Our Ethos

Our Mission

Trinity Anglican College - an aspirational school committed to a holistic education, offering students opportunities for excellence and catering for individual students' needs, interests and skills.
Our mission is to engage tomorrow’s leaders, forging the path to a taste of the future where our students are equipped with all the tools and skills to succeed in any given environment.

Our Vision

Growing people of joy and purpose, through engaging and personalised learning experiences.

Our Motto

Omnia possibilia apud Deum.
All things are possible with God.

The Five Marks of Anglican Mission

It is obvious to all Trinity is an Anglican school. However, when asked: “What does our Anglicanism mean for our community?” we sense some are less confident in articulating a response. Consequently, we have developed a document which provides some guidance in this space. The Five Marks of Anglican Mission is a concept promoted by Anglican Schools Australia and we have modified this material for our context. The resultant document is now on display in our classrooms, and available here, for the information of all. We expect the Five Marks of Anglican Mission to inform our programs and, consequently, be lived through your children’s experiences.

Our Four Pillars

Our Educational Philosophy is underpinned by the following four pillars:

At Trinity our teachers seek to know your child to deliver a more personalised and targeted learning experience. We are helping our students to better understand their own learning. We want them to appreciate their capacity for growth and to regularly experience the joy and power of learning.

The purpose of education is to develop people with a 'tool kit' for life. At Trinity, we believe that a rich and full bodied education is one that is holistic. We are growing young men and women of integrity, grit, faith, hope and purpose.

We believe that every child is fantastic at something. We offer a broad range of learning opportunities, in and beyond the classroom, so that every child can discover new talents and passions.

We want every child to feel a deep sense of belonging at Trinity. As an Anglican school, we believe that every one of us is created by God, and dearly loved. We are all valuable - built with hope and a purpose.

Our Faith

As an Anglican school, Trinity Anglican College provides hope and love through sharing and celebrating our faith. In Anglican schools the spiritual and moral dimensions of education find a significant place within the curriculum. The Christian values which come from the Anglican tradition lead our young men and women at Trinity with a developed values system which is evident in their behaviour, outlook, relationships and service.

Our College Prayer

God of all truth.
Teach us to love you
with heart and mind.
Bless our school Trinity Anglican College,
that it may be a lively centre
for sound learning, new discovery,
and the pursuit of wisdom.
May all who teach and all who learn
seek after and love the truth,
and in humility look to You,
the source of all wisdom and understanding.
Through Jesus Christ Our Lord. Amen.