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Kindergarten - It all starts here

Choosing the right school for your child is one of the most important decisions you will make. Those first years of school are so important. At Trinity, we are growing people of joy and purpose through engaging and personalised learning experiences.

Literacy and numeracy skills are the foundation for learning success. At Trinity, we deliver evidence-based teaching and learning practices that address our students’ individual needs. Our philosophy for the teaching of literacy and numeracy includes explicit teaching techniques, strong content knowledge and monitoring and feedback. We believe that reading taught through phonemic awareness, systematic phonics instruction, fluency and comprehension provide a reading program that has a positive and significant effect for all readers.

Kindergarten students at Trinity experience a rich learning environment that encourages active participation in learning. An engaging mix of hands-on lessons blended with classroom instruction use a range of resources and activities that provide student-centred learning experiences. Excursions are planned to reinforce classroom learning and cement the connection between the curriculum and the acquisition of new skills, knowledge and emotions. 

Please enjoy a 3D tour of our Infants Centre here.


The location of our College means that our students can take their learning outside the classroom and connect with their natural environment right outside our doorstep. This gives students the opportunity to appreciate the natural world and develop the understanding and belief that they can do something to protect, preserve and enhance their local environment. 

The family-school relationship is a vital part of the Trinity community. We believe that involving our families in the College significantly improves the well-being of our students and contributes to their achievements at school. Trinity parents are welcome in our classrooms. From reading with students to going on excursions, parents provide a rich variety of support that fosters a positive relationship between school and home.