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The commencement of Kindergarten marks the beginning of an exciting educational journey for our families. We understand that our youngest students thrive in an environment that genuinely recognises them and fosters their creativity and inquisitive nature.

Choosing the right school for your child is an immensely important decision. The early years of education lay the foundation for lifelong learning. At Trinity, we are committed to nurturing joyful and purposeful individuals through engaging and personalised learning experiences.

We recognise that literacy and numeracy skills are fundamental to academic success. Therefore, at Trinity, we employ evidence-based teaching and learning practices tailored to meet the unique needs of our students. Our approach to literacy and numeracy instruction encompasses explicit teaching techniques, a robust understanding of subject matter, and ongoing monitoring and feedback. We firmly believe that a comprehensive reading program, encompassing phonemic awareness, systematic phonics instruction, fluency, and comprehension, positively impacts all students' reading abilities.

In our Kindergarten program, we cultivate a stimulating learning environment that fosters active student engagement. Our curriculum combines hands-on activities with classroom instruction, utilising a wide range of resources to create student-centred learning experiences. Additionally, we organise educational excursions that reinforce classroom learning and strengthen the connection between the curriculum and the acquisition of new skills, knowledge, and emotional development.

At Trinity, we understand the significance of a strong start to a child's educational journey. Our Kindergarten program provides a nurturing and enriching experience, setting the stage for future academic success and personal growth.

Join us at Trinity and witness the transformative power of early education.