Year 7 Senior Portal

Caring for the Whole Child

At Trinity, we look carefully at the transition process for students as they move from Primary to Secondary education.

Students will be greeted at the beginning of the year by the Head of House and the student’s Pastoral Care Mentor. This teacher will become the person who meets with them each day and tracks their academic progress and their wellbeing. In particular, this teacher will be there to support students as they ask questions about where to go and what to do, in the first couple of weeks at in the Senior School. Our aim is that every child feels welcomed, happy and inspired to learn and make friends.

Students will have guidance about how to use SEQTA, our online learning management system, if they are new to the College. Mrs Dahmes, our Digital Learning integrator will be there to help!

There will be a letter sent home to parents at the beginning of the year, with useful information about the term’s events and with teacher’s contact details.

2022 Term Dates are available here

Parents are welcome to contact their child’s teachers on email, with any enquiries about learning or the wellbeing of their son or daughter.


All students study the following courses in Years 7-8:

  • English, Mathematics and Science
  • History and Geography
  • Personal Development and Physical Education (PDHPE)
  • Music, Visual Arts and Drama
  • Technology and Applied Studies (TAS)
  • Study of a language other than English: French
  • Religious and Values Education (RAVE)
Year 7 Stationery List - 2022

A rich learning environment:

There is great excitement in Year 7 as students engage in new subjects. They enjoy building in the Technology workshops, cooking in the Food Technology kitchen and Science Experiments in the labs.

There are dedicated Music, Drama and Art spaces, where students can explore various forms of creative expression. Most importantly, students learn about themselves: what they like and where they experience success. They also learn to relate to different teachers, and develop the skills necessary for independent learning as they mature and progress through Senior School.


Please enjoy our 3D tour of our Senior Centre, Trade Skills Centre and Science Centre.