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To inquire or purchase any second hand uniforms, please email
The second hand uniform shop is open each Thursday during term time from 3:15pm-4:30pm
Christmas Holidays: The second hand uniform shop will be open on 20 January from 9.00am- 2.30pm

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Textbooks and Stationery - Senior

All Senior textbooks can be purchased through Yorkebooks
All Junior School textbooks and stationery are arranged by the College.

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2021 Co-Curricular Opportunities
Co-Curricular Handbook

We invite all current students to register their intent to participate in Co-Curricular activities in 2021. Please fill out the relevant survey via the links below.

Year 1 Co-Curricular

Year 2 Co-Curricular

Year 3 Co-Curricular

Year 4 Co-Curricular

Year 5 Co-Curricular

Year 6 Co-Curricular

Year 7-12 Co-Curricular


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