Junior Curriculum

Our student centred curriculum ensures that each child is engaged, inspired, challenged and nurtured.

Our curriculum merges traditional academic subjects with equally important practical, spiritual and creative learning that develops critical thinking, discovery through experience and inspires innovation. Our philosophy is built on and committed to a global enriched curriculum where as educators we deliver the curriculum in dynamic and interactive environments that empower and challenge our students whilst fostering their learning journey in a joyful and celebrated environment.

At Trinity, our pedagogy is focused on the acquisition of subject-specific skills through explicit instruction and personalized, direct teaching and learning experiences. These skills are engaged and extended upon by rich and authentic content that empowers students to utilise these skills by applying their understanding in real world contexts.

The core curriculum includes English, Mathematics, History, Geography, Science, Technology, Health Education, Music, the Arts, Physical Education and Religious and Values Education (RAVE). From Year 4 on, the curriculum is further enhanced with the students experiencing additional specialist subjects including French, Next Generation Learning (STEM) and Drama.

Creative Pursuits Handbook


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