Bring Your Own Designated Device (BYODD)

Trinity Anglican College uses laptops to enrich the classroom experience for all students in the Senior School (Years 7-12). The concept involves a Bring Your Own Designated Device (BYODD) program and utilises the Canvas Learning Management System (LMS).

This initiative will enrich the classroom experience and offer greater potential for authentic learning experiences in all subjects. Through the program, students will be able to access Canvas, our new Learning Management System (LMS), which offers real time access to class resources, assignments, homework, discussions, marks and teacher feedback.

It is an exciting time as we move toward a new model of personal learning devices. This document will assist students and parents in planning for the Bring Your Own Designated Device (BYODD) program. It includes an overview of the program and a purchasing guide, which outlines minimum requirements and functionality.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact the college via

About the program

The Trinity Anglican College Information Technology program will be a vital tool for students and will provide them with the following at school and home:
• Online virtual classrooms
• Online discussion boards and collaborative learning tools
• Subject outlines, assessment tasks, feedback and results
• Digital textbooks for many subjects

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Frequently Asked Question

Read questions About the program, connecting to Trinity Anglican College network, Teaching and Learning and much more.

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Minimum Hardware Requirements

We have provided guidelines for the type of devices that are suitable for use at the College. We ask that you carefully consider the requirements that have been listed to ensure the longevity of the device.

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Software Provided

The College provides a number of software products as part of the BYODD program, including Microsoft Office and the Adobe suite of software. Please check the list for a comprehensive guide to what is provided.

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Insurance Options

The College does not insure the laptops in the BYODD program and notes that it is the responsibility of parents/guardians to ensure that insurance is taken out against the device. We have been able to provide pricing from iBroker for Insurance, please also check with your own insurance provider for comparative pricing.

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For questions about the BYODD, please contact:

Russell Parkin

Head of e-Learning