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Junior School

We are dedicated to providing an educational experience that nurtures the growth of every child.

Within our Junior School, we have crafted a teaching and learning model that consistently delivers a high-quality, evidence-based program tailored to each student's needs. Our ultimate goal is to create personalised learning experiences that maximise individual growth and achievement. We achieve this by combining exceptional teaching methods with positive student-teacher relationships.

Our pedagogical approach is centered around providing students with ample opportunities to learn new concepts, practice skills, and receive valuable feedback.
Daily learning experiences provide a consistent learning structure that reduces cognitive load allowing students to focus on learning new content and developing a skill set that can be transferred to real world experiences through collaboration and peer learning, investigation, and project-based learning opportunities.

At Trinity, we offer a comprehensive core curriculum encompassing English, Mathematics, History, Geography, Science, Technology, Health Education, Music, the Arts, Physical Education, and Religious and Values Education (RAVE). Additionally, we provide further specialised subjects in STEM, Art, Sport, and Creative Pursuits, ensuring our students have access to diverse learning avenues that cater to their unique interests and talents.

Embracing our Natural Surroundings

One of the unique advantages of our College is its location, allowing our students to extend their learning beyond the confines of the classroom and connect with the natural environment right on our doorstep. This proximity provides invaluable opportunities for students to appreciate the wonders of the natural world and develop a deep understanding of their role in protecting, preserving, and enhancing their local environment.

We believe in fostering a sense of environmental stewardship in our students. Through firsthand experiences in nature, they learn to value and respect the world around them. Whether it's exploring the lush green spaces, observing local wildlife, or engaging in environmental projects, our students develop a genuine connection with their natural surroundings. This connection not only enriches their academic learning but also cultivates a deep-rooted belief that they can make a positive impact on their environment.

Junior school students learning outside in the beautiful grounds of Trinity

Strong Family-School Partnership

At Trinity, we firmly believe that the family-school relationship is an integral part of our community. We recognise the invaluable contribution of parents and guardians in supporting their child's education and overall well-being. By actively involving families in our College, we enhance student achievements and promote a nurturing environment that fosters growth and success.

We warmly welcome Trinity parents into our classrooms, understanding that their presence and involvement significantly contribute to our students' educational journey. From sharing a story during reading sessions to attending a musical performance, parents provide a diverse range of support that strengthens the bond between school and home. This collaborative partnership creates a positive atmosphere where open communication, trust, and shared goals thrive. By working together, we ensure that our students receive comprehensive support and encouragement, paving the way for their personal and academic development.