Tutorial Centre

Trinity Anglican College has an active Tutorial Centre. We employ an enthusiastic staff who maintain a love of students, both nurturing and supporting them accordingly. Extensive testing takes place each February in Years 3 to 9 in the core areas of comprehension, spelling, vocabulary and mathematics and enables us to monitor each child’s progress against state standards. Our aim is to identify and provide for the needs of the most able and those students requiring additional support. Some students are provided with further diagnostic testing and assessment.

We are proud to be an ambassador school for the SRA direct Instruction programs and have much documented success with these programs in our Junior School. These programs ensure our attention is focussed on the mastery of the basic skills of spelling, reading, writing and mathematics.

We also provide other small group instruction and specifically tailored programs with collaboration between parents, class teachers and learning support staff.

Weekly extension classes run with small groups in all Junior School classes, covering areas such as literacy, mathematics, writing and problem solving.

Senior School students have access to tailored English and Mathematics classes and additional Literacy classes. In addition, where and when additional support is required to extend or assist students, classes are arranged on a needs basis at lunchtimes, before and/ or after school.

Several Trinity families access GERRIC programs and students are involved in the annual Tournament of the Minds challenges, at Junior and Senior levels.