Exchange Students

At Trinity Anglican College we believe that the experience of hosting an international student and the experience that it brings to our students and staff is extraordinary.

All you need to know about being a Host family at Trinity

The diversity in culture and education houses such potential for our future leaders to be exposed to throughout their educational journey here at Trinity.  You may have landed on this page because you have spoken to exchange programs in the interest of hosting an international student or you are interested in Trinity’s processes and procedures surrounding the first steps of inquiry.

What are you committing to?
Financially -  As a host family you are not required to pay College fees for the Exchange student. Any uniform, text books or stationery required will be billed to the host family and or Exchange program (dependent on the Enrolment information provided)

Device Requirements - If your host student is staying for 6 months or longer, they will need to bring a laptop device to complete their school work on. If you are hosting an international student for less than 6 months we can arrange a loan laptop from our IT department. Ideally, if the international student owns their own device, we ask that they bring it with them.

Behaviour - You will be responsible for Trinity’s Code of Conduct that the international student must abide by. Please click here to read the Code of Conduct. In the unlikely event of poor behaviour your host student may be removed from the College effective immediately.

Who will assist you?
The Marketing and Enrolments manager along with Office and Heads of House will assist the host family with the steps of enrolment and period of stay.

What do Host families do?
Host families assist their Exchange students in navigating their new school and community, make friends, learn the language and enjoy time abroad. Trinity will set the exchange student up with a buddy in their House Group and year level for their first day of school and assist the family during this time.

Fill in an application and inquiry form located at the bottom of this page.
Once accepted, you must provide Trinity Anglican College with the following documentation;
- Copy of Visa
- Visa Class number
- Copy of Passport
- Copy of Exchange program application details which must include:
- medical         
- Immunisation record
 - Current academic transcript - grades and subjects 

Exchange Student Application Code of Conduct