Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care
Student wellbeing underpins all that we do at Trinity, and we place a strong emphasis on our pastoral care. Our pastoral care program can be defined as our commitment to, and active demonstration of concern for, the growth and wellbeing of our students, as well as the broader school community. It focuses on cultivating an environment and culture that supports the physical, social, intellectual, emotional and spiritual development of every student.

Through implementing quality initiatives that hold key focus on addressing and educating a personalised approach for each student, our program embeds respectful, dynamic and productive relationships for them to grow and develop throughout their learning journey with us. Our Senior students (7-12) meet with their Pastoral Care Mentors and House Group daily which provides nurtured connection, discussion and engagement on a daily basis.

Our Pastoral Care Houses are set into six House Groups -Students will be allocated a Pastoral care House from Kindergarten

  • Hoffman House - Yellow
  • Petts House - Blue
  • Kelton House - Green
  • Rosborough House - Red
  • Kimball House - Orange
  • Lankester House - Purple

In the Junior School, the Pastoral Care and wellbeing of students is catered for by the individual Class Teachers.
When students progress to the secondary years, they are allocated to a Pastoral Care Group whose interests are looked after by a House Mentor.