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At Trinity, we believe in nurturing the talents and potential of our students, both new and existing, through our Scholarship Program. Designed to create a unique learning environment and foster lifelong learning, our scholarships empower students to become the leaders of the future.

Each year, we are proud to offer a limited number of scholarships in the following categories: Academic, Sports, Performing Arts, and Indigenous Scholarships. These scholarships are available for entry into Years 10, 11, and 12.

Academic Scholarships
Recognising exceptional academic potential, Academic Scholarships are awarded to students who demonstrate excellence across a broad range of disciplines. These scholarships celebrate intellectual curiosity and a commitment to academic excellence.

Sports Scholarships
Sports Scholarships are designed for students who compete at the State or National level in their chosen sport. In addition to being active participants in the wide range of sporting opportunities available at our College, recipients must also maintain a solid academic record. These scholarships combine sporting prowess with a dedication to academic achievement.

Performing Arts Scholarships
Our Performing Arts Scholarships celebrate students who exhibit a high level of skill in areas such as music, singing, dance, or drama. These scholarships offer the opportunity to excel in the performing arts while also emphasising the importance of maintaining academic excellence.

Indigenous Scholarships
We are committed to supporting Indigenous students in their educational journey. Our Indigenous Scholarships are awarded to students who demonstrate a genuine concern for the broader community, a strong connection to their cultural heritage, leadership abilities, and a commitment to their academic studies. These scholarships promote cultural pride and academic success.

To apply for any of these scholarships, interested students are required to complete an online application via the Trinity Anglican College website before the specified closing date.

View our Scholarship Booklet here.

By offering these scholarships, we aim to provide deserving students with the means to pursue their passions, develop their talents, and make a positive impact in their chosen fields. We encourage all eligible students to take advantage of this opportunity and join our vibrant community of scholars.