We see the education of your child as a joint effort between the College and the family. We need to make sure we are all on the same page so we ask that you familiarise yourself with our Conditions of Enrolment.


1.1. Applications must be made on the College’s official Enrolment Application Form and must be accompanied by a recent passport size photograph, a photocopy of the applicant’s birth certificate, evidence of all vaccines required to age 5 from Medicare (copies of baby books not accepted), a copy of applicants latest school report (except those entering Kindergarten), a signed Declaration, and the Application Fee as per the Fee Schedule.

1.2. Subject to vacancy, confirmation of a conditional Offer of Place will be made on receipt of the Application Form and Application Fee (non-refundable).

1.3. Before the intended date of entry, an interview may be arranged and Offers of Place confirmed. The Offer of Place will stand for FOUR WEEKS from the date of offer after which time the College may withdraw it without notice.

1.4. Confirmation of a Place at the College will be made upon receipt of the Enrolment Guarantee (non-refundable) and after interview. This interview is intended to ascertain whether Trinity is able to offer an education which is appropriate for your child. Trinity enrols children across a wide range of abilities, but is not a Special School equipped to serve students with complex medical, physical, behavioural, emotional or intellectual disabilities. Parents are asked to state the nature of any such special needs and to provide medical reports as appropriate.
Information regarding medical or special needs must be updated if the student’s needs change in the period between the initial application and the desired date of entry.

1.5. In the time leading up to the process indicated in 1.3 above, parents are asked to provide the College with copies of their child’s most recent school reports.

1.6. Applications to change the proposed date of enrolment must be made in writing. Unsuccessful applications or applicants wait-listed for a particular year are NOT transferred to another year unless notice in writing is received. If the Application is cancelled, the fee will not be refunded.

1.7. For Kindergarten entry, children must be five years of age before 31 March in the year of entry. The College reserves the right to delay admission of students they deem are not ready to commence schooling.

1.8 For entry into the 3-year-old program at the Early Learning Centre, children must turn 3 years ol by 31 March in the year they attend.


2.2. The College reserves the right to refuse entry to, or terminate the enrolment of a student whose fees are in arrears.

2.3. All fees are payable in advance and one (1) term’s notice in writing must be given to the Principal before any student is removed. In lieu of such notice, one (1) term’s fees are payable.

2.4. If a student leaves the College without the proper period of notice (section 2.3), any items for sale in the Uniform Shop (uniforms or books) will be withheld by the College, and the parent will receive the balance.

2.5. Where a sibling is enrolled for admission, but the fees for the present student are in arrears, then the enrolled student’s position should be reassessed if there is a waiting list for that enrolment year.


3.1. All students who attend the College are required to participate in the following activities, as determined by the Principal:

3.1.1. College Chapel and Religious and Values Education classes;

3.1.2. Obligatory co-curricular activities, as determined by the Principal; events such as Speech Night, Sports Carnivals and the like.

3.1.3. Various camps and excursions that occur from time to time as an integral part of the College Curriculum.

3.2. A condition of enrolment is that the student participates in the compulsory Student Accident Protection Plan, which includes the payment of a small annual fee (included as part of the College Fees). This insures students against accidents and injury while on College activities.

3.3. Requests for leave from College activities, including academic and co-curricular programs, and for early departure and late return at the beginning/end of term are considered only in special circumstances and must be applied for in writing to the Deputy Principal prior to the event.

3.4. All students are expected to support the ethos of the College and to abide by its rules as set out in the appropriate publications such as the Handbook or Diary, or established by practice and published from time to time at the Principal’s direction. In particular, the attention of students and parents is drawn to the College’s requirements set down for discipline, homestudy, attendance and leave, as set out in the Handbook.

3.5. The College reserves the right to discipline students for breaches of the rules of the College. Acceptance of the enrolment indicates acceptance by parents of the discipline policy of the College, as set out in the Handbook. In particular, parents enrolling their child accept that the College reserves the right to suspend or expel any student from the College, for an offence that the Principal determines constitutes extremely serious misconduct. Parents are expected to support the administration of the discipline policy of the College.

3.6. Any breaches of these Terms and Conditions shall entitle the Principal, at his or her discretion, to suspend or terminate the enrolment and attendance of the student at the College.