I would like to extend a warm welcome to Trinity Anglican College for 2020. There is so much to look forward to in the coming year and I would like to share with you my vision for our wonderful College.

This vision focuses on bringing out the best in each other by adhering to the 4 Pillars of a Trinity Education. Everything we do at Trinity will be underpinned by these 4 pillars and they will influence our daily decisions, inspire our actions and qualify our thoughts.

The year ahead will see a continuation of excellent academic standards, exciting and high quality teaching and innovative use of new learning spaces.  Trinity has a tradition of young people reaching for their best and inspiring greatness in one another. In an increasingly complex world, Trinity provides a strong community where young people are not only engaged in creativity and innovation but also embody compassion and service.

Our College holds a strong academic achievement record and offers a rich and diverse curriculum. Our teachers love to engage tomorrow’s leaders, equipping them with the tools to shine today and in the future. We also enjoy a fantastic range of sporting, service learning and co-curricular opportunities. We are enormously proud of our brand new Infants’ Centre and Senior Learning Centres, both state-of-the-art facilities opened in 2016.

While the College has many strengths, Trinity’s most tangible strength is its strong and vibrant community. Our academic and administrative staff members are totally committed to establishing and nurturing genuine relationships with our students and their families. Trinity parents are always welcome at the College and provide a rich network of support to the College and one another.

As an Anglican school and member of the Anglican Schools Commission, we are a Christ-centred community of faith, hope and love. We believe that every child is created with dignity and is deeply loved. We trust that, as they are instilled with a sense of their value, they will develop an appreciation for the value of others, launching into the wider community as young men and women imbued with purpose and hope.

Trinity is a wonderful place and the best way to get a true sense of our happy and vibrant community is to visit us. On any given day you will see our teachers and staff in action with students of all ages alive and engaged in the joy of learning. We would be delighted to give you a tour of our campus so you can see for yourself.

At Trinity, our young people are our greatest hope and our most treasured asset – young men and women of character, faith, integrity and purpose. A Trinity Anglican College education is a gift that keeps on giving.

Mr Justin Beckett