Our History

Founded in 2002 on Urana Road in Lavington NSW, Trinity Anglican College has grown from humble beginnings that consisted of two portable buildings and a church that housed 17 founding students and 3 staff.

From humble beginnings

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.. to state of the art global classrooms

We thank those who have come before and are grateful for the many sacrifices that they made to enabled us to enjoy the programs of Trinity Anglican College 20 years on.
Dr Adrian Johnson, Principal

Celebrating 20 Years 2002 - 2022

2004 saw Trinity deepen its educational expansion and locate its College community to a 10ha semi-rural location, five minutes out of Albury in Thurgoona NSW.

Now in 2022, we can look back to the pioneers of Trinity and see how far our College has developed from those humble beginnings. It is an amazing leap of faith to entrust the education of your most precious children to a dream on dusty paddocks in Thurgoona. We know that there are many fond memories held by these founding students but we need to remind ourselves that they didn’t enjoy the rich array of opportunities nor the magnificent facilities we see here today.

We look back with gratitude to the many staff, students and families who forged the community of Trinity. We are entrusted with their legacy and are here to make this the best education for our community. The ongoing success of Trinity will be assured if we work hard and build on these strong foundational principles of affordable Christian quality education in our border region.

Today we are blessed with over 1200 students from Kindergarten to Year 12 with purpose built, state of the art facilities.