Our Ethos


Trinity Anglican College: an aspirational school committed to a holistic education, offering students opportunities for excellence and catering for individual students’ needs, interests and skills.

Our Mission

Bringing the vision to reality for our students.

Our Christian Faith

As an Anglican school, Trinity Anglican College provides hope through the example of Jesus Christ as proclaimed in the Gospels and through proclaiming, sharing and celebrating our faith. We express our faith through our relationships, worship and prayer, and through the service of others. In Anglican schools the spiritual and moral dimensions of education find a significant place in the curriculum. In this context, students at Trinity experience regular reflection and worship and through these are encouraged to explore Christian faith. The Christian values which come from the Anglican tradition lead to young men and women at Trinity with a developed values system which is evident in their behaviour, outlook, relationships and service.

Teaching & Learning

Trinity Anglican College is committed to educational excellence. It fosters a learning community which values a strong and varied academic program and a rich, diverse set of co-curricular opportunities.

Trinity provides curriculum that is challenging and relevant to the needs of each student using appropriate technology and engaging methodologies informed by excellent pedagogy. We foster a personal responsibility for learning and encourage students to strive for excellence in all they do, as essential elements for a lifetime’s work.

Trinity employs staff members who are committed, enthusiastic, highly qualified and skilled. The College will continue to provide relevant professional development opportunities for its staff in its commitment to educational excellence. The College is committed to providing the most appropriate resources and facilities to enhance teaching and learning excellence.

Pastoral Care

Trinity Anglican College values and nurtures the uniqueness of each individual within the College community and strives to establish and maintain genuine relationships with all. These relationships contribute significantly to a college environment where all feel connected, safe and happy. In this environment we know that members of the Trinity community will achieve great outcomes across all areas of their educational experience.


We recognise the family as the primary educators of our students and collaborate with parents and carers for the best possible development of their sons and daughters.

We are committed to communicating effectively with all members of the College community – students, staff, parents, members of the College Council, friends and Old Collegians. We also are committed to relating purposefully and communicating effectively with the ASC and our sister schools, both in the Diocese of Wangaratta and beyond.

Our Values

Trinity’s vision and mission are underpinned by the following values as modelled by Jesus Christ:
• Justice
• Commitment and Endeavour
• Respect
• Responsibility
• Compassion
• Community
• Integrity

As a school operating in the 21st Century, Trinity Anglican College respects, adheres to and affirms the following principles:
• Democracy and elected government
• The rule of law
• Equal rights for all before the law
• Freedom of religion
• Freedom of speech and association
• The values of openness, respect and tolerance