Pastoral Care

Our priority at Trinity Anglican College is to provide a supportive, nurturing and challenging environment so that our students can thrive academically, spiritually, culturally, physically and socially. Trinity prides itself on its positive and genuine relationships which exist between students and their teachers, and teachers and parents.  At Trinity, these relationships form the foundation of everything we do as a learning community.

In the Junior School, the pastoral care and well being of students is catered for by the individual Class Teachers. When students progress to the secondary years, they are allocated to a Pastoral Care Group whose interests are looked after by a House Mentor.

The Class Teachers in the Junior School and the House Mentors in the Senior School have the immediate responsibility for the academic and general progress of their students and are parents’ first point of contact with the College. The respective senior staff – the Dean of Student and Staff Well Being and the Head of School work closely with the Class Teachers and House Mentors to get to know their students and through this relationship, become more aware of their needs.