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A Letter from the Principal

Mr. Justin Beckett

There weren’t enough tissue boxes at our End of Term Junior School Assembly on Friday. Perhaps we should have been better prepared. I guess we failed to realise how emotional it would be to farewell Steven and Kate Armstrong.

Steven and Kate commenced at Trinity in 2014. Kate as a Year 1-2 teacher, Steven as Head of Junior School at our Albury Campus.

Kate has a knack for seeing the best in every child. Like a fine artisan, she takes a child at the start of the year and then, over the ensuing months, nurtures their wellbeing, builds their confidence, develops their skills and grows them as keen and engaged learners. She always wants everything to be perfect for the students.

For Steven, every moment of school life is about supporting and inspiring kids. The students are our raison d’etre – our reason for being. He is a compassionate and transformational leader who has developed a cohesive and high-performing team of Junior School teachers. Steve will be best remembered for his generous leadership, humility and for his quick sense of humour; but mostly because he cares so much for the students of our school.

On Friday afternoon – Steven and Kate’s last day at Trinity – nearly 1200 students gathered to make a ‘Guard of Honour’. As Steven and Kate journeyed along the enthusiastic line-up, the sense of warmth and gratitude from the students and staff was palpable.

It is not unusual for members of staff to retire or leave Trinity from time to time, but there was certainly something distinctive and different when it came to a farewell for Steve and Kate. The outpouring of warmth and appreciation was proportional to the size of their impact on our school community.

We often talk to our students about the idea of impact. What is our impact on the people around us? How can we contribute goodness and encouragement in our daily interactions with people? How can we be a blessing to others? A famous singer once said, “If your actions create a legacy that inspires others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, then, you are an excellent leader”.

As we celebrate the end of Semester 1, we trust that your child has felt genuinely connected and cared for. We wish you and your family a refreshing break and we look forward to seeing you in Term 3.




A letter from Head of Junior School

Mr. Steven Armstrong

As we head to the break, it is always a good time to reflect on the Semester. Trinity, like many educational institutions, has at its core the student and their learning. This can take many different forms for each individual. The educational research that seems to be at the forefront of much of our thinking points to the effect size of different approaches to learning. The compilation of much research by Professor John Hattie and associates has been part of an ongoing debate. Still at the top of all effect lists is “students self-reporting”. This means the students ability to understand their own learning style and strengths, underpins growth. To this end, the feedback to students must be continuous and considered. As parents and students approach the reading of reports it is important to recognise the individuals understanding of specific expectations, in relation to both oneself and the co-hort. A percentage, grade, mark or critical analysis should never be read out of context and the picture needs to be painted by the student for the outcome to make sense and lead to improvement. In the day-to-day learning both in the classroom and beyond the important aspects of enrichment, engagement and extension, still sit at the centre of any model. This also assumes we are enabling resilient learners. These are the learners that challenge and change, not afraid to make mistakes when confronting something new. The ones who have thrown away the eraser as they are willing to dive into new knowledge pools that require different skills and are quite accepting of the set-backs that can occur. As you rest, renew and prepare for second semester, try something new, something that may challenge you and return energised and ready to extend your thinking.

CIS Cross Country:

A large contingent of students travelled to Eastern Creek for this event under the stewardship of Mr Thurling and James Davis. All competitors made every effort and were supportive of their teammates as well as other competitors. Lucy Wilson (3SB) made it through to the State level with an outstanding performance.

Creative Pursuits K-6:

The students approached the activities in a positive manner, have learnt many new skills, and have been confronted by new challenges. This is a large undertaking and the support of all staff and students is uplifting. Special thanks to Ms Bennett, Mrs Hardie and Mrs Sutton for organising some amazing activities.

Farewell from the Armstrong’s

Many thanks to all for the kind words over the past weeks as we prepare for the next stage of the journey. Trinity is an amazing community that will be forever in our thoughts and hearts. Thanks to the students who made every day a joy; to the staff who uplifted us with their passion for teaching and learning; the many support staff who strengthen the fabric with their invaluable work and the parents, grandparents and friends who support the direction that the College is undertaking and entrust us with the future, their children. It has been an honour to share this time with so many caring individuals.

DSC_0546 (2).JPG


Junior Sports Report

Coming Events:

  • RAS Athletics Carnival – 3 August (Term 3, week 4)

CIS Cross Country

On Thursday the 10th of June, 23 Trinity students represented the Riverina Associated Schools at the 2021 CIS Cross Country Carnival in Sydney. The students pushed through the freezing cold, wet weather and gave it a red hot crack, with many students grabbing a few extra places in the final sprint. We had some great results, Lucy Wilson coming 1st in the 8/9 year old girls, who will be going to the NSW All Schools in Sydney on the 16th of July, we wish her the best of luck in her event.

Big congratulations to all students who ran on the day. Thank you to all the parents and families who made their way to Sydney for the race, and helped cheer on our runners. Also big thanks to all the officials and marshals who kept the event running smoothly throughout the day.

cis x country

Congratulations Lucy Wilson

cis x country

cis x country

Sports Report – Head of Senior Sport

Andrew Leary

Coming events

  • BISSA Athletics – 20 July (Term 3 – Week 2)
  • Netball Schools Cup Regional Finals in Wagga Wagga – 28 July (Term 3 – Week 3)

Netball: Schools Cup

We had five Senior School Trinity Netball teams qualify for the Riverina Regional Finals. We are very proud of the character our students displayed throughout the whole day. The Regional Finals will be held in Wagga Wagga on Wednesday 28July 2021. Trinity will be represented by two, Year 7/8 Girls’ teams (Trinity Red and Trinity Blue), one Year 10 Girls team and two Boys’ Teams (Year 7/8 and Year 9/10).

Netball Trinity

Netball Trinity

Trintiy Netball Club Monday Night Grand Finals

A team that was pulled together at the last minute won a grand final! Who would of thought? It was a tough game and an even tougher season! The Trinity Vixen Girls’ Netball Team had the best season and the most fun! Each week, rocking up in rain, hail or shine, the girls’ commitment was outstanding! We found some new shooters and defenders who were willing to play anything! All round, an amazing season was topped off with the grand final win in front of the amazing parents and Trinity friends who sat in the cold to watch it all!! Amazing stuff ladies.

By Audrey Hogg (Year8)

Netball Trinity

Trinity Vixens played an amazing game against the Corowa Roos in the Grand Final on Monday night. The Vixens sat at the top of the ladder closely followed by the Roos, our most challenging competitors, making it a suspenseful game. The final score was 13 points to the Roos and 14 points to the Vixens. A huge thanks to Mrs Barrett for coaching us through this exciting experience. This amazing group of girls worked together and enjoyed a fun, supportive season. Well done girls!

By Sophie Ingram and Bella Cooke (Year 8)

Netball Trinity

Top Row: Imogen Arcus, Mia Bakes, Sophie Ingram, Bella Cooke, Skyla Krautz, Coach: Alison Barrett

Bottom Row: Issy McKerlie, Izzy Burn, Ava Baumgartner Absent: Sarah Beattie

Hockey Sports Report

Wednesday 9th of June, 2 teams from Trinity Anglican College braved the rain and competed at a local try Hockey day held at Alexandra Park Albury. Schools from around the region brought a variety of skill levels and ages to the day. Both mixed teams and teams with multiple schools crossing over competed in the spirit of competition and fairness, schools offering help to coach and provide experienced goal keepers in spirit of helping kids learn to play.

Trinity had a handful of experienced players and coaches leading the way on the day. The students were lucky enough to have a hockey star, Mr Tristan Patralakis handing out tips on the day. Tristan’s opening inspiration came from his own playing days, quoting his own coach “lessons are learnt, medals are earnt” and it was fair to say there was some lessons learnt on this day.

Standout Performances on the day came from school Captain Josh Beckett, who single handily held our back line together as some new comers forgot they were playing defence at times. And a incredible individual performance from Ben Sampson who played hockey for the first time on the day, and was convinced to put a goalie suit on and put his body on the line, and that he did. Saving a handful of goals in the remaining games and even taking a short-lived goalie run.

On the girls’ side, Shannon Dicks was a weapon in defence, alongside Evie and Lara Nelson as the standouts of the day. Thanks Kate and Chloe Vickers who took on coaching and subbing roles for both sides on the day.

Thanks also to Tristan Patralakis for his efforts and banter on the day, and also thanks to Jacob Cincurak for his coffee runs and confusing terminology used from other sports proving unhelpful.

Music Report

Glenn Mancer

The Annual House Performing Arts Festival was held this week. Each House had prepared 4 pieces; music ensemble, dance, play, and choir. As in previous years the event involves every student from the Senior School in the Choir section and many students are active in participating in a range of other performances.

It is always a day of fun and entertainment. The ensembles were excellent with a range of songs being performed, from a Michael Jackson medley to The Rainbow Connection.

The Dance competition was very strong and impressive this year with a large numbers of students involved. The standard was very high and along with the high level of dance expertise, was also fantastic creative and innovative choreography.

Of course students also work on a play and a House Choir. The choir songs this year had a 1980’s theme. The selections ranged from Wake me up before you Go Go to Africa.

A special thanks to our judges for 2021; Allyssa Constable (Border Show Business Academy) and Craig Quillam (Musical Theatre Performer)

The top three Houses this year were;

1st Lankaster

2nd Petts

3rd Kimball

Congratulations to all who participated and worked hard to put together their Houses performances.





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“Mindfulness can help children calm their minds and make the most of their life, setting them up for career and relationships. It reduces their anxiety and improves concentration, productivity and sleep.”

Dr Michael Carr-Gregg


Recent studies have shown that one in seven primary school children have significant mental health disorders, and one in four secondary school students have psychological problems. Every year, in the last five years, that number has increased. Mindfulness, is the practice of being in the moment, being present and being open to what you're focusing on. Mindfulness is all about building resilience. It is not a replacement for therapy or medication for mental health issues, but will hopefully reduce the need for it later on.

Research has proven that mindfulness has endless benefits for children. This school taught activity is on the rise, and many experts are wanting it to be a compulsory component of the national curriculum. Not only does mindfulness calm a child’s mind, but it has also been proven to reduce disruptive and bullying behaviour in schools.

Trivia Night

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