Discovery Program

Our unique Year 9 Discovery Program is a student-directed inquiry-based learning program that offers students the opportunity to challenge themselves.

It is designed to help individuals transition from children into young adults by helping them understand who they are, where they fit in the world and where they want to go.

We encourage our students to be the change – Discover, Challenge, Experience and Grow.

By understanding what you, as a parent, can expect during this transformative year, you can also learn how you can support your child on their journey.

Pastoral care

Year 9 Pastoral Care Tutors specialise in teaching at Year 9 level. While not exclusively teachers of Year 9, they spend a good part of their week in face-to-face classes with students of this age. They are experienced in the challenges facing the students and understand the behaviours, mindset and thought processes of a student in adolescence.

Our specialist Year 9 teachers, led by Program Director Leigh Attwood, are:

  • Hoffman Jarrod Monaghan
  • Kelton  Davina Gibb/Mari Green
  • Kimball Russell Parkin
  • Lankaster Mark Dicketts
  • Petts Angela Nevin-Lewis
  • Rosborough Andrew Holland

Be the change: Discover, Challenge, Experience and Grow

The activities in the Year 9 Discovery Program are designed to help our students explore who they are and how they interact and relate to other people.  Our students will discover new ways to make informed and healthy choices that are right for them as growing, confident, individuals.  We hope that the experiences they have this year will challenge and inspire them to reach their individual potential.


Throughout the year, we will challenge our students in many ways.  These challenges may be easy for some but more difficult for others.  We understand that all students have different skills and capacities. With this in mind, we have designed a variety of activities to appeal to all types of students.

The challenges with which they will be presented will not be about competing or winning.  The primary purpose is for our students to learn how they can deal with different environments and situations.  Rising to such challenges builds self-confidence, resilience and teaches new skills.

The Discovery Program uses an inquiry learning approach and encourages students to pursue their passions and interest.  In Term 1, we explore student identity, leadership and focus on public speaking skill.  Later in the year, the students have the opportunity to develop a Personal Best Project where they have the freedom to create something about which they are passionate.  During the project, we encourage students to work with a number of staff across the various departments.  We also look at job interview skills and study techniques in Terms 3 & 4.


Inside the Discovery Program, sit the GoMAD (Go Make a Difference) Program and the SCIP (Student Community Involvement Program)


Students are challenged in several outdoor activities including windsurfing, rock climbing and canoeing.  Students also will give service to our natural environment in the Thurgoona Landcare Project.


Students undertake volunteer work at number of community organisations including Wewak Special School, Aspect Riverina School, Borella House Albury, Hume Public Special Education Unit, aged care facilities, childcare centres, and Trinity Anglican College.


The Discovery Program, is a rite of passage, marking the transition from childhood to young adulthood.  It is the symbolic end of a child’s dependant stage of life and the beginning of their independent adulthood.  Our students have new roles and a greater responsibility within our community.  We encourage parents to join us in supporting, encouraging and mentoring our students, your children, in the journey.