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Our Anglican Faith

At Trinity Anglican College, we embrace our identity as an Anglican school, where the power of hope and love is shared and celebrated through our faith. In our curriculum, we recognise the essential role of spiritual and moral dimensions of education. Rooted in the Anglican tradition, we instill Christian values that guide our young men and women at Trinity, shaping their behaviour, outlook, relationships, and sense of service.

As an Anglican school, we prioritise the holistic development of our students, nurturing their spiritual growth alongside their academic and personal achievements. Our faith-based foundation allows us to foster a values system that promotes integrity, compassion, and empathy, reflecting the teachings and principles of the Anglican tradition.

At Trinity, students have the opportunity to explore their own spirituality and engage in meaningful discussions and reflections on faith. We encourage them to develop a deep understanding of their beliefs while respecting and appreciating the diversity of religious and cultural backgrounds within our school community.

Our commitment to integrating spiritual and moral dimensions into our curriculum ensures that our students receive a well-rounded education that prepares them not only for academic success but also for a purposeful and ethical life beyond the school years.

Through our emphasis on Christian values and the Anglican tradition, we aim to equip our students with the tools they need to navigate the world with integrity, compassion, and a strong sense of purpose.

Our College Prayer

God of all truth.
Teach us to love you
with heart and mind.
Bless our school Trinity Anglican College,
that it may be a lively centre
for sound learning, new discovery,
and the pursuit of wisdom.
May all who teach and all who learn
seek after and love the truth,
and in humility look to You,
the source of all wisdom and understanding.
Through Jesus Christ Our Lord. Amen.