At Trinity, our young people are our greatest hope and our most treasured asset – young men and women of character, faith, integrity and purpose.

Trinity is a Christ-centred community of faith, hope and love. We believe that every child is created with dignity and is deeply loved. We trust that, as they are instilled with a sense of their value, they will develop an appreciation for the value of others, launching into the wider community as young men and women imbued with purpose and hope.

As a College we are dedicated to providing dynamic learning environments and forging the path to a taste of the future where our students are equipped with all the tools and skills to succeed in any given environment.

Trinity Anglican College is committed to educational excellence. It fosters a learning community  which values a strong and varied academic program and a rich, diverse set of co-curricular opportunities. Trinity provides a curriculum that is challenging and relevant whilst nurturing to the needs of each student using appropriate technology and engaging methodologies informed by excellent pedagogy.

Trinity has a long standing tradition of young people reaching for their best and inspiring greatness in one another. In an increasingly complex world, Trinity provides a strong community and culture where young people are not only engaged in creativity and innovation but also embody compassion, courage and service.

In 2019 Trinity was the only school in the region to make the top 150 schools for HSC results and is the top HSC school on the Border. You too can become apart of this flying success.

Learn to fly, at Trinity Anglican College.

It all starts here.