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Our student centred curriculum ensures that each child is engaged, inspired, challenged and nurtured. We believe in a rounded education that challenges and so develops a child spiritually, emotionally, intellectually, physically and socially.

Our Four Pillars


At Trinity, our teachers seek to know your child to deliver a personalised and targeted learning experience. We are helping our students to better understand their own learning. We want them to appreciate their capacity for growth and to regularly experience the joy and power of learning. 


The purpose of education is to develop people with a 'tool kit' for life. At Trinity, we believe a rich and full-bodied education is one that is holistic. We are growing young people of integrity, faith, hope and purpose.


We believe every child is fantastic at something. We offer a broad range of learning opportunities, in and beyond the classroom, so every child can discover new talents and passions.


We want every child to feel a deep sense of belonging at Trinity. As an Anglican school, we believe every one of us is created by God. We are all valuable - formed with hope and purpose.