it is important I become aware of this so we can ensure that Trinity is providing the best possible duty of care for your child. If there is an incident and we are not aware of your child’s needs then this may adversely affect how we handle or approach your child and the situation.

My direct contact details are:
Phone: 6049 3444

I hope Term 1 is a good one for your child and your families. If I can assist in any way please do not hesitate to contact me.

As Tim Hansel once said: ‘Life is really fun, if we only give it a chance.’

All the best!

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Immunisation program at Trinity

The first round of school vaccinations is being conducted at this school on Tuesday 2 April 2019. The following vaccines will be offered on this day:

YEAR 7 MALE & FEMALE STUDENTS BOOSTRIX (Diphtheria, Tetanus, Whooping Cough) Single Dose Only

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These vaccinations are funded on the National Immunisation Schedule. Should your child miss out on starting their vaccination course this year they will not be eligible to receive them for free in subsequent years.

Parent information packs were sent home recently.

To consent to your child being vaccinated with one or more vaccines, please sign the relevant sections of the consent card.  The consent card must be completed, signed and returned to the school by Thursday 28 February 2019. PLEASE FILL IN THE CONSENT CARD WITH BLUE OR BLACK PEN ONLY.

If you DO NOT wish to have your child vaccinated with one or more vaccines or if your child has already been vaccinated, please don’t sign the consent section on the consent card and return them to the school by Thursday 28 February 2019.

Please note: Students who have the first dose of HPV at their GP will need to complete the course with their GP.

Parents/guardians who wish to withdraw their consent for any reason may do so by writing to the school Principal or phoning the school. The Procedure for Withdrawal of Consent is available on the NSW Health website at

A Record of Vaccination will be provided to each student vaccinated at the time of vaccination. Parents/guardians should ensure that this record is kept for future reference.

If you have any enquiries about your child’s vaccinations, please contact Wodonga Council’s Immunisation Team on 1800 655 360.     If you have any enquiries regarding the NSW School immunisation program, please contact your local Public Health Unit on 1300 066 055.

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All for a good cause

By Sylvia de Graaff, Year 8

The World’s Greatest Shave is an Australian foundation that raises money for research to find the cure for leukaemia – a blood and bone marrow cancer. In Australia alone, 35 people are diagnosed with leukaemia per day. And out of these people, one person dies every 2 hours. All around Australia, fundraisers shave their hair off to support this incredible foundation, with approximately 2 million people participating in the past 20 years.

My name is Sylvia de Graaff and I am raising money to beat blood cancer. One of my oldest friends was diagnosed with blood cancer when she was 2 years old. She survived but she still suffers from the consequences of the treatment. I decided to take part in the World’s Greatest Shave to help ensure that nobody else has to go through what she and her family do. Thank you to Fuss Studios which will shave my hair after school on Friday, 15 February. I have raised $954 through friends, family and a school bake sale. I have a goal of $1500 – and you can help me achieve it! If you would like to donate here is the link:    – Thank you.

From Performing Arts

Mrs Michelle Mordecai, Coordinator of Co-Curricular Performing Arts

Diverse co-curricular offering
Peripatetic Teachers
Training Band
Phantom Of The Opera

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At Trinity Anglican College we aim to provide opportunities for students to take part in a diverse array of Performing Arts opportunities. Listed here is a timetable of co-curricular activities that your child may wish to join:

Activity Day Time Staff Contact
Woodwind Ensemble Monday 7.45-8.45am Mrs Mordecai
Acoustic Group Tuesday Lunch Mr Spokes
Stage Band Wednesday 7.30-8.45am Mr Spokes
Girls Drama Wednesday 7.45-8.45am Mr Mancer
Steel Pans (B) Wednesday 3.30-4.30pm Mrs. Mordecai
Music Theatre Thursday 7.45-8.45am Mr Mancer
Steel Pans (A) Thursday 7.45-8.45am Mrs Mordecai
String Ensemble Thursday 7.45-8.45am Mrs Mordecai
Boys Drama Friday 7.45-8.45am Mr Mancer
Training Band Friday 7.30-8.45am Mrs Mordecai
Brass Ensemble Friday Lunch Mrs Mordecai

If you would like to know more about an activity, such as suitability for your child, costs involved or just what it involves, please contact the staff member listed next to each activity.

Peripatetic Teachers

We have many peripatetic teachers who provide individual and group tuition for students at Trinity Anglican College. We currently have tutors for:

  • piano
  • guitar/bass guitar
  • violin/ viola
  • cello
  • drums
  • trumpet
  • trombone
  • saxophone
  • clarinet
  • flute

Whilst there is a cost for tuition, Creative Kids vouchers are now redeemable at Murray Conservatorium. Please contact Mrs Mordecai for more details.

Training Band

Training Band provides group tuition and ensemble experience for students in middle years at an affordable price. The training band is open to students in years 5-7 who wish to learn flute, clarinet, trumpet or trombone. A charge of $50/term covers the cost of group tuition, tutor book and instrument hire. This group will be commencing in Week 5; please contact Mrs. Mordecai for more details and an application form.

Phantom Of The Opera

Students and staff are rehearsing two afternoons a week as well as some weekends to bring you ‘Phantom Of The Opera.’ Show dates are 2-4 May at the Albury Entertainment Centre. We have a talented cast and crew, many of whom have been nominated for Georgy and CAT awards in previous shows. Tickets are now on sale and are available from the Albury Entertainment Centre website and box office. Book early to avoid disappointment!

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From the Careers desk

Mr Mark Dicketts, Careers Advisor

Alternative Pathways Forum – Yrs 9 – 11
Weekly newsletter
Trinity careers webpage

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It is very exciting that the College is offering for the first time an Alternative Pathways Forum. The forum will provide students and parents information regarding the various pathways and resources available to assist them in finding meaningful employment. The focus of the forum will be for those students wishing to obtain employment in the near future, for example find an apprenticeship or traineeship, and DO NOT wish to complete their HSC.

Location: Trinity Anglican College
Venue: Downstairs of the Senior South Building
Date: Wednesday 20 February
Time: 7-8pm
Presenters: TAFE NSW (Courses and supports), VERTO (apprenticeships and traineeships), The Personnel Group (employment programs)

Each presenter will give a 10-minute presentation on their organisation followed by a 5min. question time after which students and parents will have the opportunity to meet with presenters to ask further questions.

Nibbles provided. For catering purposes please email before Wednesday 13 February (3.30pm) if you are attending.

Weekly newsletter

Each week students and parents will have access to a weekly newsletter providing information on all things careers.

Topics in this week’s newsletter include:

  • Weekly Career News – welcome
  • Higher education – Institutionlinks
  • Apprenticeship and traineeship news
  • Competition – film making
  • Defence Force – career news
  • Vocational and university news
  • Victoria Police Force – careers
  • Casual and part-time employment
  • Volunteering overseas

You can access the newsletter via the following link:

Trinity careers webpage

Visit for the latest information that will help you make decisions about your future career and your life beyond school.

If you have any further questions regarding careers please contact me.

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From the Library

Mr Rob Childs and Mrs Amy Wilson

Library Hours
Books Outstanding from 2018
Book Club and Book Fair
Thank You

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Welcome back to another busy and exciting year at Trinity. The Library has already had a number of classes and students coming through the doors, excited to be using the space and borrowing books, which is always lovely to see!

Library Hours

The Library is open every week day during school terms from 8am and closes at 3.30pm for students from the Junior School and 4.30pm for our Senior students. Parents are always welcome to come and use the space during these times, to read, study, etc. with their children.

Books Outstanding from 2018

We had one of our best ever years for books returned at the end of 2018, so thank you very much and well done for that. However, there are still a number of books and other resources still outstanding from last year. Please return any of these resources to the library or front office as soon as possible.

Book Club and Book Fair

We will be offering Book Club through Scholastic again this year, and the first catalogue has already been releases and sent home. There are usually two Book Club catalogues per term. Please be mindful of the Due Dates on the front cover of the catalogues. We also encourage payments via the online LOOP system (details can be found on the catalogues and the Scholastic website), and also accept cash when students return the paper order form on the back of the catalogues, but please, no cheques.

There will also be a Scholastic Book Fair this term. Students will be given the opportunity to explore the books and other materials on offer during class times in Week 7 and then be able to make purchases on the Friday of that week. Parents and friends are also more than welcome to come in at any stage through the week to look over the fair and to purchase on the Friday. More information will be available closer to the date.


We are always grateful for any donations of books and other resources, and we have already had some lovely items dropped off this year. We make every effort to find resources an appropriate home, whether in our library or other part of the school, one of our partner schools, or donated on to charity. Unfortunately, we are unable to return any donations. Please feel free to drop anything off to either the front office or to the library, and once again, thank you.

Thank you

Finally, it can be difficult during the business of a year to show our appreciation to all of the students and their families and friends who help and support the library in a thousand little ways. We try very hard to ensure all of our staff, students and families feel welcome and are given the opportunity to achieve their best, and this is always made easier with your support, so thank you very much. We look forward to working with you all during 2019, and please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.

Mrs. Amy Wilson – Teacher Librarian –

Mr. Rob Childs – College Librarian –

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From the Junior School

Mr Steven Armstrong

Kindergarten Interviews
Parent Helpers
Hot Hot Hot
Student Leadership
Year 3-6 Swimming Carnival

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A wonderfully warm welcome to 2019. The students have started strongly with the “old” hands settling in quickly to their new classes and the new students being embraced by their new classmates.

Learning is at the heart of everything we do. The way we think, the way we act, discover, imagine and laugh, adds to the richness of our world. In the school environment we endeavour to enhance these experiences. Our aim, as the teaching staff, is to create a culture of life-long learning. To ensure that we are not focussing on just what is learned but more importantly why we learn and how we understand. This will ensure that every lesson, every day and each term we can change and grow. The College is blessed with a very strong and vibrant staff who will be wonderful guides and mentors.

As part of a vibrant community at the College, it is important to recognise that we are all different and that we celebrate these differences. It is a living community and how we interact with other members of the Community is at the heart of the sense of belonging. I often hark back to readings when trying to explain this sense. Maya Angelou summed this up for me (with apologies) “I’ve learned that people (sometimes) forget what you said, people (may) forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” So, as we work together in community, it is important to recognise our relationships and how we respond and react. How we celebrate achievements and bounce back from disappointments. These are skills that can be learned and honed and improved upon each day.

Kindergarten Interviews

A big thank you to the Kindergarten parents for their cooperation with this program. It is important to gather information about students to ensure that we can create the teaching/learning program that will best serve the needs of each student.

Parent Helpers

The College greatly values the help offered and proffered by Parents. A reminder that the induction session will be held on Tuesday February 12 starting at 6pm in the Infants Centre.

Hot Hot Hot

We are aware that the heatwave and storms have been problematic for all. The College has a Policy that we follow with regard to weather conditions and this is enacted on the day. It is important to remind students about the need for proper hydration (water) and coverings (hat, sunscreen). In order to keep the largest energy drain on the body (the brain) ticking along, maintaining a healthy food intake during the day is very important.

Student Leadership

At the Assembly next Tuesday, the Junior School leaders will be presented to the College. The Year 6 Leaders are aware of their roles and we all look forward to working with them. The SRC Representatives (Y3-Y6) and the Class Environment Representative(K-6) will also be recognised. It is important that the skill of service leadership is understood and the current structure mirrors the importance of raising an awareness of the skills of leadership and followership.

Year 3-6 Swimming Carnival

This will be held at Waves Wodonga on Friday 15 February. We are looking forward to a day of involvement and good competition. The students are very excited and many have been training.

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Senior School Sport

Mr Nash Clark, Head of Senior School Sport

Senior School Swimming Carnival
CIS Nomination Process
CIS Nomination Dates for Term 1 – Secondary

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The Trinity Anglican College Senior School Swimming Carnival is scheduled to take place on Thursday, 14 February at WAVES, Wodonga. Senior School students should have completed their nomination form, which has been emailed to their College account.

If your child has nominated for 100m Freestyle and/or 200m Individual Medley they need to be at WAVES by 8.50am. Remaining students are required to be at WAVES by 9.30am. All students are expected to make their own way to and from the pool, however, for those who are unable to do so, shuttles will depart the College at 8.30am and 9am and depart WAVES with enough time for students to catch their daily bus from the College.

Students travelling by shuttle must let me know by Tuesday, 12 February, by email, the bus they intend to catch so adequate buses are booked.  

The School will assume that learners will find their own way to the pool unless informed otherwise.

Students can be picked up no earlier than 2.45pm and must be collected by 3pm. Students who wish to remain at the pool must provide their Head of House with a parental permission note.

 Senior School swimming program summary (this program is a guide only)

9am                           100m Freestyle
9.30am                     Open 200m Individual Medley

9.45am                     Roll Marking

10am                         50m Freestyle

11.10am                   50m Backstroke

Noon                          50m Breaststroke

12.50am                   50m Butterfly

1.50pm                     Relays

2.15pm                     Presentations

CIS Nomination Process

Selection Objective

Trinity Anglican College supports the nomination of students with potential in their chosen sport(s). The College believes that the Combined Independent Schools (CIS) pathway provides an ideal opportunity for high-achieving athletes. Due to the objectives and standard of CIS representative teams, Trinity will only nominate students who have a realistic opportunity of being considered for selection in the respective CIS team.

Eligibility for Selection

Students must be current students of Trinity Anglican College. Students must fall within the age group outlined for each sport. Parents must be prepared to organise the transport and accommodation for their child and pay the nomination fee (which is non-refundable). CIS nominations will be based on clear criteria, which is communicated to all students and parents prior to the nomination date, and once parents/students have initially expressed their interest.

The Head of Senior School Sport (Mr Nash Clark) will make the nomination on the student’s and College’s behalf, with no late entries accepted.

Required Information

Students/Parents are to provide all of the following information, which is required to complete a student’s CIS nomination. This information will also be used to assess the eligibility for nomination:

Child’s Name
CIS Sport
Date of Birth
Preferred Position(s) (2)
Medical Concerns
Representative Experience
Previous Coach and Contact

In the process of assessing your child’s eligibility for nomination, information may be sought by the Head of Senior School Sport or from other College staff who have relevant experience and/or knowledge of the student in the nominated sport. If necessary, the College may organise a trial/training session for students prior to nomination.

Criteria for Nomination

Trinity College supports the aims of the CIS by providing a pathway to State and National level competition in a wide variety of sports for students in the independent school sector. The following areas of performance are to be considered:

  1. Skills exhibited by the player
  2. Fitness level exhibited by the player
  3. Performance of the player as a member of a team (sportsmanship/values)
  4. Attitude and behaviour of the player both on and off the court/field
  5. Positions played
  6. Representative experience in the nominated sport(s).

Nomination decisions will be based mainly on performance, however the following will also be considered:

  1. Attendance at competition, training and club/team events (commitment)
  2. Academic commitment

In addition, students:

  1. Will be nominated on their performance, commitment, values and behaviour, not their personal characteristics or attributes.
  2. May be precluded from selection if there is a concern about their ability to compete safely or if their participation poses a risk to others.

CIS Nomination Dates for Term 1 – Secondary

Sport Gender Age Group Nomination Date
Softball Boys 17 and under 15 February
Triathlons individual Girls + Boys All Ages 18 February
Triathlon Team Girls + Boys All Ages 18 February
Hockey Girls 16 and Under 8 March
Softball Girls 17 and Under 15 March
Swimming Girls + Boys All Ages 26 March

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Trinity Basketball Club

Dan Hogg, President

Following the success of our coach training and trials days, the 22 teams that make up the new Trinity Basketball Club have hit the courts for the first week of games. Congratulations to all the students and parents who have taken part with such enthusiasm and positivity, it’s a joy to behold! It is great to see the players take on their own individual challenges. It is important for us as parents to embrace the opportunities and to assist the kids in setting their own goals. By helping our children understand the opportunity for growth we will assist them in building resilience and leadership in a supportive environment.

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A huge thank you to our Committee, made up of parents of the College community, for all their hours of hard work in setting everything up behind the scenes to make this possible in such a short time, in particular Renee Vanegmond who ran the coach training day, led the trials day and has been courtside all week helping teams and coaches get going:

Vice President – Jacob Hanna
Vice President – Paul Clancy
Secretary – Janine Haymes
Treasurer – Kathy Fletcher
Head Coach Co-ordinator / Pathways – Renee Vanegmond
Registrar – Elisa Arcus and Cathy Katsoolis
College Pathways – Simone Jarratt
Merchandise Co-ordinator – Jodie Goggol
Communications / Media Liaison – Georgia de Graaff

Thank you also to our parent coaches, including several students who have embraced the opportunity to take up a leadership role as part of the Trinity Basketball Academy program. The teams couldn’t run without you! Thank you too to Mr Beckett and the College for their support of our endeavours.

It is very important as a club that all of us promote good sportsmanship and ensure we treat each other with the utmost respect. The Club has a Code of Conduct which is mandatory for all players and parents to adhere to to ensure that we provide a great environment for all us to enjoy while participating in sport.

Together, we look forward to developing the Club over this first season and into the future.  Go Trinity!

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Year 9 Agriculture

Ms Mari Green

Agriculture has started off with a bang in 2019. We have 14 students in Year 9 who are enthusiastic to learn about different agricultural enterprises. To ensure our students are exposed to different types of enterprises such as beef, lamb, mixed enterprise, poultry, piggery, animal stud programs ect we are seeking support from the Trinity community. We would like to hear from anyone who has farming knowledge or runs any agricultural enterprise, who would be willing to come in and speak to our students about their enterprise or ideally allow the class to do a farm visit. If you are keen get on board to help broaden students’ knowledge of agriculture please contact Mari Green by calling the school or sending an email to

From the Cafe

Catherine Whiley, Cafe Manager

We are all extremely excited to be back for 2019 and have enjoyed seeing all of the familiar and new faces come through this week.

We are serving Platform 9 coffee every day and welcome parents to the Café every morning.  Prices are as follows: small $4, regular $4.50, large $5.50. Please be sure to check the school website for an updated menu. When writing out lunch orders please ensure that the bag has the student’s full name and class clearly written as well as any allergies or special dietary requirements.

Community Announcements

Important Website Links